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I survived perhaps my worst year in 2017, just no time to train. Gotta make some goals for 2018...hmm....

Ben K. fracture foot update ...

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Fracture foot update - we'll it's been 10 days now since I fractured the sesamoid bone in my foot, and my last run. It's been 8 days walking around in this uncomfortable shoe. The good news is that I feel very little to no pain in the foot. So I have to believe that is a good sign. On the bad news side it may be some time till I can resume activity. I am suppose to wear this boot for another 3 weeks. After that I get another x-ray which I hope means I can move to wearing just a regular shoe without running for 2 more weeks. After that I don't know. So today I'm at least 5 more weeks out, and it could be 9 weeks or more depending on how it goes. At least that is what I understand.

I haven't tried to bike yet. I may try that next week. I'm supposed to wear the shoe and not use the ball of my foot - that should be interesting.

I was also going to start some of those challenges this week - the 100 pushups, 200 situps, 20 chinups. Well that didn't happen, at least not this week.

Instead I had a ton of work to do, and honestly I didn't really feel like exercising. I wanted to sleep in, stay up late to watch some movies and TV that I fell behind on (I finally caught up and watch the rest of GLEE for this season)

So we'll see how things go next week. I'll try to get some more activity in, and hopefully I'll be able to comment on your workouts more too.

Have a happy Friday everyone, and enjoy the weekend!

  • Steve

    I look at unexpected things like injuries as an opportunity to slow things down a bit too, Ben. Nothing wrong with taking things easy for a while. When you start getting antsy you can get back to some workouts. For now, just enjoy your time off and have fun relaxing. Have a great weekend.

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  • Morey B.
    Morey B.

    bummer. well- fractures do heal, and then tend to heal well after a few months. let pain be your guide. I'm an advocate of active recovery- even with broken bones.

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  • Julia B.
    Julia B.

    10 days down...that's good. Seems like you have the right attitude for a good healing process. Good luck to you!

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  • David F.
    David F.

    You are doing great with this injury. Keep us updated!

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  • Kathy N.
    Kathy N.

    I was thinking about you this morning. I was going to Email you and ask how you're doing. You know, enjoy your time off. How often do you get to stay up/sleep in. I'm glad your foot is feeling better. That is a great sign!

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  • Naomi M.
    Naomi M.

    Good luck to you! I've missed your posts and comments here! You are always so encouraging and inspiring! Get well soon.

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  • Shannon R.
    Shannon R.

    Thanks for the update! Sending bone-knitting thoughts your way.

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  • Joy R.
    Joy R.

    Catching up on Glee is a great thing - as is making lemonade from the lemons :) Have been thinking about you, Ben - sounds like you've got the best possible attitude. Try to enjoy this time off and the extra sleep!

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  • Amy H.
    Amy H.

    Keep up with the positive attitude!! I know right now it seems like an eternity before you are back to running......but it will arrive before you know it!! And you, too, are a Gleek???? Awesome!!

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  • Ria H.
    Ria H.

    Glad you're keeping a positive attitude about this.

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  • Charles F.
    Charles F.

    Thanks for the update Ben! The pain subsiding is a good sign too! Don't worry about the execise, getting rest and relaxing with some TV is good too. Have a great weekend!

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  • Robb L.
    Robb L.

    Stay positive! Work out the upper body!

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  • K

    Sounds like you had some down time you needed to catch up on! Seriously is a good thing to spend some time not thinking about everything and just decompress.

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  • Andrea

    Oh, Ben, I feel you. You know I do! Hang in there. You'll be back and catching up to my CM12 training in NO time. Seriously!

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