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I'm from Chicago, currently living in Cincinnati. Half PR 1:45. Next up: St. Elizabeth Healthcare's Heart 1/2 Marathon on March 12.

Wall of Motivation (33)

  1. Glen J.

    Good Job! on a workout

  2. Dian T.

    woohoo Mike!!! that's so AWESOME!!!! on a workout

  3. Molly O.
      You're an Inspiration

    Nice job MIke! I also noticed you hit your goal of 1000+ miles for 2014 -- am... read more

  4. Dian T.
      Great Performance

    I love seeing your miles pour in!!! wasn't the overcast skies wonderful while... read more

  5. Kelly L.
      Great Performance

    Wow, this sounds really tough Mike. Way to push through. If you can conquer... read more

  6. Kelly L.

    Sounds like a huge win all around! Awesome Mike! on a workout

  7. Phil S.
      Nice Job

    great job getting the run in! on a workout

  8. Gwenyan

    I don't know how I missed this last week. BIG congrats on a wonderful first 2... read more

  9. Shannon F.
      Great Performance

    Awesome job! It sounds like your training really prepared you for this race. ... read more

  10. Kevin D.

    Outstanding! Congratulations. An achievement no one can ever take away from y... read more

  11. Kevin D.
      Nice Job

    I sure hope it cools off for you. Where's the marathon? on a workout

  12. Kevin D.
      Nice Job

    Good job. Glad the rain stayed away. on a workout

  13. Kelly L.
      Great Performance

    Way to rock those miles today Mike! on a workout

  14. Keith B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Great job! Can only hope to do that some day. on a workout

  15. Keith B.
      Great Performance

    Good job on a workout

  16. Dian T.
      Great Performance

    woohoo Mike!!! that's so awesome and what a perfect weather day it was too. ... read more

  17. Gwenyan
      Good Luck

    I bet you will nail your 20-miler, Mike! on a workout

  18. Kelly L.
      Nice Job

    Way to get the miles done Mike. FYI, in the heat, 8:15 is not early. You mi... read more

  19. Jessica K.
      Great Performance

    *whistles* That's awesome! on a workout

  20. Kevin D.
      Nice Job

    Indeed you will. Good job. on a workout

  21. Kelly L.
      Nice Job

    Nice work speedy! on a workout

  22. Kelly L.

    Huge Congrats Mike! Awesome stuff to go 7 minutes under your planned time fo... read more

  23. Gwenyan
      Great Performance

    Sounds like an all-round great one! on a workout

  24. Kelly L.
      Great Performance

    Nice job pushing it today Mike! I'd say a sub 2:00 half is in your future no... read more

  25. Dian T.
      Nice Job

    yay for you!!! LOL. My youngest decided to do track this year. Amazed me! on a workout

  26. Dian T.
      You're an Inspiration

    nice! on a workout

  27. Lanie F.
      Nice Job

    elliptical. 5k route. you're not messing around! on a workout

  28. Dawn S.
      Get Better

    Sorry about that...Make sure you take it easy! on a workout

  29. Lanie F.
      Nice Job

    rollerblading 2 miles? THAT'S a workout for sure! on a workout

  30. Dian T.
      You're an Inspiration

    weather was wonderful all day! nice 5k on a workout

  31. Corryn L.
      Great Performance

    I am a little jealous of your speed! on a workout

  32. Corryn L.
      Nice Job

    Yay for no pain and extra points for taking the mutt...they make it harder bu... read more

  33. Sarah S.
      Great Performance

    great job!!! on a workout