729 total / 0 in 2016

Full Marathon #4 - Chicago Marathon 10.13.13. GOAL: SUB 5

Friends (649)

  • Nikki A.

    Nikki A.

    Montgomery, AL,

  • Charlene R.

    Charlene R.

    Las Vegas, NV, Sponsored by KT Tape, & Run Gum | Certified Running Coach | Business Owner

  • Philip B.

    Philip B.

    Round Rock, TX, Complete a 100-mile race by my 40th birthday in 2017

  • Stacey P.

    Stacey P.

    Wheeling, WV, 1 Half Marathon in every state by the day I die. I've got lots of time.

  • Lindsay W.

    Lindsay W.

    Rochester, NY,

  • Jamest


    Winter Park, FL, Finish a 5K under 20min.

  • Holly R.

    Holly R.

    NS, CA, Fall back in love with life.

  • Mary B.

    Mary B.

    Chicago, IL,

  • Gretchen M.
  • Aleta


    Portland, OR, Get stronger, leaner and faster. Easy right?

  • Emily


    Washington, DC, MCM2011, RagnarDC2012, RagnarADK2013 & ATM2013, check. Continue running 1-2/wk, tennis, yoga & getting my lower body ready for snowboarding season!

  • Chrissy H.

    Chrissy H.

    Raleigh, NC, Stay fit, strengthen (even though I don't love it) my core, have fun!!

  • Angela R.

    Angela R.

    New York, NY, Keep a steady base and stay injury-free until next marathon season.

  • Stephanie


    Natick, MA, live healthy

  • Bruce C.

    Bruce C.

    Loughborough, GB, Run regular, comfortable 5 and 10km runs & Lose weight!

  • Paula K.

    Paula K.

    Tallahassee, FL, Support causes I love while doing something I love. #IR4Gareth #Fitfluential

  • Enrique E.

    Enrique E.

    Lake Worth, FL, Is to make some new running friends. Enjoy life and to run as much as I can. ; ) Find me at

  • Melissa N.

    Melissa N.

    Hoboken, NJ, Marathon du Medoc 2015 (which essentially means perfecting the balance of running and wine consumption)

  • Patrick


    Green Bay, WI, Have more fun running and riding. Complete 30 week training plan for full, Run a half in 2016. Get to 8 min mile. Drop last 20 in 2016.

  • Griffin


    New York, NY, Running healthy, and hoping to get into the 2017 NYC Marathon.

  • Andrea G.

    Andrea G.

    Parkland, FL, Diagnosed with RA June 2015. Goal is to move my body again.

  • Katie M.

    Katie M.

    Philadelphia, PA, To run another full marathon, another half marathon, and to keep improving!

  • Stacey


    VA, Continue on my journey of overall fitness. I'd like to work on speed and endurance and eventually complete a Half Ironman.

  • Emily W.

    Emily W.

    Washington, DC,

  • Shannon


    NH, Ironman Lake Placid 2016!