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Sub-1hr at the Saguaro run (done! 56:01!) Half Mary tune-up race on Nov 9th. Stay healthy to PR/BQ the Tucson Marathon -Dec 7th. Then... OP50 Ultra March'15

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  1. RUN
    good LSD in SNP 20.1 mi 02:58 08:52 pace

    Another perfect Sonoran morning for a jog. Nice and cool ~ 50 at the start and close to 80 by the end. About 1/3 on dirt, and 1150 vert.  Mostly Z2 with some Z3 for the hills.  Achilles and knee st... read more

  2. RUN
    good Kit Fox 5.6 mi 00:48 08:36 pace

    Another easy run planned. Legs weren't itching to go fast, and I'd like to do some long miles this weekend, so I didn't push it, even a little. Sunrise was striking this morning- j... read more

    • Terry G.
      Terry G.

      Is this marathon weekend?

      4 days ago Like1 person

    • Morey B.
      Morey B.

      nope. not even close. 3 weeks to my 'tune-up' half marathon, and 7 weeks until marathon day. I still have 350-400 more miles between me and race day to get myself injured. Guess I better go shoe shopping.

      4 days ago Like1 person

    • Isaac M.
      Isaac M.

      sounds like a beautiful and amazing morning to run!!!

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  3. Shared Photo

    My Gawd. What have I done? Just signed up for another go at it (March 7th) But, can't even think about it until after my Dec 7th marathon. I have not earned this buckle....yet!

    • Leah

      Addict ...... What have you done ? well it makes complete sense to me :)

      4 days ago Like

    • John B.
      John B.

      WOW! Can't even imagine....

      4 days ago Like

    • Ben K.

      Good luck Morey!! I hope you are able to have an injury free training cycle and better weather for OP TAKE 2! BTW I flew threw PHX today on my way to LA for a bat mitzvah. You've got some big dirt piles it looks like.

      3 days ago Like

  4. RUN
    good Easy 10K 6.2 mi 00:52 08:18 pace

    legs a little heavy, but that makes sense after yesterday's. Perfect pre-dawn morning. Upper 50's, still a little water running for Ben at the base of the pass. No speed, no intensity,... read more

  5. RUN
    good MLR into SNP with MP 12.1 mi 01:40 08:15 pace

    MLR Run today. Into SNP at the Broadway trailhead. Shantz trail to the road and then out the park main gate, hit the restroom; refilled water, then hit Freeman road for the trip home. I pounded ... read more

  6. RUN
    good Took the race shoes for a spin 6.7 mi 00:55 08:12 pace

    Dusted off the old Brooks Racer ST5's in Tide Box Orange and Blue. Felt good to have something light and flexible on my feet. Did an easy warmup, a good hill climb and then 7 x 100m pickups ... read more

  7. Shared Photo

    4 Solid weeks of running... and today I rest. But, has everyone noticed how strange DM's plotting routine is? 30ish mile weeks look to be *1/4* the distance of the 60 mile weeks.

  8. #dailymission What piece of equipment do you dream of owning? The *perfect* running shoe. :)

  9. RUN
    good Sunday with Ben 9.2 mi 01:19 08:35 pace

    Legs felt weak at the start, still reeling from yesterday's long run, but after 2 or 3 miles, they felt like running legs again. Water was still flowing at the base of Reddington for Ben to g... read more

    • Petite

      Well executed 9.2 miler there Morey. Great job Sir!

      9 days ago Like

    • Christine

      This is awesome Morey! So glad to hear everything is hanging together! Nice solid building!

      8 days ago Like

    • Isaac M.
      Isaac M.

      another great run!!! your training is going really well!!!

      8 days ago Like

  10. I'm really enjoying watching the Kona live feed today; :) Guess I need to get back on that bike.

    ... read more

    • Miles T.
      Miles T.

      Brilliant. I'm tracking my friend - James Elgar 2008. Loving it.

      10 days ago Like

    • John B.
      John B.

      Totally got into it whenever I could catch up on it on my iPhone. I realize how wild my life has become when I HAD to go for a run in the morning, and I spent any chance I could catching up on an Ironman Tri.

      9 days ago Like

    • Isaac M.
      Isaac M.

      your bike sent me a message.... it misses you...

      8 days ago Like

  11. RUN
    alright Long Slow Distance 23.1 mi 03:30 09:05 pace

    I'm at the stage in the training plan (which I do not follow) where I'm supposed to be throwing in miles at race pace into my long runs - but just didn't feel it today.  Legs were he... read more

  12. RUN
    good Reddington River Running 7.2 mi 01:00 08:20 pace

    ack.  forgot to start my watch until I was more than 2 miles into the run.  Cool and damp-  Water flowing at the base of Reddington.  Ben took his swim there, but I decided to enjoy dry feet, and i... read more

  13. RUN
    great Tready 6.3 mi 00:50 07:56 pace

    Evening run on the treadmill. Wanted to get in a double today, and to run on flat- so the mill seemed to be a good option. Warmed up for a mile. Moderate pace for a while. Then was feeling good s... read more

    • Petite

      Nice progression Morey. 6.3 miles is very good esp. on the TM.

      12 days ago Like

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    • Morey B.
      Morey B.

      OK Hil and Ben. No- I mostly do not run on 'mills. I really enjoy outdoor running, but I don't 'diss the 'mill. it's good for certain things. it was what I needed last night, as I wanted 'controlled conditions' without hills to do some limited speed work. it worked.

      12 days ago Like1 person

    • Ben K.

      No worries Morey, I've done a few TM runs too. I don't know anyone that hasn't had to use one from time to time. I almost wish I owned one for those rare days when getting out is too much to deal with. But that's like once a year or less, and I don't have the space for one anyway. I think the most I've ever run on a TM was 12 miles. I've done that twice. Hated it both times. I admire the people that can run that much on them.

      11 days ago Like

  14. RUN
    good After the Rains 11 mi 01:32 08:21 pace

    Rained last night- so it was warmer and humid. Just a combination of my standard 'hood run, with a few hills. Mostly just a moderate Z2 pace with some forays into upper Z3 and lower Z4. I sh... read more

  15. RUN
    good Little Recovery Run 5.8 mi 00:49 08:26 pace

    Could have been a rest day, as I had a solid weekend and three weeks of good mileage, and I wasn't exactly thrilled to get up at 4:45am, but I got out there and plodded off a little recovery r... read more

  16. Shared Photo

    Water is such a precious thing in the desert. Ben always appreciates it.

  17. Shared Photo

    Me and my best running partner.

    • Petite

      Aww. Sounds like a blast for you and Fido, Morey.

      16 days ago Like

  18. RUN
    good 11.2 mi 01:42 09:06 pace

    Felt pretty decent today, well, after a few miles of warmup. Wish I had more time to run longer but I got a late start (6:30am).  Ben had a great time (I think).  Still too warm for him, but he did... read more

    • Geoff S.
      Geoff S.

      Great job today:)

      16 days ago Like

    • Paul M.
      Paul M.

      Very nice!

      16 days ago Like

    • Tom M.
      Tom M.

      Big miles, really glad it's feeling good.

      16 days ago Like

    • Isaac M.
      Isaac M.

      looks like another great run! Hopefully you have learned a bit from your previous times getting injured and make some adjustments, so you stay healthy this time... You are getting in some great mileage!

      16 days ago Like

  19. RUN
    good SNP Wander 18.3 mi 02:38 08:38 pace

    Felt OK at the start and had fun in the pre-dawn light running into Saguaro National Park, via the Cactus Forest Trail. Then hit the road, made a left and ran up the big hill. Felt like I needed ... read more

    • Geoff S.
      Geoff S. Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      Really nice job working through that. Great attitude too re: character building - that's one of the things about running that's just as important as anything else.

      17 days ago

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    • Isaac M.
      Isaac M.

      Another great run!!! and you are great at getting in MP in for segments of all your long runs!

      15 days ago Like

    • Sun T.
      Sun T.

      Nice long miles!

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  20. RUN
    good Friday Fun 7 mi 00:58 08:18 pace

    My PF was burning yesterday. Did a lot of stretching and rubbing, and slept in the boot last night. Didn't hurt much this morning, so I did my regular run. Nice and cool- 'bout 50 in th... read more

    • Leah

      Ha ha ha those Mizuno folks ...... Take care of that PF - I roll mine on frozen water bottles and work on my calves . Great run - fast and strong Morey

      18 days ago Like

    • Tom M.
      Tom M.

      Nice work Morey, solid pace! We're supposed to get some cooler temps this weekend too!

      18 days ago Like