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Mike logged 5001 miles.

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  1. swim
    good Stingrays Masters 3200 yd 01:30 49:30 pace

    Solid swim for me today. Day 2.

  2. RUN
    Warm up run 2.5 mi 00:20 08:00 pace

    Easy run.

  3. swim
    Stingrays Masters 2500 yd 01:20 56:19 pace

    First time with team in 3 months!

  4. RUN
    Warm up jog 2 mi 00:18 09:00 pace

    Easy and slow.

  5. swim
    great Seaside FL 1500 yd 00:30 35:11 pace

    Nice easy open water swim at Seaside. Much easier to swim in salt water, that's for sure.

  6. RUN
    good Easy Jog 4 mi 00:35 08:45 pace

    Been off on a fairly long respite and quite happy about that. Still doing lesser activities but have not been posting. Want to get back into routine. Easy jog. Bike path.

  7. RUN
    great Trail jog 2 mi 00:20 10:00 pace

    Easy jog enjoying the woods.

  8. swim
    great Lifetime swim 1000 yd 00:30 52:47 pace

    Swam with my 10 year old at Lifetime. Am beating him while I still can eventhough I cheated. He did 100 IM and I punked out and did free. Looks like the sands are already shifting beneath my fee... read more

  9. RUN
    great Short Run 2 mi 00:18 09:00 pace

    Very easy fun run.

  10. swim
    great Swimming 1000 m 00:30 48:16 pace

    Solid swim. Tough workload has demanded some downtime from exercise. Nice to get back in the pool with some effort.

  11. swim
    good Club swim 1000 yd 00:20 35:11 pace

    This was a chill day mostly with paddles and some kicking. Just trying to crank up the ole' body again. Stroke felt great but not a ton of stamina. walkin'.

  12. swim
    great Neighborhood Pool 150 yd 00:05:00 58:40 pace

    Well, certainly not my longest swim, nor my hardest but arguably my best. Coasted a few laps and played with the kids. First exercise in nearly 2 weeks. It was nice to play in the water again!

  13. swim
    good Stingrays Masters 3500 yd 01:25 42:44 pace

    Another fast hard swim. Main sets 100 variety then 150 fast - x10. Better job threading the needle with my body, so to speak. Continue to find benefits in reducing drag versus trying to add powe... read more

  14. swim
    good Stingrays Masters 3000 yd 01:30 52:47 pace

    I just keep putting in 3K b/c I can't do the math anymore. It's about right. Did ridiculously tough main set of 600 descending 100s pace with 1 min rest then 3x100 on 1:20. I used the ... read more

  15. swim
    good Stingrays Masters 2600 yd 01:20 54:09 pace

    Was swimming the best of all time now that my right shoulder inflammation has dropped significantly. Really helped my flexibility, reach and balance. Then came the hammer. Broken 200s at race pa... read more

  16. swim
    good Stingrays Masters 3000 yd 01:20 46:55 pace

    Arrived late but hung in through some longer tough intervals. Surprisingly was breathing quite well and deep. Made a huge difference. Shoulder feels great, too. Taking some anti-inflammatory to ... read more

  17. swim
    good Stingrays Masters 3000 yd 01:20 46:55 pace

    Fun Fridays are really never very fun. It just means pain. Plus, leaves me with a burning face for the next 3 hours. Swam pretty well.

  18. swim
    good Stingrays Masters 3000 yd 01:20 46:55 pace

    Hit water again. Trying to get a few swims this week. Swam pretty well.

  19. swim
    good Stingrays Masters 3000 yd 01:25 49:52 pace

    Starting to feel pretty good again in water. New focus on kicking has left my core and hip flexors in a mess. Obviously, I had been still doing the "runner's kick" to a greater deg... read more

  20. swim
    good Stingrays Masters 3000 yd 01:25 49:52 pace

    Got some great instruction today on stroke and kick. Hard sets again.