12206 total / 844 in 2015

2015 Goals: Get Leaner (body fat less than 10%); Get Stronger (increase max bench press by 25%); Get Faster ( 5k below 22:00); and Go Longer (complete a 100K).

Wall of Motivation (2668)

  1. Helene W.
      Feel Better

    Running that long with a cold? My hero! on a workout

  2. Kelsie
      Feel Better

    Great start to the day! on a workout

  3. Neville J B.
      Great Performance

    Well done Mel!! on a workout

  4. Neville J B.
      Nice Job

    nice going Mel on this early morning recovery!! on a workout

  5. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    Trail races are NOT for the fainthearted, Pop! They will definitely get one's... read more

  6. Neville J B.
      Nice Job

    Nice going on this Mel!! on a workout

  7.   Nice Job

    Nice run Mel! So, is that a 9 mile run? ;-) on a workout

  8. Andrew P.
      Nice Job

    Great job Mel! on a workout

  9. Steve T.
      Nice Job

    Zapped with authority! on a workout

  10.   Nice Job

    Nice double digit cold miles Mel! on a workout

  11. Helene W.
      Get Better

    Great recovery run, Mel! on a workout

  12. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    So sorry about the repetitive falls, Mel. Great run, though! Take good care o... read more

  13.   Get Better

    I hear you! I tripped and fell a month ago. That ground comes up at you so ... read more

  14. Neville J B.
      Great Performance

    Good going well Mel!! on a workout

  15. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    Two tough workouts today? You are a beast, my friend! on a workout

  16. Melanie W.
      Great Performance

    Outstanding, Mel!! 31 and some change! on a workout

  17. Birgit G.
      Nice Job

    Keep rolling Mel, even if you don't post you know we are pulling for you! on a workout

  18. Andrew P.
      Nice Job

    Nice job Mel! I hear you about posting. on a workout

  19. Neville J B.
      Great Performance

    Well done Mel!! on a workout

  20. Neville J B.
      Nice Job

    Well done on this easy pace Mel!! on a workout

  21. Birgit G.
      You're an Inspiration

    You are hard core, Mel! Falling then keep going and another long run the nex... read more

  22. Anh P.
      You're an Inspiration

    This is amazing, Mel! Crazy but amazing lol! on a workout

  23. Neville J B.
      Nice Job

    good going on this tm Mel!! on a workout

  24. Neville J B.
      Great Performance

    Super Mel!! on a workout

  25.   Nice Job

    Way to get it done Mel. Strong miles in adverse conditions. on a workout

  26.   Great Performance

    oh my, that is great!! on a workout

  27. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    WHAT??? Another 15 miler? Mel, you are a BEAST !!! on a workout

  28. Helene W.

    2,000 miles of running? This is quite an accomplishment, Mel! on a workout

  29. Andrew P.
      Nice Job

    Nice job! Racking up the miles before the end of the year! on a workout

  30. Steve T.
      You're an Inspiration

    You are amazing. on a workout

  31. Steve T.
      You're an Inspiration

    CONGRATULATIONS! What a great accomplishment! on a workout

  32. Helene W.
      Nice Job

    Great Xmas run, Mel! Merry Xmas to you! on a workout

  33. Helene W.
      Nice Job

    Agreed w/ Holly, Mel. I think you are stronger than you want to tell us :-) on a workout

  34. Andrew P.
      Great Performance

    Woe, nice long run! on a workout

  35. Ernest S.
      Great Performance

    LQQK at all these miles! Incredible! on a workout

  36. Neville J B.
      Great Performance

    Well done on this run!! on a workout

  37. Helene W.
      Nice Job

    Well done, Mel! on a workout

  38.   Nice Job

    Nice, early morning workout Mel, errr.... Pops! on a workout

  39. Neville J B.
      Great Performance

    Well done Mel and great effort on this mile!! on a workout

  40. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    Great long run, Mel. Please, send us some rain! Thanks! on a workout

  41. Helene W.
      Nice Job

    What Aneta and Katie said :-) on a workout

  42. Andrew P.
      Great Performance

    Awesome mileage Mel! on a workout

  43. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    You ran after lunges and squats? You are crazy! :-) on a workout

  44. Glenn W.
      Great Performance

    You're going to be like the guy I met last weekend who ran 200 marathons sinc... read more

  45. Neville J B.

    Well done Mel and good going on this up hill run!! on a workout

  46.   You're an Inspiration

    Wow, Mel, that is so impressive! Congratulations on #20! on a workout

  47. Dian T.

    Yay Mel!!!!!! you did done good! on a workout

  48.   Congrats

    You DID IT Mel! The big #20 has been scratched. HUGE Congrats is in order! on a workout

  49.   Good Luck

    Oh wow. Enjoy and keep your eyes on the trail, Mel! All the best at NCR! on a workout

  50. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    Sounds like a great detox run, Mel! You did it, you survived a big dinner and... read more