Wall of Motivation (15)

  1. Kelly N.
      You're an Inspiration

    AWESOME Nina! So motivating that 30 minutes can be shaved off...well done! I ... read more

  2. Angi S.
      Great Performance

    WhooHoo!! Nicely done on the new PR. on a workout

  3. Liz V.

    That is amazing! You knocked it out! on a workout

  4.   Congrats

    That is just fantastic! 30 minutes off, wow what a great day! Congrats, Nina! on a workout

  5. Adela M.
      Nice Job

    Way to go, Nina. Congrats!!! on a workout

  6. Gaby

    Fantastic job!! on a workout

  7. Kelly N.
      Get Better

    Oh no! At least you finished strong! Hope you heal up girl! Great run! on a workout

  8. Sha-Run
      Get Better

    You are a trooper! Get well soon :) on a workout

  9. Gaby
      Get Better

    Great job! I hope your scrapes heal soon :) on a workout

  10. Janeesee
      Nice Job

    AWESOME RUN!!! on a workout

  11. Adela M.
      Nice Job

    You have plenty to time to build up your endurance...they never said it would... read more

  12. Ted
      Nice Job

    Great job! They say the race begins at mile 20 for a reason. Keep putting o... read more

  13. Runningonbutter
      Great Performance

    Really nice pace for sure there Nina - congrats! on a workout

  14. Sha-Run
      Nice Job

    Track workouts can be so nice at times. I wanted the track tonight but didn'... read more

  15. Rose
      Nice Job

    Amazing long run, Nina! How lucky are you to have a sister who is a chiroprac... read more