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  • 18 miles
  • 16:19 time
  • 5485 calories
  • 17 workouts
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  1. swim
    good long long long swim 6000 m 03:00 48:16 pace

    This swim brought to you by "Being interrupted on call" I have been thinking a lot lately about melanoma, so I started out the swim in a rash guard. Never have good success with these t... read more

  2. FIT
    good Long swim prep 01:00

    30 mins on the ARC trainer which felt pretty good.
    then I started to do what I thought was going to be a massive strength workout...
    except that I changed my mind.
    bird dogs
    dead bugs
    one ... read more

  3. swim
    Luckyslake again 3100 m 01:25 44:07 pace

    Lots of newbies today. Pretty nice warm swim out there. No odd sightings. Nothing out of the ordinary...

  4. swim
    good Lucky's Lake Midnight swim 1200 m 00:27 36:12 pace

    So we all got together and watched "the Host" which was truly awful.... and then swam the lake at midnight. Saw some good friends... swam a bit.

  5. FIT
    good Forgot

    So..I forgot my bag at the gym, and given the gym is closed and I needed my swim suit for tonight... And I was there anyway this little things happened:
    Pull ups
    Back extension
    Stir the pots
    p... read more

  6. swim
    good Lesson 700 m

    I was feeling a little odd, so I went to hang with Coach G at the end of elite swim practice. he of course threw me in the lane with the kids, urrrgh. Lots of correction on breathing which was he... read more

    • Petite

      LOL! I am laughing so hard (the three me in the pool lane with kids part). Glad he was there to coach you and make the corrections.

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    • Petite


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  7. swim
    good Eels.... 2000 m 00:54 43:27 pace

    Mid crossing on the firs lapI encountered "Something" kind of like a large bloated Eel seemed determined to get in my face. Terrified me and caused me to actually scream under water... I... read more

  8. FIT
    good Off kilter. 02:00

    I am On call again and for whatever reason... people want to talk to on call. so...I got interrupted a lot.
    32 minutes on the elliptical. Page from the Pod 4 of the NICU in the middle.

    Bridg... read more

  9. swim
    Math matters 2700 m 01:05 38:44 pace

    So 3k was on the books and I thought right, it's long intervals Thursday so 800s. So 4 800s... Math is so important. Luckily I figured it out. Cut the workout short to chat with coach Gibb... ... read more

  10. swim
    good Post foam roll. 1900 yd 00:40 37:03 pace

    I foam rolled my aching muscles for an hour, and have figured out that it was probably a random dose of niacin that I thought I needed causing such muscle aches. I was worried about this swim afte... read more

  11. swim
    Timer out 2050 yd 00:50 42:55 pace

    Clocks got hit by lightning again and regular lifeguard is on vacation so of course the clocks stayed out. Times it by swim practice arrivals. Masters at 6, elite seniors at 6:30... Honestly I am s... read more

  12. FIT
    good fitness workout 1.2 mi 02:00 100:00 pace

    ARC trainer for 30 minutes.
    single leg bridges
    dead bugs
    push ups
    stretching attempts
    wall ball
    goblet squats
    plank only managed 1:40 today but I have to admit, I kicked tail in the fitness ... read more

  13. swim
    good Make up 900 yd 00:20 39:06 pace

    UGH. I admit, I apparently am not feeling 100%. I have been having some aches and pains since Sunday, but I finally admitted it seems a bit more than the usual. I skulked up and down the pool an... read more

    • Petite

      Yes indeed. Great job to get your swim on Holly inspite of not feeling your best.

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  14. swim
    Not the best effort 2100 yd 00:44 36:52 pace

    So 300 warm and 10 by 100 @ 1:47 felt ok sort of until number 8 when I felt entirely hypoxic. And for no good reason. Then 2 x 400 and then as I swam the 400 I started to question my work site toda... read more

  15. swim
    good Because once wasn't enough 1600 yd 00:34 37:40 pace

    For the first time a log time, I felt completely smooth in the water... all glides and long lines. Not sure how I looked though... It was a tough one as my legs are still all achy and strange.. To... read more

  16. FIT
    good Aches and pains 1.2 mi 00:30 25:00 pace

    I did the arc trainer for 30 minutes.
    Then ran into my coach who was finishing his workout. He looked tired...
    I went to give him his coffee (we ordered from Zeke's most awesome small batch... read more

  17. swim
    First half 2400 yd 00:50 36:40 pace

    Good to be back in the pool. I have only seen Monday of this weeks plan and its a killer so here's to a super delicious week.

  18. FIT
    good the usual 02:00

    30 minutes on the ARC trainer.
    dead bugs
    bird dogs
    1 set wonder of 10 push ups
    wall balls
    goblet squats
    plank. PLANK! I finally managed 2:02. yes that happened. on to 3 min.
    pull ups
    di... read more

  19. swim
    Luckys lake Cane 4000 m 01:45 42:14 pace

    Ahhhh this is wonderful! Lake is super hot...todays temp was 88. I really had to remind myself not to just float out in the middle. Hung around a bit after, People are awesome!

  20. FIT
    good bit of this, bit of that.

    ARC trainer for 30 mins 365 calories gone.
    Pull ups...I decreased the assist, so 3 sets of 6...that was a big decrease
    Back extension thingy
    foam rolling of the legs and shoulder
    new should... read more