Wall of Motivation (21)

  1. Austin P.
      Good Luck

    Good luck Mike! You got this! We'll all be rooting for you! on a workout

  2. Darren C.
      Good Luck

    Wow great stuff Mike! Nothing like a confidence boost. Good luck with the rac... read more

  3. Stacey
      Great Performance

    Well done! on a workout

  4. Cathryn T.
      Great Performance

    Awesome run! Great distance and tenacity. on a workout

  5. Sara E.
      Nice Job

    High five. on a workout

  6. Sara E.

    Nicely done. on a workout

  7. Cathryn T.
      Great Performance

    Well done! Solid run :-) on a workout

  8. Sara E.
      Nice Job

    More whimsical runs are obviously needed! on a workout

  9. Austin P.
      Great Performance

    Whoa! 53 minute PR?! Amazing job mate! Congrats! Hope your hip heals quickly. on a workout

  10. Joe R.

    Awesome stuff right there Mike! on a workout

  11. Sara E.
      Nice Job

    Wow - hard core, I salute you. on a workout

  12. Erin
      Great Performance

    Wonderful job to both you and Cat... and I love the familial competition, hah... read more

  13. Darren C.
      You're an Inspiration

    Way to go Mike! You nailed it, then drove another one in for good measure! So... read more

  14. Erin
      Great Performance

    That's really awesome, Mike- that's gotta feel great. Switching from 5k to MP... read more

  15. Erin
      Great Performance

    awesome job, Mike - a solid tempo run and a 10k PR to boot. Great work!!! on a workout

  16. Chip F.
      Nice Job

    Great job on the volume. I've never done a 60 mile week, and while I didn't t... read more

  17. Erin
      Great Performance

    that's an awesome way of thinking about picking up more distance late in the ... read more

  18. Erin
      Nice Job

    very cool- committing that to memory :) and great that the soreness is allev... read more

  19. Austin P.
      Nice Job

    Kudos to you for running that well in such hot weather! on a workout

  20. Chip F.
      Nice Job

    Nicely done, Mike. Way to be consistent and build up. I can see a sub-25 5k i... read more

  21. Darren C.
      Great Performance

    Great race Mike! Congratulations on the PR!! on a workout