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Enjoy training. recover from groin strain, choose a marathon and eat it for Breakfast. Learn to ride a real bicycle...70.3

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  1. VELO
    good Because I'm a wimp! 5.1 mi 00:27 11.3mph pace

    Just a bit too cool for me to get in the pool today. Fiddled on the bike, talking to my friend Beth. I am so ready to say hello to my toes again.

  2. So...good news. The Neurosurgeon just called to tell me he has reviewed all my films. My pars defect is not, in his opinion, unstable enough to warrant fusion at this time. My disc on the other ha... read more

  3. VELO
    alright head clearer 5.22 mi 00:27 11.6mph pace

    Had a difficult day today. Surgeon called and discussed newly identified problems with my spine. (I had pre-op films yesterday.) He is going to look at the films again and call me tomorrow to dis... read more

  4. swim
    good "wounded warrior club" & Pool... 2000 yd 00:54 47:51 pace

    Slow slow swim with the oddest openest flips ever. I shared the time with obnoxious lady who's name I don't know (She was using one flipper because one leg hurt- seems crazy to me!), IM ... read more

  5. VELO
    good again.... 2 mi 00:12:00 10.0mph pace

    Again not really sure why I do's slow, and it isn't really a workout. I think I'm just pretending that I can still cycle!

  6. VELO
    good Not real sure why 1.7 mi 00:10:00 10.2mph pace

    spun the wheels with Dr. B for a bit just to hang out and "do what I can while I can"
    while fun, it was kind of a waste of time... ah well.

  7. swim
    Less wind more cold 1800 yd 00:41 39:36 pace

    the water feels super warm. Enjoyed this more than normal. 5 days... So I guess I better do what I can...

  8. swim
    Lite chop advisory 1700 yd 00:47 48:39 pace

    holy wind batman! Swimming in the pool felt like open water... It did get a better. Same pep talk from IM Dave as the night before. Enjoyed a childish moment giving my coach the blank stare as ... read more

  9. VELO
    good slow light cycle 5 mi 00:20 15.0mph pace

    just spun things around. It is very windy here today and for Florida it's cold, and I just couldn't bear the bathing suit thing. Was feeling very very down, but always a light at the en... read more

  10. swim
    good Heated pool 1400 yd 00:30 37:05 pace

    the heated pool really was an improvement over yesterday indeed. It was kind of a tough swim as my back is actually hurting and my foot was having some electrical symptoms...ah well...This time ne... read more

  11. swim
    great Lucky's Lake Brrrrrr. 1000 yd 00:30 52:47 pace

    It was 66 in the water today at Lucky's. 64 outside. and WINDY. I'm not swimming quite as well as I used to, and because of the back injury I can't shimmy into a wetsuit, so it was... read more

  12. swim
    Short course 1700 yd 00:40 41:24 pace

    my foot got quite a bit number today do I stopped the flip turns. I'm trying to get in as much swim as I can before surgery. It's crunch time now. Must clean the house and prepare some m... read more

  13. swim
    blah short end 1100 yd

    Had a very difficult moment with the coach today, which kind of sucks because I'm really scared about surgery, and he is actually being a bit of an ass. So...handling that was harder than exp... read more

    • Pop C.

      Good swim, Holly!

      9 days ago Like1 person

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    • Christina W.
      Christina W.

      sorry to hear that Holly. Hang in. I finally got clearance to do all things except run ( they say two more months, three months post op) and i have a funky crud and cannot tolerate coughing with this back! So ... keep germy kids away from you post surgery!!! and negative coach too!

      9 days ago Like1 person

    • Holly T.
      Holly T.

      Thank you Daily Mile people! Most of you get the misery that I feel about the coach rift. It happens, people disappoint, sometimes in huge ways, the support I get here has helped a lot.

      9 days ago Like

  14. swim
    Deep end 1550 yd 00:36 40:52 pace

    they moved all the short course lanes to the deep end today which actually made for a nice swim. Pool vacuum on the other side. Saw the sun rise. Felt pretty good but I can feel my stupid stupid i... read more

  15. I repeated my MRI last night and today I got a call from the physician's office. Apparently, the herniation is slightly larger than before and appears to be "unstable" Which kind of... read more

    • Lisa P.
      Lisa P.

      I'm in the same place, I know it sucks but I'm trying to find joy in the little things (like increasing speed on the treadmill, doing arm weights, physical therapy, seeing a friend) I have to think posrive things cause if I don't it's a negative spiral. Keep thinking positive thoughts, try to find a couple things you enjoy, I know you will, :) sending postive thoughts and prayers your way.

      10 days ago Like

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    • Marie A.
      Marie A.

      The recovery can be trying but stay active even if it is just small walking. The days will pass & hopefully you'll feel better in time. Positive thoughts to you.

      10 days ago Like

    • B0b

      Do what you can till then without doing any more damage. The stronger you are going in, the better you'll recover. Wishing you the best.

      3 days ago Like

  16. FIT
    blah chatty. 1.03 mi 00:13:00 12:37 pace

    I was really at the gym to see my trainer who wasn't there. I did see my pal Kathy and decided to elliptical with her for a few.

  17. swim
    Late short course 1500 yd 00:34 39:53 pace

    the swim went well! The temperature was so cold getting in but turned out to be perfect for swimming, so no hot tyb swim today! My back is still acting ornery so I suppose it's time to start ... read more

    • Leah

      Awesome on this swim .... crappy on the back , How are you feeling now Holly ?

      11 days ago Like1 person

    • Petite

      Hope the back is behaving Holly.

      11 days ago Like

  18. RUN
    Per MRI 1.31 mi 00:15 11:43 pace

    well the run went very well. My low low back is displeased after this however. Grrrr. Repeat MRI Of the region today... Blah. I did enjoy it though. Listened to the Mighty Clouds of Joy!

  19. FIT
    good new class 13 mi 00:40 03:04 pace

    This class was a new one. Focus on RPM's which to me was a little odd, since you can have the highest rpm at low resistance and now be doing a lot of work. That said... the entire class kicked... read more