2988 total / 621 in 2014

To always use a helicopter perspective so that I don't have to deal with overuse injuries. Sub-2hr half marathon. Complete my 1st full marathon whenever.

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  • 32 miles
  • 07:19 time
  • 3393 calories
  • 21 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. VELO
    blah The relief that needed relief 6.3 km 01:41 2.3mph pace

    Fecking Xmas catalogues from Salling!! Pulling the bike trailer from the carport, across the gravel and out on the street was an upper body and core workout in itself! And I could hardly cycle with... read more

  2. walk
    good Cool-down walk 0.48 km 00:04:59 16:42 pace

    Ravenna 2s; Smartwool run toe socks; Tensoplast. Wonky tracking! I did not start on Nehrus Alle and walk 740 metres at an 6:45 min/km pace!! Started around the turn on Halmstadgade and walked along... read more

  3. RUN
    good Escaping the house! 10/24/14 ... 5.02 km 00:28 09:03 pace

    Ravenna 2s; Smartwool run toe socks; Tensoplast. 12.3 °C, 7 m/s, gusts 12 m/s, drizzling and misty. Kinda refreshing. Indoor warm-up was a bit of quad and ITB stretching to loosen the slight tightn... read more

    • Madmaggy

      Great run MissH, glad you're knee is holding out but it's a good idea to be cautious and ice it just in case. Sounds like you needed to get out and run a bit after that exchange with your daughter - she probably won't agree, but she's lucky she has you in her corner!

      about 22 hours ago Like1 person

    • Misshoptimist

      Thanks, Maggy! Yes, my knee is much better, but I'll keep on icing it until I'm absolutely 200 per cent sure there is no trace of any irritation in it. Icing it is an old habit by now anyway, so... :-)
      Luckily my daughter seemed to have cooled off a little while I was out running, so there was no more debating the hard liquor. Phew! But it's bound to come up again, though. She started in upper secondary school this August. So, it's a new class and new school with much older students. :-O

      about 21 hours ago Like

  4. walk
    good Warm-up walk 10/24/14 03:54 PM 0.53 km 00:05:41 17:19 pace

    Ravenna 2s; Smartwool run toe socks; Tensoplast.

  5. walk
    good FRom Netto 1.3 km 00:17 21:01 pace

    Rained a little harder on the way back.

  6. walk
    good To Netto 1.24 km 00:16 20:52 pace

    Light rain. Was out of milk and a few other necessities. Chose to walk to Netto in order to get in my 30 mins of movement.

  7. VELO
    alright From Riis Skov 2.97 mi 00:14:40 12.2mph pace

    Tried to position the saddle a little higher for the return. Since the tension in my knee wasn't too pronounced, I decided to cycle home, but chose to avoid the steepest part of Skovvangsvej. ... read more

  8. RUN
    good RW debut, 6:15 pace group 10/... 6.21 km 00:39 10:00 pace

    PureCadence 2s; Smartwool run toe socks; Tensoplast. 12.3 °C, cloudy and no wind; a bit humid, too. After the somewhat fast-paced warm-up round, the group was to split up in three tempo groups. I q... read more

  9. RUN
    good RW debut, warm-up round 10/22... 0.92 km 00:05:29 09:34 pace

    PureCadence 2s; Smartwool run toe socks; Tensoplast. 12.3 °C, cloudy and no wind; a bit humid, too. Already darker in the forest than I thought it would be this early in the evening, and since this... read more

  10. VELO
    good To Riis Skov 2.92 km 00:11:53 9.2mph pace

    Borrowed my son's MTB as my own bike still has a flat tyre. Not the best bike ride; can't figure out what gears to use when there are that many, I'm afraid of the brakes and I had po... read more

  11. walk
    alright Relief 3.71 km 01:19

    Helping my son a little with his newspaper route. Bah...

    • Ruchi S.
      Ruchi S.

      Nice Mom! At least you get some miles in for the effort! My contribution yesterday was helping a perfectionist daughter writing a fictional story - no scenario was just right, no sentence was perfect (and less than perfect wasn't good enough...sigh! I sat on my a** for two hours and felt totally worn out at the end of it all!! Sigh!

      3 days ago Like1 person

    • Zeuslightngbolt

      Sounds like fun! Did you get to throw any? =D

      2 days ago Like1 person

    • Misshoptimist

      Thanks, Ruchi! I'm all too familiar with that perfectionist scenario, too. It just drains you completely!! Hope you managed to finish the story. :-)

      about 22 hours ago Like

    • Misshoptimist

      Zeus, no throwing around newspapers I'm afraid... In Denmark, we place them in mail boxes. Felt like throwing a few, though. Haha!

      about 22 hours ago Like

  12. walk
    blah From Netto 1.31 km 00:16 19:46 pace

    Bike walk. As I crossed Randersvej, I could feel something was wrong with my rear wheel. Got off and checked. Yep, a flat tyre.

  13. VELO
    alright From Uni to NEtto 1.15 km 00:06:30 6.6mph pace

    Late wrap-up, so I decided to give cycling up Randersvej in 1st gear a go. The rain made the road look like a stream in some places.

  14. VELO
    good To the shopping centre 1.32 km 00:06:25 7.7mph pace

    Picking up an 'Othellolagkage'.

  15. RUN
    great Late 7K loop 10/20/14 10:09 PM 7.33 km 00:42 09:20 pace

    Ravenna 2s; Smartwool run toe socks; Tensoplast. 9.8 °C, starry with a few clouds and no wind. Indoor warm-up was 100 high knees. Got out the door pretty late as I had a little too much to eat for ... read more

    • Ruchi S.
      Ruchi S.

      Great pace, MissH!! Remember when we were neck in neck for 5Ks?? Well, I definitely need to work on catching up with you! Well done!

      5 days ago Like1 person

    • Misshoptimist

      Thanks, Ruchi! Yep, I remember. Good fun! And of course you can get your pace back up. :-)

      about 21 hours ago Like1 person

  16. walk
    good Warm-up walk 10/20/14 10:04 PM 0.5 km 00:05:10 16:29 pace

    Ravenna 2s; Smartwool run toe socks; Tensoplast.

  17. walk
    good From Uni to Fakta 0.97 km 00:10:20 17:08 pace

    Bike walk.

  18. VELO
    good To Uni 2.08 km 00:09:26 8.2mph pace

    Sunny and refreshing morning. Saw the youngest running group ever! :-)