Friends (123)

  • Anna V.
  • Sandra K.

    Sandra K.

    Athens, GR, run all over the world

  • Greg S.

    Greg S.

    Spanish Fork, UT, break 27 for 5k, break 56 for 10k, break 4:40 for the marathon, get back on my bike

  • Aaron


    Chicago, IL, 2015 Hamburg Marathon

  • Lanier M.

    Lanier M.

    Alexandria, VA, Lower the fat %, Run a half or a full in every state, Climb more, Complete a TRI, Get personal trainer certifications, Be an inspiration & be inspired by others

  • Doc Alex S.

    Doc Alex S.

    Pefki, GR, Lose fat. Marathon <03:25 (PB 03:33:41), Half Marathon <01:30(PB 01:33:06) 20K <01:25(PB 01:26:07) 10K <40' (PB 40:13)

  • Elton


    , Pain free run...

  • Aristeidis


    Athens, GR, ..Αιέν αριστεύειν και υπείροχον έμμεναι άλλων....

  • George S.

    George S.

    Athens, GR, ΚΜΑ σε 4 ωρες.

  • Angel



  • Ivorman F.

    Ivorman F.

    Athens, GR, Improve my time in ALL distances (realist...). Become a smarter runner, injury free (genius...). Weight less than 75 kg (pragmatist...) .

  • Martin P.

    Martin P.

    Cochrane, AB, To recover from a clot on the brain that I was diagnosed with at the end of February 2015

  • Satrapis


    Athens, GR,

  • Manos P.

    Manos P.

    Athens, GR, run one more marathon ...

  • Greg V.

    Greg V.

    Overland Park, KS, Every marathon and ultra I run is in honor of a fallen soldier or first responder. After the race, I dedicate the flag I carry, and race medal to the family.

  • Kiki M.

    Kiki M.

    Shirley, NY, Healthy lifestyle

  • Kozy


    Athens, GR, marathon

  • Paul B.

    Paul B.

    Wolverhampton, GB, A marathon a month from March 2015 'til Feb 2016.

  • Vice


    N. Smirni, GR, Lose weight, keep away from injures. Somewhere, somehow a < 3.30 marathon time (3.36 in Thessaloniki "Alexander The Great" Marathon 2013)

  • Kate M.

    Kate M.

    Ellicott City, MD, Ironman Lake Placid 2013 - here I come!

  • Akamatos


    Nea Filadelfeia, GR, World Peace

  • Gerasimos K.

    Gerasimos K.

    Athens, GR,

  • Bad N.

    Bad N.

    Athens, GR,

  • Panos G.

    Panos G.

    , 31st Athens classic marathon 11/11/2013

  • Geoffrey A.

    Geoffrey A.

    Limuru, KE, I love running long races and aiming to break one of the world records.Train hard win easy.In the field expect no mercy.