Friends (193)

  • Tracy W.

    Tracy W.

    Milton, GA, Just keep running ...

  • Luke S.

    Luke S.

    Staten Island, NY, Former D1 collegiate runner who's still clinging onto his fitness and his dream.

  • Barefoot R.

    Barefoot R.

    Des Moines, IA, temporarily changed status to cyclist for challenges (long-term) run and bike on every highway in my county

  • Pat R.

    Pat R.

    Fogelsville, PA,

  • Becky C.

    Becky C.

    Centennial, CO, Stay healthy, stay motivated, climb more 14ers, start a quidditch team, and run more races in crazy costumes!

  • Jayci A.

    Jayci A.

    Haviland, KS, Uh... I think I've peaked.

  • Ade O.

    Ade O.

    Atlanta, GA, Inspire others

  • Judy


    Irwin, PA, Mom of 4 great kids with a wonderful husband who runs with me on weekends. Goal: To run happy and for as long as my legs will let me. PGH marathon May

  • Adam M.

    Adam M.

    Wichita, KS, 2016 Goals? Qualify for Boston and set a new 100 mile PR in the same year!!

  • Jamie S.

    Jamie S.

    Morgantown, WV, Completed a 3452 Mile Run Across America in 100 days in 2012.

  • Danny R.

    Danny R.

    Olathe, KS, Achieved 5k 10.10.10 Achieved 10k: 6.2.12 Working toward half and full marathons now.

  • Jim P.

    Jim P.

    Aurora, CO, Stay fit, get down in weight to 170's

  • Michael S.

    Michael S.

    Cumming, GA, Savannah RnR 1/2 2:08:43 Atlanta 1/2 Marathon 11/22- 2:13:25 San Antonio 10K 12/1 58:48 DC Marathon 3/9/19 Skidaway 1/2 Marathon 3/23/19

  • Shelly


    , 20 lbs and a 10k (ran my 5k 10/14/2012) 10K done xten... next goal 4/20/13 1/2 marathon...done 2:50 and sore calves . Next goals 5&10k personal records.

  • Ryan K.

    Ryan K.

    Salem, OR, Keep running.

  • Caleb C.

    Caleb C.

    Medford, OR, Get fit.

  • Iva L.

    Iva L.

    Meridian, MS,

  • Julie F.

    Julie F.

    Colares, PT, Training for my first marathon in Portugal after a bit of a layoff...loving the hills and the beaches with my dogs!

  • David G.

    David G.

    Fremont, CA, I want to be below a 4 hour Marathon as well as qualify for the Marathon Maniacs. First, I need to learn to run again.

  • Jason  Ultra H.

    Jason Ultra H.

    Vidor, TX, Compete well in the XTerra trail run series and get back to trail running like I was doing in 2010.

  • Donna R.

    Donna R.

    Morganville, NJ, Strengthen core. Build endurance. Gain speed. I want it all.

  • Jim H.

    Jim H.

    Vinton, VA,

  • Pedro G.

    Pedro G.

    Seville, ES, marathon

  • Dwight S.

    Dwight S.

    Haviland, KS,

  • Renee


    North Port, FL,