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I'm from Chicago, currently living in Cincinnati. Half PR 1:45. Next up: St. Elizabeth Healthcare's Heart 1/2 Marathon on March 12.

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  • Chad



  • Gwyn


    Chicago, IL, To not take running for granted! (and to work on being injury free from here on out!)

  • Shannon F.

    Shannon F.

    Charlotte, NC,

  • Anne W.

    Anne W.

    Fremont, OH, To continue running strong, despite fibromyalgia, FAI, labral tears, and osteoarthritis in both hips.

  • Andy A.

    Andy A.

    Whitehouse, OH, To start, run under 20 minutes for a 5k

  • Phil S.

    Phil S.

    Orange, MA, Lost 50 lbs in 2010, ran multi 5ks, 10ks since. 1st 1/2 in 2013, 1st marathon 2014! Goal is to keep going and stay in shape and just to have fun!

  • Glen J.

    Glen J.

    Bolingbrook, IL, Marathon: sub 4 hours [DONE...3:52] Half Marathon: sub 1:40 [DONE...1:39] 10K : PR 49:26 [Goal 45:00] 5K : PR 23:22 [Goal 21:00]

  • Sara A.

    Sara A.

    Lima, OH, 3:15 marathon

  • Cody C.

    Cody C.

    Columbus Grove, OH, Work on improving my time for 1/2 marathons 20:00 for a 5k 45:00 for a 10k Break 1:50:00 in the half

  • Caroline A.

    Caroline A.

    Jersey, Complete a marathon.

  • Lori D.

    Lori D.

    Lapeer, MI, after today, to not get shot while running to keep running strong

  • Andrea


    Naperville, IL, For the first time in a very long time ..... I don't know.

  • Keith B.

    Keith B.

    Clearwater, FL, Get healthier. Another halfathon. A triathalon. A marathon. Participate in my first bike event/race.

  • Michelle D.

    Michelle D.

    St Charles, IL, I am a "Marathoner" and Half Fanatic #3915. My goals are to break a sub 2 half marathon, and MAYBE one day get closer to a 4 hour full marathon.

  • Missy P.

    Missy P.

    Canfield, OH, 3:40:00 marathon to get a BQ in 2017. I also hope to sub 1:40:00 in a half. Current half PR 1:40:30. #PRWON'THAPPENONIT'SOWN #athensmarathon2017 #2017ISTHEYEAR

  • Sarah V.

    Sarah V.

    Pinckney, MI, Run consistently and just go for it!

  • Jessica H.

    Jessica H.

    Pueblo, CO, Hike a 14er this summer, Run another half or two this fall, live life to the fullest baby! :)

  • Kristen K.

    Kristen K.

    Barrington, RI, Sub 2 hour Half-marathon

  • Jenny P.

    Jenny P.

    Chicago, IL, Sub 19:30 5k, Sub 1:28 Half, Sub 3:05 Full

  • Molly O.

    Molly O.

    Ann Arbor, MI, 5K sub 25 (someday!) // 13.1 sub 2 (COMPLETED 4.28.13) // finish a Marathon // 365 miles in 2013 (COMPLETED 12.01.13) // 1,000 miles in a year

  • Stefanie F.

    Stefanie F.

    Aurora, IL, To continue to be a better runner!

  • Dian T.

    Dian T.

    Stryker, OH, To get my stream up again!

  • Lindsey T.

    Lindsey T.

    Washington, DC, PR in the half marathon (sub- 1:54)

  • Dawn S.

    Dawn S.

    Adrian, MI, Running a 5k under 30mins. To stop making excuses and just run.

  • Celeste K.

    Celeste K.

    Monroe, MI, Keep up with running, trying to get in at least 3 runs and I'd love to be able to run 5 times a week.Train for a half marathon I haven't done yet, maybe Chicago