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By Ryan Hall
My Coach…

The other day I was out on a run thinking about how great my Coach is, so I decided to write about Him.

My coach goes on every training run with me, not only that, but He races right alongside me. He is constantly giving me encouragement as I go and giving me advice of how best to run.

My Coach loves to tell me about workouts that I will find both challenging and fun. Sometimes He surprises me with concepts that are outside my understanding. He knows exactly how my body works and exactly what type of training, nutrition, and rest it needs. Sometimes I am not the best at listening to advice but He is patient with me and just reminds me that I can have as much insight as I ask for.

He shows me how I can use my running to love other people, which is what He tells me, life is really all about. He tells me that just as long as I am loving Him and loving others then I am successful. He tells me I will experience joy in proportion to my love, but He doesn’t expect me to come up with this love by myself. I get so happy just from being around Him and talking to Him that I can’t help but to be happy and loving around other people. Sometimes when I am around Him I get distracted by other things but He is always there ready to love on me again. His love never runs out. He tells me I can have as much as I want.

My Coach has a different perspective on competition. He doesn’t think I should compare myself to others guys because in the end, when I compare myself to others, I don’t end up happy. He wants me to do my very best every time I toe the line. He even wants me to use other competitors to draw out my full potential, but in the end He wants me to be competing with a heart full of love for Him and my competition.

My Coach loves to watch me run! It brings a smile to His face and warms His heart. He particularly likes it when I take big risks and ask Him for help. After the finish line, He never gets upset with me even if I blow it. He is sad if I am sad, but mainly because He knows I don’t have to be sad, so He tries to broaden my perspective and restore my joy. He really loves to celebrate with me after I breakthrough.

He never gets upset at me when I mess up, but it does make Him sad when I am not full of joy. He tells me I should rejoice always. He is far more concerned with the attitude I have when I train than with the actual training itself. He wants me to be happy more than He wants me to be successful and He always tells me that I don’t have to be successful to be happy. Happiness comes from the heart, not from how well I run.

Actually my Coach doesn‘t see any of my faults. Not that I don‘t have them. It‘s just that He chooses not to see them because of a favor His Son did for me. It may seem prideful to say, but He is always telling me about all the things about me that He loves. Some of them surprise me, like how He loves to watch me dance in the car. He also tells me of his equal love for everyone else.

My Coach is a dreamer of dreamers. He believes in me even when I stop believing in myself. He tells me that Him and I can do things together that will blow my mind, but even better than that, as we experience life together we will share more joy than I could imagine. Every time I step to the starting line He tells me that anything is possible and I believe Him.

My Coach is full of surprises. He loves to come to help anyone who wants to His help. He works for free but He does require total commitment to His program.

My Coach loves everyone but He is particularly fond of those who are humble and who have faith.

He really likes it when I trust Him, especially when things seem to be going bad.

My Coach has all the best connections. He introduces me to people to help me right when I need them. He also introduces me to people that I can be helpful too.

Sometimes I can’t help myself from laughing at my Coach because He is so good to me. He grants my hearts desires when my eyes are fixed on Him. He is writing a story with my life that is a small part of a larger story that He is telling.

My Coach is the kindest person I have ever met. He is also the most peaceful person I know. He is always loving and everything He does, or doesn’t do, is from a heart of love. He is always good to me and is always looking out for my best interest. He always has hope for my future and is always encouraging me to go after more breakthrough.

I wish I could do a better job describing Him to you, but He’s indescribable. But in my opinion, this video does a pretty brilliant job…