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Michael logged 4098 miles.

Last workout about 4 years ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. Hello Friends, I'm no longer using my Daily Mile account. if you would like to keep in contact, my Facebook is:, my Twitter is: @runcanucksrun and m... read more

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      Sorry you're leaving this! Any particular reason? I sent a friend request but I'm never on facebook any more.

      about 4 years ago Like1 person

    • Barb G.
      Barb G.

      I was thinking of you just the other day....I was will look for you on fb. :)

      about 4 years ago Like1 person

    • Michael M.
      Michael M.

      JP, I just found it difficult to keep up and support others. I was just using it to log workouts for the most part.

      Barb, cool! I got your request. See you on FB...

      about 4 years ago Like

  2. swim
    good YMCA - North York 500 m 00:18 57:56 pace

    This was my first swim in months and my hardest workout since my head injury. This is not at all to say that I went hard, in fact, I took it really easy. I was pleasantly surprised because it went ... read more

  3. walk
    good Treadmill 5 km 00:43 13:43 pace

    I'm feeling defiant today! That's when I do my best work. I felt a big boost from the support of my amazing friends far and near and an encouraging message from my coach last night. Keepi... read more

  4. VELO
    good Stationary Cycling 13.1 km 00:30 16.3mph pace

    Moving nowhere fast...

  5. VELO
    good Stationary Cycling 12.3 km 00:30 15.3mph pace

    This was about as much fun as it sounds. Meh...

  6. walk
    good U of Guelph Arboretum 5.62 km 00:54 15:34 pace

    I took the opportunity to take a nice walk while our eldest son did his XC workout with his team across the street at the Nationals Course. I took a few photos of the beautiful Arboretum and I'... read more

  7. walk
    blah YMCA - North York 2 km 00:18 14:16 pace

    It was a humbling experience to be getting lapped by every runner at the Y tonight. I'm having to take at least a month off from running. I injured myself in an accident last weekend and broke... read more

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      Sheesh, that's too bad. I had a concussion last year and it took me almost 7 months to get back to running and a year to stop feeling the effects... just take it easy, you have only one brain.

      about 4 years ago Like1 person

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    • Michael M.
      Michael M.

      Thanks, everyone. This head injury is just the latest in a series of setbacks that has me conceding that 2014 is not my year. I am trying to focus on next year and look right past all this BS. My coach and I have had a few good sit down chats about next year. Onward...

      about 4 years ago Like

    • Dennis B.
      Dennis B. Get Better
      Get Better:

      Wishing you a speedy recovery, Michael.

      about 4 years ago

  8. RUN
    good Easy Run w/ Surges 12.1 km 01:05 08:40 pace

    6x 60-80m surges in an otherwise fairly easy run.

    • Barb G.
      Barb G.

      hey! i've been wondering where you've been - i just read your stwm post. dude. i'm sorry to hear what happened. sounds painful and brutal. seems like you made the right choice to call it a day. it's never a good sign when you have any pain in your chest. (i will run through most anything, but anything to do with a chest pain: no way.). anyway. hope you're feeling better. :) way to run smart. that's the most important part of running (in my opinion...but who am i? ;) ).

      about 4 years ago Like

  9. RUN
    good Easy Run 9.5 km 00:54 09:05 pace

    This was my first run since Scotia. I have been quite sick with a chest cold, but it's finally leaving. The run was a nice easy jaunt along the Beaches Boardwalk and I had the company of my co... read more

  10. RUN
    tired STWM DNF 24.14 km 01:56 07:45 pace

    Those are three ugly letters, D.N.F! I am actually not particularly upset by this result. I learned more from this result than if everything went perfectly. I learned that I have grown as a runner ... read more

    • Charles M.
      Charles M.

      Congrats on your run. Sometimes taking a DNF isn't a bad thing. I probably should have last year but persisted through a miserable experience and I think it affected my year following. Stay positive and look forward to the next one.

      over 4 years ago Like1 person

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    • Irina S.
      Irina S. Feel Better
      Feel Better:

      Good call. You remain an inspiration for me, in everything you do, be it in a race or outside of it. Look forward to redemption as that will be even more rewarding.

      over 4 years ago

    • Emma I.
      Emma I. You're an Inspiration
      You're an Inspiration:

      Sounds like you made the right call, which is sometimes really, really, really hard to do. Congrats on your run!

      over 4 years ago

  11. RUN
    great Easy Intervals 10 km 00:52 08:20 pace

    An easy interval run with 3-2-2-1 mins at 4:45/k pace (my projected marathon pace) with 2 min jogging recoveries.

  12. RUN
    alright Easy Run 5 km 00:27 08:36 pace

    Treadmill tonight, don't ask...

  13. RUN
    good Long (ish) Run 16 km 01:27 08:43 pace

    My last long (ish) run before #STWM. Let the nerves begin...

    • Barb G.
      Barb G.

      my favourite part of marathon training is when we log a 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 mile run and refer to it as "longish". ;) lookin' good for Sunday!

      over 4 years ago Like1 person

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    • Michael M.
      Michael M.

      Thanks, all for the kind words. Uncle Dennis, I'll be wearing the same outfit as I am for the photo on my Daily Mile profile, except my shoes are dark blue. I may also be wearing a white visor.

      over 4 years ago Like

    • Michael M.
      Michael M.

      BTW, my bib # is 3285

      over 4 years ago Like

  14. RUN
    good Intervals in High Park 12 km 01:00 08:04 pace

    Managed to scare up a few teammates to do this easy taper time interval run. 3x 3mins at 4:00/k with 2 min jogging recoveries. A nice evening run...

  15. RUN
    good Easy Interval Run 12 km 01:06 08:47 pace

    A taper time interval workout: 3x 90 secs at 4:05/k pace and 1x 2 mins @4:15/k pace. It was just interesting enough to hold off the taper time crazy...

  16. RUN
    good Don Valley Path 20 km 01:43 08:15 pace

    A beautiful moderate steady-paced run up the Don Valley path and some exploring of areas that I haven't ran before. Here are the details of run:

  17. RUN
    good Easy Run 11.36 km 01:02 08:42 pace

    Per coaches direction, I did an easy one hour trot today. I felt light and much of the run felt effortless. Taper time has its up sides!

  18. RUN
    alright Easy Run 6 km 00:32 08:40 pace

    Getting back at it...

  19. RUN
    blah Intervals 12.05 km 01:01 08:12 pace

    There will be days like this. I think I have a touch of what my son came down with yesterday. I was supposed to to 6x 1k intervals at 3:55-3:58/k pace with 2 min jogging recoveries. I managed the f... read more