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  1. walk
    good Early walk/run to the park. 3 km 00:30 16:05 pace

    An Early walk/run with Eddiedog to the park and home. No A Fib!

  2. walk
    Roads to Trinity Church and b... 5 km 01:00 19:18 pace

    EddieDog and I did a run/walk To Trinity Church with a sprint the final block, with no issues . Getting set to run with Roger Wednesday.

  3. walk
    good To the Pond to watch the sun ... 5 km 01:30 28:58 pace

    Much cooler today, went to the pond and then to Trinity Church road via the Hydro field with EddieDog, New Meds and no trouble. Too early to get excited, will try training again next Monday.

  4. walk
    Early with Eddie to hydro pond. 3 km 01:30

    Early to the hydro Pond where EddieDog went for a short swim, Dog likes the water. Had a problem with A Fib on the way back, saw the Doctor who doubled the Meds and restricted me too one coffee per... read more

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      Glad you survived the fibrillation --don't they want to put in a pacemaker? Won't that help? Nice walk today!

      3 days ago Like

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    • Spence D.
      Spence D.

      Thanks For the Info Pierre, OHIP dose not cover it, but i might try it as a last resort!

      2 days ago Like

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      Spence, as my mom told my stepdad when he hesitated to buy something he needed, "What are you saving your money for? You're 86 years old!" You should think of that before you get too wasted.

      2 days ago Like

  5. walk
    Early to the pond with EddieD... 6 km 02:00

    A nise early walk to the pond with EddieDog. And then a walk to the mall for a hair-cut.It was 30C at 9am. It is going to be a hot day!

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      Yes, hot today! But a little cooler tomorrow. Nice walking Spence! I'm overdue for a haircut myself.

      4 days ago Like

    • Julia M.
      Julia M.

      It is VERY hot here too! Early is good!

      4 days ago Like

  6. walk
    good To the Hydro field to Eddies ... 5 km 01:30 28:58 pace

    Out with EddieDog be fore 5:30am and the heat. He was too early for his friends but was much more comfortable than yesterday.

  7. walk
    good EddieDogs Pond and Trinity Ch... 5 km 01:30 28:58 pace

    Hot and humid, EddieDog went for a swim in the pond, and drained all his water in his water bottle by the time we got home.

  8. walk
    To the hydro field and far po... 5 km 02:00

    A great walk with EddieDog, followed the old snow machine trail to Hwy 50 and pond. As I watched EddieDog splash in the water,I realized that I didn,t have my phone so came home.I can,t go with out... read more

  9. walk
    To the park with EddieDog 3 km

    I beautiful day for a short run to the park with EddieDog. I had planned to go and work - out at MacTurtles but I was told that I need a note from my Doctor to return. I guess if you pass-out 3 tim... read more

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      Yikes, Spence! I guess three times and you're out is a pretty good rule, actually. I think it's even used in sports. :)

      9 days ago Like

  10. walk
    good To EddieDogs Pond and back. 3 km 01:00

    A beautiful day! Woke up in my own bed rather than a Hospital gurney. Sat and watched EddieDog swim in the pond with his friends the ducks. They make no attempt to fly as they know he is not a dang... read more

  11. walk
    To EddieDogs Pond & MacTurtles 5 km

    Had an interesting day. Did a walk/run with EddieDog, 3k under 25 minutes and proceeded to my MacTurtles where I completed the weight portion of the work-out but the stairclimber was calling to me!... read more

  12. walk
    great To the park with EddieDog 3 km

    A nice cool morning for a walk/run with EddieDog.

  13. walk
    To the Pond and MacTurtles 8 km 01:30 18:06 pace

    Nice run/walk to the pond with EddieDog and weights and TM at MacTurtles.

  14. walk
    good EddieDog,s pond and MacTurtles 8 km 02:00 24:08 pace

    A few day off, while the Doc,s "tweeked" my Meds. Walked on the TM I set the elevation at 3.5 and speed at 4mph. a brisk walk and my HR stabilized at 103bpm and did 5k and got a good work... read more

  15. walk
    blah the park,and dog park 5 km 01:40

    Had planned to do a longer run but had to abort because of the heat 28C. Both EddieDog and I ran out of water, HR 158. Had to walk home.

  16. walk
    To the pond and the dog park- 8 km 01:30 18:06 pace

    early with the sun to the pond where EddieDog got his breakfast mouse and then did laps of the dog park until it got hot and we went home for a nap.

  17. walk
    With EddieDog to the park 3 km

    A beautiful day to walk my Dog he is doing much better on his Meds. But I am still hiding them in a hot dog.

    • Sue R.
      Sue R.


      23 days ago Like

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      Yes, he'll just gulp it down. Not like a cat. The cat will swallow the whole thing and then cough, and out shoots the pill! Nice walking on a lovely day!

      23 days ago Like

  18. VELO
    To EddieDog,s Park and the Ma... 8 km 01:30 3.3mph pace

    A nice clear day to walk EddieDog and then to MacTurtles on the stairclimber and tm.

  19. VELO
    Cycle to the mall, sort of! 10 km 01:00 6.2mph pace

    Had planned to go farther but had a flat and had to push back 5k.

  20. walk
    good To the park with EddieDog 3 km 01:00

    Great Day, EddieDog was eager to run again, but was kept to a fast walk by an old human on the lead. I hope to get the OK to start training Wednesday.