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Meagan logged 377 miles.

Last workout almost 6 years ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. walk
    alright Ridgeline trail 2.23 mi 00:38 16:51 pace

    Hot. Slow. Done. It was probably quite silly to go out today (at 11am). But my head/heart wanted out -- so I listened. I really couldn't convince myself to run much. So I walked most of it. Ne... read more

  2. walk
    good Ridgeline 2.11 mi 00:33 15:42 pace

    This was my first time out since moving to Colorado. This trail is right out my door. I walked out a mile to see what it was like and did my best to walk/jog back. It wasn't as horrible as I h... read more

  3. Hi! Remember me? We made the move across a few states to Colorado! I can finally breathe (without burning lungs) when I walk down the street to the mailboxes. I hurt my neck sometime in the move --... read more

    • Angus M.
      Angus M.

      Good luck Meagan. I hope Colorado is treating you well.

      about 6 years ago Like1 person

    • Gretchen C.
      Gretchen C.

      I used to live in Colorado I loved it If you are near the mountains it may take a few months to get used to the higher altitude keep posting welcome back!!!!!

      about 6 years ago Like1 person

    • Leane

      welcome back. Ease on into it! have fun :)

      about 6 years ago Like1 person

    • Meagan F.
      Meagan F.

      Thanks guys! Co is pretty awesome. The near zero humidity is a welcome change from the Midwest. Our house sits at about 6,400 feet. We look at the front range. So we aren't in the mountains -- but we are pretty close to them. Yes. I feel there will be quite a bit of walking. But I certainly look forward to the miles of trails and spectacular views!!

      about 6 years ago Like

  4. walk
    good Inlaws treadmill 0.58 mi 00:10:00 17:14 pace

    wu/cd I used this time today to get familiar with their treadmill and my husbands phone (music). I LOVE that their display is one two screens on each side rather than one large screen in the middl... read more

  5. RUN
    good Inlaws treadmill 2 mi 00:24 12:09 pace

    I thought I would change it up a bit today. So I ran on my inlaws treadmill :P I only did a 1% incline. It seems their fan hits me in the chest - so I was bobbing my head up and down- looking like ... read more

  6. RUN
    alright basement 2 mi 00:24 12:11 pace

    first mile was great. second mile I wanted to quit right about the time it started. How on earth can my head be so @#$% messed up???

  7. walk
    good basement 0.58 mi 00:10:00 17:14 pace


  8. walk
    good basement 0.52 mi 00:09:00 17:18 pace


  9. RUN
    alright basement 2 mi 00:24 11:56 pace

    Today it was Barbie. I don't recommend that. My pace was a bit faster - but that was because I was trying to get off the treadmill and turn the tv off! :P

    • Eric J.
      Eric J.

      Keep cranking out those miles...

      over 6 years ago Like

    • Meagan F.
      Meagan F.

      looking more and more like a 5k eric :(

      over 6 years ago Like

    • James F.
      James F. You're Funny
      You're Funny:

      Hah! Nice milage! Im thinking an evening or morning outside run is in your future. You can take the Yo Gabba Gabba music with you.... :)

      over 6 years ago

  10. walk
    good basement 0.6 mi 00:10:10 16:56 pace

    warm up/ cool down

  11. RUN
    good basement 2 mi 00:24 12:13 pace

    Goooo Wonder Pets! ;)

    • James F.
      James F.

      Maybe I should try the Wonder Pets for a run

      over 6 years ago Like

    • Meagan F.
      Meagan F.

      They really weren't that bad. The Wiggles are NOT the best option tho. We might try some Barbie today :)

      over 6 years ago Like

  12. RUN
    good basement 2 mi 00:25 12:19 pace

    Felt fine. I feel guilty saying this since I was inside -- but it was kinda hot?? 1.5 incline.

  13. walk
    great basement 0.59 mi 00:10:00 16:56 pace

    So this was my walking warmup/cool down. 1.5 incline. I've decided to start keeping track of this because James F. is keeping track of his miles vs. mine!!

  14. RUN
    good basement 2 mi 00:24 12:11 pace

    Back to Rio :)

  15. RUN
    good basement 2 mi 00:24 12:09 pace

    First 1.25 felt great. My head was in the game and it was awesome. Then I started listening to those little voices and it went downhill. AND HB picked The Wiggles today... Sigh.

  16. RUN
    good basement 2 mi 00:25 12:20 pace

    Felt good. Mentally beat myself. I will not run past 2 miles until I get my head under control!! I did discover a new movie that I enjoy running to. When the girls are in the basement I usually pic... read more

  17. RUN
    good basement 2 mi 00:24 12:09 pace

    Foot/ankle didn't hurt! I'm 36 and finally learning to tie my shoes :P Good run. Better than last run - not as good as I had hoped. Dave and Tim put on a concert for me today. That was ki... read more

    • Meagan F.
      Meagan F.

      I want to record that I did not want to run today. At all. But once I got down there everything was grand. Glad I put my shoes on!

      over 6 years ago Like

    • Gretchen C.
      Gretchen C.

      Nice Meagan!!! I am glad you put your shoes on too

      over 6 years ago Like

    • Patrick A.
      Patrick A.

      I never forgave that kid in kindergarten who made us all look bad because he taught himself to tie his shoes while the rest of us played at recess.

      over 6 years ago Like

  18. RUN
    good basement 1 mi 00:12:28 12:28 pace

    Okay, so I was mad about earlier attempt. I sat down for a few and my foot was working fine. I decided maybe my left shoe was a little tight. Went back down and ran/walked one more mile. Feeling gr... read more

    • Meagan F.
      Meagan F.

      ha! thanks Angus. I should have known better... These shoes don't even have 20 miles on them yet. I should have thought about my laces :P

      over 6 years ago Like

    • Gretchen C.
      Gretchen C.

      do not injure yourself take it slow you will get there

      over 6 years ago Like

    • Angus M.
      Angus M. Hi-five

      Nice Meagan. keep it up!!!

      over 6 years ago

  19. RUN
    blah basement 1 mi 00:13:00 13:00 pace

    Ran 3/4 - had to start walking and cut it short :( Something wasn't quite right with my left ankle. I'll try again tomorrow.