Friends (13)

  • Martin S.

    Martin S.

    El Granada, CA, To continue to improve on the bike, sneak my 5k time under 6 minute pace, not drown, and kick ass in general.

  • David M.

    David M.

    Toronto, ON, recovering from twisting my ankle, really want to get back to riding, mis it so much

  • Mike


    Kitchener, ON, To run and ride enough to beat my food and beer intake...

  • John C.

    John C.

    Centerville, OH, Goals 2014 > 2000+ miles, 170lbs

  • Takeshi S.

    Takeshi S.

    Tokyo, JP, Moon

  • Janeen M.

    Janeen M.

    Capitola, CA, Be awesome. Write book. In that order.

  • Jake N.

    Jake N.

    El Granada, CA, To have fun in old guys' cross country races!

  • William Rogue
  • Marty B.

    Marty B.

    El Paso, TX, To be healthy & keep diabetes far away from me. Try more century rides. Want to love running again, ref some soccer games, do some 5K's and mini triathlons.

  • Alex H.

    Alex H.

    San Francisco, CA, Qualify for Boston, Complete a Triathlon, and rock an ultra marathon - All with a Giant Smile on my face.

  • Cycleboredom


    Arlington, VA, To look hella epic in my Rapha gear.

  • Mary P.

    Mary P.

    Washington, DC,

  • David M.

    David M.

    Singapore, SG, To heal the world of turbo trainer boredom. Check out and you'll be healed.