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one day to be able to run a marathon in 3h 30min

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  • 22 miles
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  • 2402 calories
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  1. RUN
    Rock creek trail w two hills ... 10.11 mi 01:25 08:22 pace

    8:15 AM. Good ten miler w two hill loops around the Mormon temple. Other than a dog who wanted to chase me despite the yelling from its owner this was an uneventful 10 miler, legs and body feeling OK.

  2. RUN
    Late TM - speed workout 10 km 00:51 08:12 pace

    11:00 PM. This evening had to take my little one to the doctor, then feed her and then help her with math homework so couldn't make it to the track and join XMP group.
    1800 easy, 5 x 1000 @7:... read more

  3. RUN
    Late TM 6 mi 00:51 08:29 pace

    10:25 PM. Late night run. Negative splits starting at 9:05 and finishing at 7:53. Today I signed up for the Berlin Marathon 2015 lottery, we will see in November...

  4. RUN
    Rock creek trail 6.06 mi 00:47 07:46 pace

    1:47 PM. Beatiful day for a run. Surprisingly I felt strong after long run yesterday and so decided to go faster. More than 60 miles this week, only few times if I ever had run this long in a week.

  5. RUN
    CCT and RCT 21 mi 03:09 09:01 pace

    7:10 AM. Long run with XMP group for the first 10 miles and then this was a good solo run (except for mile 14 when I met a friend) at a bit faster pace. Overall this has been a good week.

    9:28, 9:... read more

  6. RUN
    RCT - Cedar Ln - bethesda tro... 5.15 mi 00:42 08:14 pace

    9:06 AM. Daughter has no school today so I got 8 hours of sleep and body and legs were thankful about that. Shorter run in anticipation of long run tomorrow.

  7. RUN
    Rock creek + hills 10.54 mi 01:30 08:31 pace

    7:26 AM. Usual Thursday 10 miler with two hills up to the Mormon Temple. 4 weeks without a single drop of coke! I'm a free man

  8. RUN
    Rockville HS 8.27 mi 01:09 08:21 pace

    6:40 PM. Good track workout w XMP group. Plan was 1 miles easy, 7x 1000@10K pace w 2 minutes recovery, 1 mile easy. I ended up doing 1.5 miles warm up and 0.87 miles cool down with pace for the 100... read more

  9. RUN
    rock creek trail w two loops ... 12.02 mi 01:43 08:34 pace

    8:46 AM. Since I couldn't run yesterday I went for a longer run today and added two hills around the Mormon temple. Hopefully this week things will go back to normal in the office I will be ab... read more

  10. RUN
    Beach drive 16.1 mi 02:15 08:23 pace

    1:51 PM. Had an intense week with little sleep so this morning I decided to sleep longer and watch the Federer - Djokovic tennis match at 8am instead of running w XMP group. Went out for my long ru... read more

  11. RUN
    Home - Mormon temple - home 8.3 mi 01:09 08:20 pace

    7:25 AM. Not sure from where I got the determination to go out this morning after only 3.5 hours of sleep but happy I did. Weather was just perfect and legs felt good after rest day yesterday. Trie... read more

    • Pam

      Look at that! A great run on limited sleep! (That 's going around...) :-)

      15 days ago Like1 person

  12. RUN
    TM 6 mi 00:49 08:05 pace

    9:30 PM. Late speed workout tonight. Had to stay until late in the office so I wasn't able to join the XMP group at the track.
    1 mile easy @9:05
    4 x 1200 @ 7:03 with 400 recovery @ 9:05
    1 mil... read more

    • Gabriella W.
      Gabriella W.

      Omg lol that last comment haha still making me laugh. Yeah they all think we have problems. Good job getting through it and doing it on the elliptical. Ugh- that's why I went to track even though I was so late.

      17 days ago Like

    • Steve T.
      Steve T.

      I'll send you a nose plug and some air freshener.

      17 days ago Like

  13. RUN
    Bethesda trolley trail + NIH 8.01 mi 01:08 08:32 pace

    8:02 PM. Late run tonight to end a good week of running and burn extra weekend calories.

  14. RUN
    Hilly long run 22.2 mi 03:30 09:26 pace

    7:13 AM. Good long run w XMP group. Second half of this route was really hilly. We started at Barnes & Nobles in Bethesda and took the CCT to Georgetown. This was the easy part as is mostly dow... read more

  15. RUN
    Rock creek trail 6.1 mi

    7:18 AM. Made daughter's lunch box and then went out for some easy miles in anticipation for tomorrow's 21 miler. Very nice weather these days, let's be thankful for that!

  16. RUN
    Rock creek + 2 Mormon temple ... 10 mi 01:25 08:30 pace

    7:30 AM. Nice miles w rested legs and good weather. I did two loops around the Mormon temple with a mile uphill in each loop and happy to report that didn't feel too hard. Also happy to report... read more

  17. RUN
    Track workout 6.28 mi 00:54 08:36 pace

    6:34 PM. Good track workout with XMP group. 1 mile w/u, 3 x 2000 w 400 recovery, 1 mile c/d. Pace at the 2000's:
    7:35, 7:27, 7:22

  18. RUN
    Onondaga Lake - Syracuse 10 mi 01:26 08:35 pace

    7:36 AM. Perfect weather in Syracuse for a good run, in the 50's. This run felt much easier than yesterday. Happy with a decent weekly mileage.

  19. Shared Photo

    Onondaga Lake (Syracuse NY) from today's run

  20. RUN
    Onondaga Lake, NY 13.5 mi 01:59 08:49 pace

    10:41 AM. Got in some miles after 6+ hours of driving last night so I guess that made me feel a bit tired today. Very nice trail around Onondaga Lake in Syracuse