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To become a happy barefoot/low-tech runner; to continue to live a healthy/active lifestyle; to challenge myself and have fun doing it!

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  • Patrick S.

    Patrick S.

    Manhattan Beach, CA, Just some dumb sandal wearing beach bum running across the country one marathon at a time. More info here:

  • Maria


    , Health, stress relief.

  • Dana P.

    Dana P.

    Tampa, FL, A sub-2 half-marathon

  • Ryan P.

    Ryan P.

    Ann Arbor, MI, Da Man says I should be 155 lbs! Yikes

  • Brian T.

    Brian T.

    Novi, MI, I am a PE teacher and fitness consultant and want to always be in the best shape possible and help others reach their goals!

  • Gordon T.

    Gordon T.

    Tampa, FL, 100m ultra marathon within the next year.

  • Rikki J.

    Rikki J.

    Tampa, FL,