13710 total / 2348 in 2015

2015 Goals: Get Leaner (body fat less than 10%); Get Stronger (increase max bench press by 25%); Get Faster ( 5k below 22:00); and Go Longer (complete a 100K).

Wall of Motivation (2727)

  1. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    Great week of running, Pop! on a workout

  2. Helene W.
      Get Better

    Yep, those miles to km conversions can be tricky for some people, but as long... read more

  3. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    Wow! This was a long fat burner, Pop! on a workout

  4. Neville J B.
      Nice Job

    nice going Mel!1 on a workout

  5. Andrew P.
      Nice Job

    Nice long run! on a workout

  6. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    Wow! Awesome LSD, Pop! on a workout

  7. Azaka R.
      Great Performance

    Awesome job! You're crazy awesome!! on a workout

  8. Steve T.
      Nice Job

    Nice way to round off your week. on a workout

  9. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    12-mile recovery run? Wow! on a workout

  10. Azaka R.
      Great Performance

    Wow! You're incredible! Awesome work! on a workout

  11. Helene W.

    You are snatching all the awards in your new AG, Mel! Congrats! on a workout

  12.   Great Performance

    Great mile time. Nicely done Mel! on a workout

  13. Helene W.

    Wow! What a great pace for an old geezer! (Hehee :-) on a workout

  14. Azaka R.
      Great Performance

    Nice job! Sweet pace! on a workout

  15.   Great Performance

    Great job! on a workout

  16. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    The big 6 0? Meaning a new AG! Yay! :-) Oh! And what Marcie said for the runn... read more

  17. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    Whew! That was a long run, Pop! on a workout

  18. Birgit G.
      You're an Inspiration

    Hi Mel. You've been very busy and awesomely at it! Hope not seeing anything... read more

  19. Nanette L.
      You're an Inspiration

    Mel....Hope all is well. Missed your posting this week.

  20. Andrew P.
      Nice Job

    Here we go again Mel! I ran the same distance this morning! on a workout

  21. Andrew P.
      Nice Job

    Looks like we are doing the same workout! on a workout

  22. Neville J B.
      Great Performance

    Good run Mel with the good distance!! on a workout

  23. Kelsie
      You're an Inspiration

    Wow! Big month! on a workout

  24. Cyndi C.
      You're an Inspiration

    Wow, that is super impressive!! on a workout

  25. Azaka R.
      Great Performance

    Awesome job, Mel!!! on a workout

  26. Steve T.
      You're an Inspiration

    Damn that's a long run and time on your feet!! on a workout

  27.   You're an Inspiration

    AWESOME FEAT MEL! Congratulations! You have worked very hard this year and i... read more

  28. Helene W.

    Crazy Pop! But in a very good way :-) on a workout

  29. Ernest S.
      Nice Job

    Way to go Mel!!!! on a workout

  30.   Hi-five

    Awesome 12, Mel! on a workout

  31. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    Wow! That's one big water loss, Pop! Rehydrate! on a workout

  32. Neville J B.
      Great Performance

    Super Mel on this morning run!! on a workout

  33. Neville J B.
      Great Performance

    Wow.... two hours workout, hope to do it one day. Good going Mel!! on a workout

  34. Neville J B.
      Nice Job

    Mel, Nice going on this walk!! Wish i could do this some time!! on a workout

  35. Helene W.
      Nice Job

    Sounds lovely, Pop. on a workout

  36. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    Very nice, great job on the pickups! on a workout

  37.   Nice Job

    Helluva a 13 miler Mel! Nicely done on a very hot and wet day. on a workout

  38. Andrew P.
      Nice Job

    Hot 13! on a workout

  39. Birgit G.
      Great Performance

    Mel, you are bringing it; awesome pace! on a workout

  40. Neville J B.
      Great Performance

    Great Pace Mel!! on a workout

  41. Neville J B.
      Great Performance

    Nice going Mel on a hot day!! on a workout

  42. Melanie W.
      Great Performance

    Wonderful, Mel! on a workout

  43.   Great Performance

    Smokin! on a workout

  44. Dian T.
      You're an Inspiration

    Sweet splits and congratulations. on a workout

  45. Helene W.

    Wow! Well done, Mel! on a workout

  46. Dian T.
      Great Performance

    that's a lot of water loss!! well done on a workout

  47. Neville J B.
      Great Performance

    Good going Mel on this long run!! on a workout

  48. Andrew P.
      Nice Job

    Still a good workout! on a workout

  49. Andrew P.
      Great Performance

    Awesome repeats! on a workout

  50. Andrew P.
      Nice Job

    Nice job getting in the miles in that weather! on a workout