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  1. VELO
    good Monday Cycle 14.81 mi 00:50 17.8mph pace

    This was one tough cycle. To start with my biweekly Infectious disease podcast guy decided to do a short 15 min cast, so I had to listen twice. Flu shot effective this year, mumps outbreak in WA,... read more

  2. RUN
    great Sunday Run day 4.11 mi 00:50 12:04 pace

    Got started a little bit later than I would have liked, but in general this was a good solid run for where I'm at right now. I focused on trying to run a consistent pace, and did well with 3 o... read more

  3. swim
    good molasses 2550 yd 01:23 57:17 pace

    This was a strange workout. long long warm up with lots of kicking and then some 100's and then some 200's and then 50's. It was long course, so fewer walls to push off from. The 2... read more

    • Bill H.

      Done and done well. I missed the dunk contest.

      1 day ago Like

    • Drago D.
      Drago D.

      I hated 200s especially when in butterfly... :( But you did it much better for sure, despite complaining :) Saw some highlights from Dunk contest and didn't see AG in final duo. Hope he wasn't robbed also this year.

      1 day ago Like

    • Holly T.
      Holly T.

      Oh Drago, this year he failed. He has a foot injury, and just nothing went his way, but he's still our player!

      1 day ago Like

  4. VELO
    great slow cycle. 10.75 mi 00:50 12.9mph pace

    Friday was super busy at work, as evidenced by my climbing of 19 flights of stairs at work... so by the time I got to the gym I just really wanted to sleep more than cycle. I bribed myself with po... read more

  5. RUN
    good Treadmill workout. 2.68 mi 00:34 12:41 pace

    Same workout as last week. 3 min repeats times 4 plus some progressive runs. and 10 min of walking also...

  6. swim
    good long course 1000 m 00:30 48:16 pace

    This was the slow kind of swim out after my funny running workout. and wow was I sore. My feet cramped, my legs cramped.

    • Drago D.
      Drago D.

      Not bad swim at all regarding your body conditions. Hope you'll have enough time to regenerate.

      3 days ago Like

  7. FIT
    good Weightlifting Wednesday 01:00

    Not the best. I felt sluggish. Worked with Coach K. He was fresh off a med school interview, so he was luckily a tiny bit distracted. I could not stop sweating...

  8. swim
    great Weird Valentines swim. 2300 yd 01:15 57:23 pace

    This was one strange workout. It involved a lot of backstroke and then over 700 yards of kicking...I am not a great kicker, but I did notice that I seem to be improving.
    Anyway, in between I had ... read more

    • Frederick
      Frederick You're an Inspiration
      You're an Inspiration:

      Bottom line: 2300 awesome yards! WTG!

      6 days ago

    • Bill H.

      Yes, sometimes you look at that workout and say "Whaaa?", but it looks pretty good from here - nice one, Holly.

      6 days ago Like

    • Drago D.
      Drago D.

      Sounds crazy indeed but your final distance is maybe just because of that even more impressive.

      5 days ago Like

  9. VELO
    good Monday cycle day 14.77 mi 00:50 17.7mph pace

    This was a big sweat fest. Listened to the usual Locked on Magic podcast, as well as Basketball insiders as they talked trade talks. I was really glad to see the final 5 minutes tick down. Now w... read more

  10. RUN
    good West Orange 4.01 mi 00:49 12:10 pace

    So I wanted to beat last weeks time, and I did, but errr, 10 seconds or so.
    From the start I was not really enjoying this run. My legs felt sore and tired and I really was having a lot of trouble... read more

  11. swim
    good longer swim 2700 m 01:20 47:41 pace

    Pool was an appropriate (kinda chilly!) temp today, and this workout went along very well, until the last 200 or so when I became bored and started to think about work. We have a very big inspecti... read more

    • Bill H.

      Sounds pretty good except for the part about thinking of work.

      9 days ago Like

    • Mike K
      Mike K

      Nice workout!

      9 days ago Like

    • Drago D.
      Drago D.

      Very nice swim. Sorry for last 200, but completely understandable. You'll do great at inspection.

      8 days ago Like

  12. VELO
    good cycle to nowhere 12.35 mi 00:45 16.5mph pace

    With moving the resistance up a notch this week, I seem to have responded by lowering my RPMs, so that must be remedied! Listened to the Orlando magic Podcast, and a couple minutes of Basketball i... read more

  13. RUN
    great treadmill run 2.65 mi 00:35 13:01 pace

    This was a great workout. walking warm, then a 4 times 3 minute intervals, than 2 progressive intervals, then some more walking. The walking really made the pace look wonky. I seemed very much fas... read more

  14. swim
    alright hot pool 1100 m 00:30 43:53 pace

    This really wasn't a great swim. Pool was super warm making me feel like floating about rather than swimming. In addition, there was no workout, just a swim for 30, so I was kinda not pushin... read more

    • Drago D.
      Drago D.

      Isn't it interesting how sensitive we are about water temperature. Still nice swim in that conditions.

      10 days ago Like1 person

  15. RUN
    good changed things up some... 2 mi 00:26 12:48 pace

    So I do not know why but I didn't want to lift weights today, so I ran 2 miles and then walked our Cross country trails which are very hilly (like my phone says I climbed 16 floors today). I&... read more

    • Drago D.
      Drago D.

      Thumb up for this adaptation of training program. You got nice hilly run and confirmation you're doing great. Hope all your existing aches will fade.

      12 days ago Like

    • Bill H.

      Clermont has some nice hills - sounds like you conquered a few of them.

      12 days ago Like

    • Aneta Z.
      Aneta Z.

      Great work! Take care of this quad!!!

      8 days ago Like

  16. VELO
    good cycle to nowhere 12.65 mi 00:45 16.9mph pace

    I actually upped the resistance level today for the first time in a long time. It did make the cycle much harder and even a bit slower. Watts looked good though. I listened to the latest infecti... read more

  17. swim
    good tuesdays on monday 2200 yd 00:45 36:00 pace

    my coach pulled a fast one on me and changed my swim day. I had packed for a swim day though so a quick text and swim day was restored. Whew. It was 80 degrees so the pool was a pretty good choice.

    • Petite

      Glad you adapted to the quick change with scheduling Holly. Great swim!

      13 days ago Like

  18. RUN
    good Slow miles 4 mi 00:49 12:15 pace

    I was feeling a little short on time today so I started at the opposite end of the West Orange Trail. It's a bit more hilly than my usual route. I did run without Penny, so I was just easily ... read more

  19. FIT
    good Build that strength! 01:00

    Squats with KB
    lunges with the ball
    overhead press
    hip rotations
    one legged bridges
    hip hikes
    and because of the charley horse situation last night, I spent some time actuall... read more

  20. RUN
    good Short... 1.55 mi 00:20 12:54 pace

    Ran walked on the treadmill, I've discovered a few new TM features, one of which is a setting that shows the elevation climbed. Oddly I find it motivating. Lat night I experienced a super in... read more