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  • 3 miles
  • 01:00 time
  • 269 calories
  • 1 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. walk
    good to the hydro field and pond 5 km 01:00 19:18 pace

    longest distance to date, also did 1k on the treadmill with 5lb weights in my hands (hard) I am soo weak. Heart feels good lungs, so, so. Will have to work on my strength and endurance. One more te... read more

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      Great progress, Spence!

      about 1 hour ago Like

    • Tab

      Still kicking a$$, Spence! Fingers crossed for the tests to be all good

      36 minutes ago Like

  2. walk
    good Oakville 1/2 marathon. 5 km 02:00

    Went to cheer on ( blind runner ) Maya who ran a 1:40 half marathon inspite of one of her guides exploding at 15K. Walked from car and back!

  3. walk
    good Park 2 km 00:30 24:08 pace

    was headed to the Hydro pond but cut it short because of the rain. Will finish up on the treadmill.

  4. walk
    3 km 00:40 21:27 pace

    Walked Eddie to the Hydro pond where he dug up a mouse. Saw my heart Doc to-day no running intil Jan 2015 but wifie had me laying sod and digging in the garden, so its OK too build more strength. W... read more

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      excellent progress, Spence!

      10 days ago Like

    • Cathy

      Glad to hear you are on the move Spence, im sure you will run again one day!

      10 days ago Like

  5. walk
    good hydro pond 3 km 01:00

    walked Eddiedog to the hydro pond where he ran and ran and went for a swim. This distance is my limit now . Will increase next week.

    • Tab

      Progress and you're being smart about it!

      19 days ago Like

    • Deirdre G.
      Deirdre G.

      Very wise and hope you and Eddiedog enjoyed yourselves

      19 days ago Like

    • Cathy

      Great to get out for a walk Spence, hope you are feeling better and stronger!

      19 days ago Like

    • Julia M.
      Julia M.

      Nice! Sounds like Eddiedog and you both got a good workout in!

      19 days ago Like

  6. walk
    EddieDog 3 km 00:40 21:27 pace

    Eddiedog and I went to the Hydro field pond and back. Eddiedog got to chase some rabbits.

  7. walk
    good to the dog park with EddieDog... 1 km

    I think EddieDog thought he would meet up with some of his old friends,but we were late in the evening. He did meet lots of new dogs.

  8. walk
    good Albion Falls Hamilton 3 km 01:00

    Roger and his Dog Gwen came down to run EddieDog down the Red hill trail, while I walked the trail to Albion Falls. Great to walk the trails again. Great day.

  9. walk
    good To the Park with EddieDog and... 2 km 00:40

    Longest walk to date, well intil I walked head first into the garadge door. Susan is only 5:2 and oppened the rolling door 5:2. I walked face first in to it. I am 6:1. I thought my broken noses wer... read more

  10. walk
    good Arround little block with Sue. 1 km 00:20

    Walked around the block with Sue, mainly to see what the neighbors we doing with thier new grass..

  11. walk
    Too the field with EddieDog a... 1 km 00:20

    Made it all the way to the hydro field and back for my longest walk yet! EddieDog when on to show Lisa his favorate mud hole where they both got very muddy!

  12. walk
    treadmill & backyard. 1 km 00:20

    Got sod to-day so had to walk barefooted in the new grass in my small backyard. Small pleasures!

  13. walk
    Down the street and tread mill 1 km 00:20

    Did some creative walking to Starbucks and the RR and finnished off with 8 minutes on the treadmill. Tired, I feel I have run a marathor.

  14. walk
    good Too Park with Sue and EddieDog 1 km 00:20

    A nice slow walk in the sunrize . EddieDog and daughter Lisa went much farther while I rested. Finished up distance on the tread-mill...

  15. walk
    good Block with Sue. 1 km 00:14:00 22:31 pace

    Did a nice walk with the wife 7 minutes out 7 minutes back. Leg is doing great, but BPMs was way higher than reccomendations. Will have to re assess recovery program to bring my BPM down.

  16. walk
    Down the block with EddieDog ... 1 km 00:14:00 22:31 pace

    When down the block with EddieDog and daughter LIsa, where they took off for the fields and I headed home. Working on endurance rather than speed! will keep extending walking phase intil 1hr. Feel ... read more

  17. Shared Photo

    What they don,t tell you. this is my rt. leg that they used to donate blood vessels to my bypass

  18. Shared Photo

    1st Day back. 5 x ByPass.Feeling good but season is over. The bandage is over one of the 4 chest drain tubes. No real symtoms except a gradual drop in performance. If in doubt! STRESS TEST!

  19. walk
    good to the park. 1 km 00:45

    Easy walk to the park. Did not have use nitro. today.

  20. Shared Photo

    In better times, Roger and I at the "Run For The Toad" practice last year.

    • Cathy

      How are you feeling Spence?
      I love the. toad run did a 50k there a couple years ago!

      about 1 month ago Like

    • Rina M.

      Great shot and happy times I'm sure! :+D

      about 1 month ago Like

    • Vern M.
      Vern M.

      Hope you're doing well, Spence.

      about 1 month ago Like