Wall of Motivation (36)

  1. Terry

    Awesome!!!! Bataan is one of the most memorable races I've ever done. So incr... read more

  2. Terry

    Nice job, dude!!! on a workout

  3. Terry

    Nice dude! on a workout

  4. Terry
      You're Badass

    YEAH! Awesome run! You are so tough running a race like that, all those loops... read more

  5. Terry

    Awesome run! You are tough!!! on a workout

  6. Vanessa R.
      Nice Job

    But ya did it :) on a workout

  7. Terry

    Nice job! Marathons are such a mystery. on a workout

  8. Terry

    You did so awesome! Nice work! on a workout

  9. Terry

    Great race!!! on a workout

  10. Michelle R.
      Good Luck

    Good Luck Nick!!!! on a workout

  11. Terry
      Good Luck

    Good luck!!!!! Kick some ass! on a workout

  12. Shawn C.
      Nice Job

    Dude!!! Way awesome pace and even more awesome mileage. on a workout

  13. Vanessa R.
      Nice Job

    Fab Job! on a workout

  14. Terry
      Great Performance

    Great run Nick! on a workout

  15. Shawn C.
      Great Performance

    Nice run today Nick!!! Glad we finally got to meet. on a workout

  16. Dan H.
      Nice Job

    That's a tough marathon course good job! on a workout

  17. Terry
      Great Performance

    Awesome! Did you get the chills during the opening ceremonies? Man, great job... read more

  18. Michelle R.
      Great Performance

    You ROCKED it! CONGRATULATIONS! on a workout

  19. Terry
      Good Luck

    Good luck on your first marathon! You are going to do great! on a workout

  20. Dan H.
      Nice Job

    Sounds like you earned this one! on a workout

  21. Michelle R.

    Nicely done! You haven't wasted any time at all in this recovery. KUDOS! on a workout

  22. Terry
      Great Performance

    Awesome! Congratulations on a great race! on a workout

  23. Dan H.

    Good job out there! Glad to hear you had fun! on a workout

  24. Michelle R.
      Get Better

    You'll be fine. Don't try to run. Ice, ice, ice and I've found Alleve to be t... read more

  25. Terry
      Feel Better

    Yikes! I'm sure you've already bounced back on a workout

  26. Michelle R.
      Great Performance

    Your pace makes mine look like I crawled :) Awesome job! on a workout

  27. Terry
      You're Funny

    Mildly humbled...sorry hardcore :-) Awesome run...great distance and pace! Yo... read more

  28. Terry
      Nice Job

    Dang! Awesome run! on a workout

  29. Dan H.
      Nice Job

    That looks like a nice route! on a workout

  30. Terry
      Great Performance

    Awesome race! Woo hoo! on a workout

  31. Greg G.

    Congrats! on a workout

  32. Terry
      Great Performance

    Woo hoo! Way to tear it up! Congrats on your first medal...more to come I'm s... read more

  33. Terry
      Great Performance

    Dang! Nice run! on a workout

  34. Terry
      You're Funny

    Hot mamma-jamma?! Hahahahah! on a workout

  35. Priscilla P.
      Nice Job

    Hey there Nick. I'm joining the dailymile world. thanks for being my friend... read more

  36. Vanessa R.
      I'll Beat You :)

    But ya look good! on a workout