Wall of Motivation (272)

  1. Nikolay N.
      Nice Job

    Way to go, Miguel!Well done! on a workout

  2. Nikolay N.
      Nice Job

    Never run so late/early :) got to try some day! Friend of mine is doing this ... read more

  3. Lori H.
      Nice Job

    Looks like we had similar runs yesterday...well, our pace and distance! Not ... read more

  4. Ken T.
      Nice Job

    Awesome mileage and a great pace! on a workout

  5. Petite
      Great Performance

    What a strong run this is. Enjoy your weekend Miguel. on a workout

  6. Dave F.
      Nice Job

    Nice recovery 10K, Miguel! on a workout

  7. Dave F.
      Great Performance

    That's some super running, Miguel! I like that course...it's nice when you g... read more

  8. Nikolay N.
      Feel Better

    Rest well and soon it will be fine! on a workout

  9. Zeus P.
      Get Better

    Hey are you part of MCRRC? on a workout

  10. Dave F.
      Great Performance

    Look at those miles!! That's incredible, Miguel. Way to get back up with yo... read more

  11. Dave F.
      Nice Job

    That is awesome, Miguel! Nice long run in the wee hours. I've never done tha... read more

  12. Dave F.

    Wow, Miguel! Late night miles for sure. But really good ones! Sleep well, man. on a workout

  13. Kara K.
      Nice Job

    Nice pace! on a workout

  14. Petite

    Welcome back Miguel..woot! on a workout

  15. Lori H.
      Nice Job

    Great training run! on a workout

  16. Petite
      Great Performance

    Nicely done Miguel. on a workout

  17. Dave F.
      Nice Job

    Nice job getting the 'extra' , MIguel! on a workout

  18. Petite
      Feel Better

    Oh no!! on a workout

  19. Petite

    Glad to see you are back Miguel. on a workout

  20. Petite
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  21. Lori H.
      Nice Job

    What a great run! I love when people say hello..it makes the run so much nic... read more

  22.   Congrats

    Awesome time Miguel! Agree, great course and race! on a workout