Wall of Motivation (106)

  1.   You're an Inspiration

    Awesome race report! Congrats on hanging strong and finishing this! So glad t... read more

  2. Derek N.
      You're an Inspiration

    That's a lot of gels. And a lot of K's!! on a workout

  3. Joey A.
      Nice Job

    would love to see that trail sometime. on a workout

  4. Tim H.
      Nice Job

    Nice job Mike; I've heard nothing but good things about the Hagg lake 50K on a workout

  5. Sarah
      Good Luck

    I'm the same. If my hands are cold and wet I'm miserable. Bringing hand warm... read more

  6. Chris B.
      Great Performance

    Fantastic work Mike another colossal run !! on a workout

  7. Aric K.
      Post a workout!

    Still around, Mike?

  8. Sarah
      Nice Job

    Today is too nice not to ride. on a workout

  9. Chris B.
      Nice Job

    Awesome work Mike great ride to work!! on a workout

  10. Michelle R.
      Get Better

    Good effort! on a workout

  11. Ova60runa

    Wow, just saw this....great race, Mike! on a workout

  12. Ultrarunnergirl
      Good Luck

    Nice tune up. Good luck at Hagg Lake! on a workout

  13. Chris B.
      Great Performance

    Stellar long run workout!! on a workout

  14. Chris B.
      Nice Job

    Marvelous work Mike!! on a workout

  15. Ultrarunnergirl
      Get Better

    Hope the rest cures that knee issue. on a workout

  16. Chris B.
      Great Performance

    Fantastic hill work Mike great 5 miler!! on a workout

  17. Chris B.
      Nice Job

    Stellar run Mike sounds great today!! on a workout

  18. Chris B.
      Nice Job

    Great one Mike!! on a workout

  19. Chris B.
      Nice Job

    Excellant work Mike!! on a workout

  20. Chris B.
      Great Performance

    Outstanding work Mike great 12 miler!!! on a workout

  21. Chris B.
      Nice Job

    Super job Mike!!! on a workout

  22.   You're an Inspiration

    Wow, just wow! You had to go through so much yet just kept going. Thanks so m... read more

  23. Chris B.
      Nice Job

    Marvelous ride Mike ....Another great one!!! on a workout

  24. Stacy H.
      You're an Inspiration

    I like your story and your details of the run.I would have gotten a kick out ... read more

  25.   Nice Job

    Where is your race report? Tracked you on Saturday! Awesome job!! Can't wait ... read more

  26.   You're an Inspiration

    Was thinking of you on my run today! You are so inspiring! I really hope that... read more

  27. Chris B.
      Nice Job

    Well done run today sound like a super jaunt!! on a workout

  28. Michelle R.
      Nice Job

    well done! on a workout

  29. Michelle R.
      Great Performance

    Excellent pace for that route! on a workout

  30.   Congrats

    Congrats on a great race! on a workout

  31. Brianna H.

    Super performance!! on a workout

  32. Chris B.
      Nice Job

    Terrific work Mike ....Killer work today!! on a workout

  33. Chris B.
      Nice Job

    Awesome days ride to work Mike.......Killer commute today!! on a workout

  34. Chris B.
      Nice Job

    Terrific workout Mike ......Stellar ride today!! on a workout

  35. Brianna H.

    I gasped when you lost your food!! Great job running smart and finishing wit... read more

  36. Sarah B.
      You're Badass

    Awesome job! So happy for you and proud of your accomplishment. You really ki... read more

  37.   You're an Inspiration

    wow!! You killed it!! Congrats on an awesome race! on a workout

  38.   Great Performance

    Soooo awesome! I can't even imagine holding that pace for a 50K!! Congrats on... read more

  39. Stacy H.
      Great Performance

    Mike awesome run!!Especially cutting your PR by 20 minutes!!I have started ru... read more

  40.   Good Luck

    Very nice taper run! Have a great race on Monday!! on a workout

  41. Chris B.
      Great Performance

    Astounding pre run of the 50K Mike killer results today!! on a workout

  42. Chris B.
      Nice Job

    Grandiose trail work today stellar preformance!!! on a workout

  43. Rob B.
      Nice Job

    Awesome run Mike! Glad to hear you had a great time. on a workout

  44. Sarah B.

    Nice job today! You were moving pretty quick out there. How fun that you get ... read more

  45. Chris B.
      Nice Job

    Great work Mike soild run today grand 8 miler !!! on a workout

  46. Angela
      Nice Job

    Nice!! on a workout

  47. Chris B.
      Nice Job

    Fantastic & superb days run,Mike killer days outting sounds great today!! on a workout

  48. Kai
      Great Performance

    Great news! Great run! I love that feeling. on a workout

  49. Chris B.
      Nice Job

    Marvelous 8 miler today,Mike stellar job today1! on a workout

  50. Michelle R.
      Nice Job

    Good job out there! on a workout