17211 total / 1463 in 2014

DNFed my first 50mi ultra at 33mi due to hypothermia. Now rebuilding for something. I don't know what.

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  • 20 miles
  • 02:42 time
  • 1879 calories
  • 3 workouts
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  1. RUN
    good Water Still Flowing 9.3 mi 01:12 07:45 pace

    Felt good today- not sure why. It seemed a bit cooler out, put on my faster running shoes (Mizuno Elixers), and went out a bit harder. No real plan, but slowly picked up the pace until I was doin... read more

  2. Shared Photo

    Ben loves it when the arroyos are running after a good rain. Ahhhh.

  3. RUN
    alright Flying Ant Mating Season 7.2 mi 01:00 08:20 pace

    Good rain last night. Lots of sand and dirt across the roads where the arroyos were running. 74 with near 100% humidity brought out the towering swarms of mating flying ants. The dragon flies we... read more

    • Jeff L.

      100% humidity? Yeah, I'd say that's all part of it.

      1 day ago Like

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    • Sun T.
      Sun T.

      Sounds like rough running conditions - great job getting in 7+!

      about 17 hours ago Like

    • Scott J.
      Scott J.

      Even with the higher HR and sluggish legs, excellent run in that humidity. Sounds tricky with the bug life around you though.

      about 2 hours ago Like

  4. RUN
    good Rest Day 3.5 mi 00:30 08:34 pace

    Rest day today- so I did an easy short one. My left biceps femoris (back of upper thigh) muscle is a bit sore. Nothing serious- just needs break from hill climbing and some foam roller love. Zone... read more

  5. RUN
    good Wet Desert with Ben 6.1 mi 00:51 08:24 pace

    So good to be back home and out with my best running partner Ben. He had lots of puddles to drink from and lay down in this morning, due to the rains last night. Easy to moderate paced. probably sh... read more

    • Ben K.

      62 this week! Impressive. Whats the most you've done in a week. 45 is mine, done it a few times. I can't see myself doing much more than that. What were you shooting for? Awesome run today.

      3 days ago Like

    • Morey B.
      Morey B.

      @BenK I've gotten up to 73-75mi/wk a few times, but never sustained that. Usually got injured a week or two later, but I've got a lot more base these days.

      3 days ago Like

    • Scott J.
      Scott J.

      Excellent run.

      2 days ago Like

  6. RUN
    good Last Lenox LSD 18.3 mi 02:40 08:44 pace

    Crisp 47 degree morning. Blue sky. The Berkshires offered perfect run conditions this summer, but now I head back to the heat of Tucson. Glad I got this in before getting on the plane today. St... read more

  7. Shared Photo

    I'm taking a rest day today, but this was yesterday. I hope everyone had scenery this beautiful to train in.

  8. #dailymission What would you say is your primary source of motivation? Zombies! They're chasing me.

    • Craig O.
      Craig O.

      The biggest problem with the zombie Apocalypse for me is not acting excited

      5 days ago Like

  9. RUN
    good Cool and clear 7.9 mi 01:05 08:13 pace

    Didn't have a lot of legs left after yesterday's double, and a race, but I did what I could. A truly perfect, clear, crisp 50 degree morning with a light breeze. After a couple miles my ... read more

  10. RUN
    good Berkshire Summer Race Series #6 3.5 mi 00:23 06:27 pace

    Well shy of my fastest for this race and 13 sec slower than last week. First mile was on par, but then I faded a few seconds the next mile, and the last 1.5 I lost some more seconds. HR was right... read more

    • Isaac M.
      Isaac M.

      it might not be your best, but it is still a great race! Nicely done!!!

      6 days ago Like

    • Ben K.

      Wow, that's awesome Morey. Just keep on racing and some day maybe you'll be the fast old coot. Wow, sub 6:30! awesome.

      6 days ago Like

    • Scott J.
      Scott J.

      Excellent run Morey. Only a little slower. Given others said they were a bit slower too, it doesn't seem like an issue. Good work. Sorry the series is over. You seem to really enjoy these runs/races.

      6 days ago Like

  11. RUN
    good warmup and cooldown 3.7 mi 00:31 08:18 pace

    warmup of 1.1mi before the race. cool down of 2.6mi after the race.

  12. Shared Photo

    Oops. Did not choose that step wisely.

    • Joe H.
      Joe H.

      and is this why you double knot your laces. glad you could keep the shoe

      7 days ago Like

    • Ben K.

      So what color WAS this shoe :-)

      6 days ago Like

    • Scott J.
      Scott J.

      Just a little motivation to be sure to step in the next clear stream ... several times.

      6 days ago Like

  13. RUN
    good Labyrinth of Kennedy Park 6.3 mi 01:00 09:27 pace

    Easy run through the labyrinth of criss-crossing trail in Kennedy Park. Stopped a lot at intersections, scratched my head as to which way to go, then realized it didn't really matter as the p... read more

  14. #dailymission What did you wind up liking that you didn't want anything to do with at first? Embarrassed to admit it... but having shaved legs. :)

  15. RUN
    alright Tuesday 10K 6.3 mi 00:52 08:17 pace

    eh. PF held up Ok. took it easy, but legs felt like lead. Not sure why I'm feeling so weak. Perhaps I should put some spinach on my Wheaties this morning. Wore the 10 year old retired Bro... read more

  16. RUN
    good Zappin' Monday 10.2 mi 01:31 08:53 pace

    Barely felt the PF this morning, so I guess 2 full days of rest made a bit of a difference. So, I decided to go out and destroy all of its progress today with 10mi and 1000ft vert run to start the... read more

  17. RUN
    alright Pinecroft 6.45 mi 00:59 09:08 pace

    Legs felt heavy. PF felt weak and a bit sore. Tried to take it really easy today. Started with my normal Laurel Lake loop, but then instead of running up in to town, I did the Canyon Ranch trail... read more

    • Scott J.
      Scott J.

      Fantastic run and good choice of route surfaces. Nicely done Morey. Hopefully the PF behaves.

      12 days ago Like

    • Isaac M.
      Isaac M.

      still an awesome run! You have been getting in some great training!

      11 days ago Like

  18. #dailymission What elements make your city the best place for working out? Uh... it's where I live. Other cities are just too far to drive to at 5am.

  19. RUN
    good Kennedy Park Trails 6.8 mi 01:05 09:33 pace

    Met up with a Lenoxian named Molly at the entrance to the park, and we chatted as she took me on some new trails. So- lot's of great trail running and conversation. Felt OK given yesterday&#... read more

    • Scott J.
      Scott J.

      Excellent run and it's always nice making new friends. Good job out there Morey.

      13 days ago Like

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    • Ben K.

      Well morey, they say the first 10,000 steps are the toughest ones. Enjoy the rest of your trip and safe travels home.

      13 days ago Like1 person

    • Morey B.
      Morey B.

      @Ann- yeah, I was worried as well. it's sore, perhaps from all the deep work I'm doing on it, but didn't feel tight. So, I figure, it's worth a test. Granted, I could take the next 3 months off an let it heal, but as long as it feels good enough, I'm for keeping it moving. It's not full blown PF... yet, so keeping it warm, flexible, moving, massaged- is my current treatment. along with stretching calves/achilles and feet- and deep grinding on it.

      13 days ago Like

  20. RUN
    good Summer Race Series #5 3.5 mi 00:22 06:23 pace

    Thought I was going out too fast, as I was in front for the 1st half mile, but my mile time was the same as the last few weeks- so everyone else started a little slower.  Tried to keep my HR about ... read more