8154 total / 972 in 2015

Stay healthy, sub-1:35 half, and sub-3:30 full.

Wall of Motivation (61)

  1. Camm G.
      Nice Job

    Great ride!!! on a workout

  2. Frosty
      Nice Job

    Nice tribute!!! on a workout

  3. Kelsie
      Nice Job

    Jealous! on a workout

  4. Leo M.
      Great Performance

    Awesome long ride and at that great pace, Mike! WTG!!! on a workout

  5. Leo M.
      Nice Job

    Nice ride, Mike! Great sub for running! on a workout

  6. Leo M.
      Get Better

    That does suck! Hope you'll be better soon! on a workout

  7. Leo M.
      Nice Job

    Those last minute runs are awesome! Great pace, Mike! on a workout

  8. Leo M.
      Nice Job

    Great double, Mike! Speedy second one with Debbie! I have to ask though, who'... read more

  9. Leo M.
      You're an Inspiration

    Awesome June and weekly miles, Mike! Great run too! You may want to edit the ... read more

  10. Leo M.
      Nice Job

    Way to finish strong, Mike! on a workout

  11. Leo M.
      Nice Job

    Great run on a nice day, Mike! Was your HR behaving? on a workout

  12. Leo M.
      Nice Job

    Awesome run, Mike! Way to push at the end! on a workout

  13. Nick K.
      Great Performance

    Rocked it! on a workout

  14. Lanier M.
      Great Performance

    WHAT A GREAT RACE!!! Glad it went well for both of you :) See you tomorrow!! on a workout

  15. Leo M.
      Get Better

    Good idea, Mike! on a workout

  16. Leo M.
      Feel Better

    Just take it easy for a few days. on a workout

  17. Leo M.

    Amazing job! on a workout

  18. Yvette D.

    Wooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooo! Can't wait to see you next year. :D on a workout

  19. Leo M.
      Great Performance

    Awesome race and pace, Mike! Taking pics and still impressive finish! Amazing!!! on a workout

  20. Leo M.
      You're Badass

    Well done Sir! Motivating race indeed and sub 4. Huge congrats, Mike! on a workout

  21. Marisa J.
      You're an Inspiration

    Hey, goal met despite puking? That's pretty rad. on a workout

  22. Leo M.
      Great Performance

    Wow!!! Awesome job, Mike! on a workout

  23. Leo M.
      Nice Job

    Looking good, Mike! on a workout

  24. Kelsie
      Nice Job

    Makes me wanna go out and run 20 miles! on a workout

  25. Leo M.
      Nice Job

    Way to push through for 12, Mike! on a workout

  26. Leo M.
      Nice Job

    Another great run and faster too! Excellent! on a workout

  27. Leo M.
      Nice Job

    Great LSD, Mke! on a workout

  28. Leo M.
      Nice Job

    Great effort and way to get 5 done, Mike! on a workout

  29. Leo M.
      Great Performance

    Awesome LSD, Mike! on a workout

  30. Leo M.

    I feel a real LSD coming up soon. You were due for a slower run, Mike. Maybe ... read more

  31. Leo M.
      Nice Job

    Nice and fast there Mike! Keep it up for months and months but don't push you... read more

  32. Leo M.
      Nice Job

    Awesome speedwork, Mike! Was that right after the 4 miler? on a workout

  33. Leo M.
      Great Performance

    Super 7, Mike! Glad you're feeling great and doing your thing! on a workout

  34. Leo M.
      Nice Job

    Excellent ride! Awesome pace, Mike! on a workout

  35. Kirsten B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Way to tough it out! Good job keeping with it those last ten miles. on a workout

  36. Camm G.
      Great Performance

    Way To Go, sir!!!! Awesome run. on a workout

  37. Leo M.

    WOW!!! Amazing job, Mike! Huge congrats on the PR!!!

  38. Thorne R.
      Great Performance

    Great Run! Good luck with your up and coming Race! on a workout

  39. Leo M.
      Nice Job

    Great morning 7 and a nice double on the DM :) Still a nice pace without the ... read more

  40. Leo M.
      Great Performance

    That's an awesome long run, Mikes! Excellent pace for 18. I wouldn't call tha... read more

  41. Leo M.
      You're an Inspiration

    HUGE CONGRATS, Mike!!!! Great race, awesome PR, just amazing! All that hard w... read more

  42. Leo M.
      Good Luck

    Good luck tomorrow! on a workout

  43. Leo M.
      You're an Inspiration

    I should be doing the same. Great job, Mike! on a workout

  44. Brenda S.
      Great Performance

    Awesome run Mike you rock!! on a workout

  45. Leo M.
      Nice Job

    Great run with tired legs! on a workout

  46. Leo M.

    HUGE PR, Mike! Look at that time and pace, AWESOME! You trained well for this... read more

  47. Leo M.
      Great Performance

    Awesome Half, Mike! Amazing, huge PR. Congrats! on a workout

  48. Leo M.
      Nice Job

    Perfect 10, Mike! on a workout

  49. Leo M.
      Nice Job

    I think it's a great run, Mike! on a workout

  50. Leo M.
      Nice Job

    Mike's 11! Woosh ;) on a workout