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injured Colfax Marathon 26.2 mi

The morning started early when David P. picked me up at 3:45. We got to the race early enough to get a great parking space and walk around for a bit (plus, no bathroom lines, partly because they were still zip tied shut!). We ran into a bunch of MHTCers before the race (I don't want to name everyone for fear I might miss someone) and I caught up with Al H. who was running the 4:30 pace group. James didn't quite make it before I started running but I did get to see my dad, who almost had me crying before I even started! There was no gun going off but they did scream GO, so I guess that counts, and we were off. I had my tunes playing and was step for step behind Al. There were quite a few people sticking to the pace group and so it was fun to run and look around. We even ended up running on my downtown trail that Ive been running while in school, which was pretty neat. I was feeling great through Mile High and we were ahead of pace, so at the federal bridge I took my time up the hill and caught my breath and had a few gummies while the pace group went on ahead :-) Sloans Lake was gorgeous to run around and I even gave the photographer a ticket to my gunshot, lol. It was just after this though I found myself in trouble.

I just passed mile 11 and was making pretty good pace (I think I would have bested my half marathon time) when I was stopped in my tracks by an unbelievable shooting pain in my right thigh... I couldn't walk, I couldn't run, I could not get my hip to move. I moved over to the side and tried to stretch it out.... No help! My initial thought (after the OW) was that this was what a cramp felt like and I would just have to run through it. I tried, it ended up being a limp run/walk. It wasn't long before Lisa F. and Jake C. passed me by while they paced the 4:45 group. I tried to keep them in my sights and ignore the shooting pain, but I eventually lost sight of them too. I made it to the 13.1 mark in 2:25, not great, but I wasn't too far off my pace yet. I think I was at mile 15 when Tinka passed me by with her pace group. There were still so many miles to go and I was in so much pain... I told everyone that asked me if I was ok (it was oh so obvious I was injured) that quitting was not an option. I found my dad and James shortly there after and literally fell into their arms. I stopped and they gave me hugs and some encouragement and asked if I wanted a ride back to the finish, to which I adamantly replied no (for the sake of redundancy, this was a conversation that was repeated every two miles). Al H. doubled back and waited for me at Mile Hi (mile 20) and asked if he could walk me in. I cried (and tearing up as I type this) and said yes. He told me "Everyone finishes today", it became my mantra as I limped toward the finish line. Together we faked running for the cameras and took pictures along the way. We met up with another struggling runner and Al, being the amazing person he is, helped her finish too. I can honestly say, I think I would have had a big fat DNF on my record if it hadn't been for Al and his encouraging attitude and wise pace advice. When we got to the finish he asked me if I wanted to run across the finish and I said yes, so he told me when and I sprinted through the finish of my first marathon! ( nearly puked from the pain afterwards but that is completely beside the point) It was so wonderful to see all my friends at the finish! I couldn't have gone through this journey without all of you and I can not thank you enough!! I saw Jeanne M., Alyce M., Leanne O., Jake C., and David P.! I can not believe you guys waited around to see me finish! I am so sorry for taking so long. I hope you guys enjoyed your pizza! I was not sure I was going to hold anything down, so I opted for some soup for lunch, I'm sorry I didn't get to the pizza place after you all waited for me for so long! Congrats to everyone who PRed as well.

Now for the update on what exactly I did to myself at mile 11... I went to the doctor 4 days after the race since I couldn't put my full weight on my leg yet and still couldn't walk without a limp. I was expecting the doctor to say some muscle or tendon was strained and to give it time and I will be back running before I know it. Well, they took an x-ray at the doctors and they said they would call me with what the radiologist finds. Then, to take some of the swelling in my hip, I got a HUGE shot of a steroid mixed with a local anesthetic. No joke you guys, the needle was as long as my middle finger!!! The shot was excruciating but with my hip anesthetized the pain wasn't bad and I felt better. I went home. The call came later in the evening with x-ray results. I fractured my upper femur and will need an MRI to assess the damage. The 15 miles of running on the fracture probably didn't help. I asked the doctor if I could run again and he said, I may not marathon again, but eventually I may be able to do a another half...

So, Norman M., you requested a full report and here it is :-)

P.S. Sorry this is so lengthy, but I wanted to be able to look back at this and relive the race when I reread it :-)

  • Meag P.
    Meag P.

    Still to come :-) Will edit that tonight!

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  • David P.
    David P.

    Wow. I am real sorry to hear about your injury. Remember that your DM and MHTC friends will be here to help you though this injury. I wouldn't write off another Marathon in the future just yet. You still need to get that MRI and then recover. I am sure I speak for all that we know in common that we are al hear to help you through this.

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • Leanne O.
    Leanne O.

    My little chickadee... so sorry to hear the med report. :-( Running is still in the future though, which is the good news! You rocked that marathon, Missy! Talk about courage, dedication, perseverance and spirit! I doubt anyone else ran it with a fractured leg - Geez! You are amazing and we have all enjoyed watching you complete this journey and check off that box! Here's to YOU!!!

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  • Aric K.
    Aric K.

    Running on a broken femur- you are quite possibly the toughest chick I've seen on DM. Amazing. Heal up. FYI, many doctors aren't very knowledgeable about running, so don't consider his assessment about not running a marathon to be the final word. Lots can happen.

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • Jeanne M.
    Jeanne M.

    Oh my gosh, Meagan, I don't know what to say except with your positive attitude, you'll get through this. You are the definition of resilient, brave and stubborn--a perfect mix to get you through whatever life throws at you! Nobody, nothing can take away the bragging rights you earned of finishing a marathon--and on a broken leg!! xoxo

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • Al H.
    Al H.

    Thanks for the credit Meagers but it was all you. Beside that, I needed to take care of the guilt I have for sending you on a 7+ mile run your first time out with MHTC.. Now behave yourself and heal. Oh, and find yourself a doctor that runs before you think you're done.

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  • Meag P.
    Meag P.

    So, I stopped by the BRC store and I am sooooo glad I did. Paige really boosted my spirits! She has had 3 stress fractures and gave me some things to do to stay in shape while I heal and some great advice for not going stir-crazy! Everyone at BRC said the same as Aric above... so I WILL run long distance again after I heal up all the way through! I also got a sweet new shirt with one of my BRC gift certificates, so retail therapy and positive people really turned my day around. Thank you all!!! <3

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  • Alyce M.
    Alyce M.

    It is amazing that you completed this marathon despite the pain that you were in.  Your dedication and perseverance have truly impressed me! You’ve checked this one off the bucket list, but smile girl- because you WILL be back!  Give your body some much needed rest and time to heal up, I am sure there will be another marathon debut for you, Aric is absolutely correct, a lot can happen between now and the next race.  We are all here for you and sending positive vibes your way!  Love ya!

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  • Lisa F.
    Lisa F.

    You are one tough chick! Proud of you and your positivity. I gotta say, it makes for a kick ass first marathon story. Running can't anything but easier from here. ;) Hang in there. Like David said, don't write anything off yet. Take your time and get better. We're here for yah!

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  • Norman M.
    Norman M. You're an Inspiration
    You're an Inspiration:

    You are a rockstar!!! Where's the report?!?!

    almost 6 years ago

  • Norman M.
    Norman M. Get Better
    Get Better:

    This breaks my heart. You have been such a positive person since we met and ALWAYS brightened everyone's spirits. So full of life and energy....but I know you. And I KNOW you will be back.

    almost 6 years ago