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Matt logged 124 miles.

Last workout over 7 years ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. FIT
    alright P90X Week 1 - Legs & Back 00:27

    Didn't quite do the entire workout, but my right leg was starting to get squirrelly and I didn't want to push it too hard.

  2. FIT
    good P90X - Week 1: Shoulders & Ar... 01:16

    Blasted Shoulders & Arms today and did all the moves in Ab Ripper X. Almost skipped ARX, but forced myself to do it and I'm glad I did!

  3. FIT
    alright Week 1 - P90X Chest & Back/ARX 01:05

    I'm starting P90X again (last round I made it almost all the way, and then just gave up...grr). I've gained about 5 pounds since last time (which was only about 6 weeks ago!), but I'... read more

    • Ben K.
      Ben K. Good Luck
      Good Luck:

      Good luck with the program. I've heard of P90X as I'm a late night TV infomercial junkie, but don't know the details. Is it a 90 day program?

      over 7 years ago

  4. FIT
    good P90X - Shoulders & Arms 01:00

    Been a while since I've done this workout - now that I've done Phase 2, I definitely like the B&B/CST workout better than this one, but it still was tough. Definitely way harder to wo... read more

  5. FIT
    alright P90X - Chest and Back 00:53

    After slacking off on P90X for the last week and a half (or so), it was tough to get back into it, but I did! Haven't seen Chest and Back since 3/14, but I still was able to hang with my perf... read more

    • Ari

      Was wondering where you'd been!

      over 7 years ago Like

  6. FIT
    good P90X - Legs and Back 00:58

    A few days behind, but I got the workout in. Need to really step things up; I am starting to falter in P90X and this is the second week in a row that I didn't complete everything. I did push p... read more

  7. FIT
    good P90X - Back & Biceps 00:52

    Decided to try something new today, and split up the weights workout with the abs - I'll do ARX this evening instead of right after my morning workout.

    B&B went well - boosted the weight... read more

  8. FIT
    alright P90X - Chest, Shouldes, and T... 01:08

    Getting back into the swing of things this week. Looking at my results from last week, I definitely fell off. This is Week 7 of P90X (so I'm halfway complete) and I need to BRING IT even more ... read more

  9. FIT
    good P90X - Legs & Back 01:02

    Still slightly recovering from being sick, so after I finished up Legs & Back, I just didn't have enough in my tank to do more than about 5 minutes of Ab Ripper X. I also skipped one of th... read more

  10. FIT
    good P90X - Kenpo X 00:57

    Decent workout. Since I have a dentist appointment this morning, I was able to sleep in a little longer and start later. Of course, this meant that Carrie and the boys got to watch me do the last h... read more

  11. FIT
    good P90X - Back and Biceps 00:52

    B&B is starting to become one of my favorite P90X routines...but then again, I love curls, so it makes sense. I skipped Ab Ripper X this morning since I'm still recovering from a touch of ... read more

  12. FIT
    good P90X - Chest, Shoulders, and ... 01:12

    Still improving every time - bumped up my reps and weights on a few of the exercises. Ab Ripper X reps improved by 15 to a total of 256...although those damn Fifer Scissors are still killing me. No... read more

  13. FIT
    good P90X - Kenpo X 00:59

    Good Kenpo day. Hung through the whole workout and felt like I got a little more height in my kicks. One change - I didn't shut the curtains of the patio door, so I had a bit of a reflective s... read more

  14. FIT
    good P90X - Legs & Back/Ab Ripper X 01:16

    Great Legs & Back workout today...stuck through it and did just as much as last time. Ab Ripper X was another improvement, as I increased total reps by 14 for a total of 241!

  15. FIT
    good P90X - Back & Biceps/ ARX 01:09

    Tough day! Lots and lots of curls, but man did it feel good. The strip set at the end was killer. I also added another 11 reps to Ab Ripper X

  16. FIT
    good P90X - Plyometrics 00:58

    Oh, I've missed you. Made it all the way through, although I ran out of gas a few times. But definitely improving. Every time is a little better.

  17. FIT
    alright P90X - Chest, Shoulders, and ... 01:12

    Phase 2 of P90X kicked off today! Didn't do my max in this workout, since it was the first time through, although I added one more rep to ARX. The next two weeks are going to be telling for me... read more

  18. FIT
    alright P90X - Core Synergistics 00:55

    Bit of a later start this morning, and I was actually a lot more tired than usual. Some exercises were better for me (more reps, etc), but I fell off on a few. Definitely need to improve my cardio,... read more

  19. FIT
    good P90X - Core Synergistics 00:58

    This was my first time with this workout, so I held back a bit, since I didn't know how my pacing would go. The good news is that I have this same workout again on Saturday, so it will be fres... read more