593 total / 0 in 2019

would like to be able to eventually classify myself as a runner, if I lose some weight in the process, I'm good with that too ;) #SweatPink

Wall of Motivation (11)

  1. Alicia C.

    Woot! on a workout

  2. Alicia C.

    YAY for no headache!!! Have you been using an electrolyte drink?? Which one??... read more

  3. Alicia C.
      You're Badass

    I love the pink basket :) on a workout

  4. Alicia C.
      Nice Job

    Woo! on a workout

  5. Alicia C.
      You're an Inspiration

    Keep going!! You got out and did it - that's what matters! Rest your legs a b... read more

  6. Andrea
      Nice Job

    Yay week 3! :) on a workout

  7. Bill C.
      Nice Job

    Nice pace! on a workout

  8. Alicia C.
      Nice Job

    Great job lady :) on a workout

  9. Alicia C.
      Nice Job

    Way to get out there even in the rain! on a workout

  10. Alicia C.
      Nice Job

    great job!! you're already two weeks in! on a workout

  11. Alissa M.
      You're Hot

    En fuego!