Friends (19)

  • Todd


    Parker City, IN, Keep running, stay fit, & be happy. And maybe do a few races along the way. :)

  • Ade O.

    Ade O.

    Atlanta, GA, Inspire others

  • Jenn


    Rochester, NY, Recover from some health set-backs and no surgeries in 2017!

  • Kelly


    US, Run forever and chase PRs. [5K] 23:49 [4M] 30:54 [10K] 50:24 [13.1] 1:48:43 [26.2] 4:30:13

  • Vin A.

    Vin A.

    Milwaukee, WI, I just wanna workout, enjoy running barefoot style, and etc. Learn from other people who like to stay active in the modern world

  • Robin


    Kent, OH,

  • Barbara A.

    Barbara A.

    , goofy!

  • Alec D.

    Alec D.

    Atlanta, GA, - toned all over - break running PR (CHECK!) - complete a full marathon (CHECK!)

  • Doug S.

    Doug S.

    Troy, OH, Run like you!

  • Style Jewelry

    Style Jewelry

    Chillicothe, OH, To make friends, share my fitness achievements & promote

  • Paige M.

    Paige M.

    Mt Pleasant, WI, Pushing myself to go a little faster and a little farther every day.

  • Stacey C.

    Stacey C.

    Charleston, SC,

  • Walk W.

    Walk W.

    US, Just wog.

  • Heidi N.

    Heidi N.

    Green Bay, WI, Run another Half marathon...

  • Cyn


    Jacksonville, FL, Improve fitness/health while having FUN living life fully.

  • Carin E.

    Carin E.

    WI, Run Grandma's Marathon this spring in Memory of my Father...

  • Cotis G.

    Cotis G.

    Milwaukee, WI, My goal is to be success in all my workouts, and lose 80 or more lbs . I want to be around longer for my kids, to watch them grow up and do more activities.

  • Tashana B.

    Tashana B.

    Milwaukee, WI, Is a new life style for me, and my family household. I've been big most of my life and it is time for a change. 2013 is my year to start and proceed to the end.

  • Stephanie G.

    Stephanie G.

    Navarino, WI,