2457 total / 552 in 2014

This year, get a sub-2 hour finish in a HM under the belt, a sub 25 min 5K, and a sub 55 min 10K! Do a Triathlon!(Done the Sprint Tri)

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  • 12 miles
  • 02:32 time
  • 1752 calories
  • 3 workouts
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  1. RUN
    good Quick 5 5 km 00:30 09:38 pace

    Was short on time, so went for a quick 5 K...Been ages since I did a sub 30 min 5 K, felt nice...Cheers all :)

  2. walk
    good Ez 6 6 km 01:02 16:40 pace

    An easy walk along the WSF, lotsa recognisable faces now who nod at each other...we Indians, as a people, don't really acknowledge each other when we meet, especially, if strangers, unlike peo... read more

  3. RUN
    great Easy 8 8.2 km 01:00 11:44 pace

    Back to my regular route on WSF after the long Diwali Break, when the only thing I did was binge on food and consumed a whole lot of Beer at Goa :)

    The weather was slightly cooler when I compared ... read more

  4. RUN
    good Easy 8 8 km 00:52 10:29 pace

    Nice and easy 8 K on my regular route along the Worli Seaface...nice bumping into Ravil who is training for the Bangalore Ultra! A very Happy Dhanteras for the Indian folks around the world!! Happy... read more

  5. walk
    good Recovery walk 5.7 km 01:04 18:08 pace

    Nice easy recovery walk to Worli Seaface and back...feeling better :)

  6. walk
    good Warm up and Cool Down 3 km 00:31 16:48 pace

    Warm up and Cool Down Walk before and after my longest run :)

  7. RUN
    good Longest LSD Ever 25 km 03:11 12:18 pace

    My first long run beyond a HM...started at 6:45 am, much later than planned but was determined to get my LSD in...Armed with a 500 ml bottle had to buy another 500 ml bottle to take care of the hyd... read more

    • Shashin R.
      Shashin R.

      Awesome run

      12 days ago Like

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    • Amit B.
      Amit B. Great Performance
      Great Performance:

      That's really great distance. Congo for your longest run!!

      11 days ago

    • Manish R.
      Manish R.

      Feels good to hear that I am in hallowed company, Milton :) Ravil - it was an impromptu decision to extend beyond the HM, hadn't planned for it, will keep ya posted. Thanks guys continue to inspire :)

      11 days ago Like

  8. RUN
    good Easy 15 15 km 01:53 12:04 pace

    Leveraged the Election Holiday to get my LSD in today...was a later start then I'd planned, and the sun was out in full glory...enjoyed the sun time towards the latter part of the run... Went ... read more

    • Milton F.
      Milton F.

      damn. those idiots and they juvenile kicks. have encountered a few in my time, and you are right... bloody ^%#$ cowards they are! i tell myself - those $&@*&#s probably can't run 1k, and here i am doing 10-15-21-42k. then all i feel is utter pity for those unfit idiots. hey sorry to go ballistic, but i totally get you. and btw, nice distance buddy!

      16 days ago Like1 person

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    • Ganapathy V.
      Ganapathy V.

      Happened once to me a few years ago. Then used to carry a stone to chuck. But did not happen again. So did away carrying useless weight :-)

      15 days ago Like

    • Manish R.
      Manish R.

      Nice one, Vanchi...will probably do so too!

      12 days ago Like

  9. RUN
    good Short 5 K 5 km 00:33 10:43 pace

    Went for an easy 5 K, pain in my right heel persists...Enjoyed the Vit D from the sun to the full...Cheers all!

    • Saliha

      I'm sorry about the heel, I hope it'll get better soon...what a nice Vit-D filled 5K, well done Manish :)

      18 days ago Like

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    • Ram

      nice short run Manish, take care!!

      17 days ago Like

    • Manish R.
      Manish R.

      Thanks Saliha, Vikas, Amit, Aishirjyo, Aravind and Ram...the heel is still a pain, but I am guessing the more sun I get the better it will get, so what the hell!!

      16 days ago Like

  10. VELO
    good Easy 10 10 km 00:31 12.0mph pace

    Pain in the bones got me to relax on the weekend, went for an easy 10 K ride this morning, trying not to strain the heel but in the process getting some much needed cardio going!!

    Some fabulous pe... read more

  11. RUN
    good WSF 6 K 6 km 00:38 10:17 pace

    Back to my regular 6 K route on the WSF...the slight coolness of yesterday proved to be an aberration 'cos I had a sticky run today...Cheers all!

    • Suresh S.
      Suresh S. You're an Inspiration
      You're an Inspiration:

      WSF is my nemesis on the return leg of scmm sir..lose max energy on that stretch..need to figure out a mental solution to it before Jan

      23 days ago

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    • Ravil S.
      Ravil S.

      Suresh, WSF proves to be undoing of many on the return stretch of the FM. Reason: you are running along side the sea (with left side blocked by buildings) and humidity is at its peak at that hour. A strategic pit stop for water/electral before that stretch may help.

      20 days ago Like

    • Manish R.
      Manish R.

      Will keep that in mind, Ravil.

      11 days ago Like

  12. RUN
    good Easy 5 K 5 km 00:31 10:06 pace

    Short on time so went for a short run, towards Shivaji Park this time. Weather was surprisingly cooler, probably due to the overnight drizzle...Happy Hump Day , folks :)

  13. RUN
    good Start the Week Run 6 km 00:44 11:50 pace

    An easy run to get back to running and back in Mumbai at my favourite haunt, WSF...Used the long holiday weekend to swim/prance around in the pool with family at Igatpuri, a small resort town close... read more

  14. RUN
    good Better 6 K Run 6 km 00:40 10:51 pace

    Slightly better run today, just when I was getting used to Bangalore weather, have to head back to Mumbai, such is life :) Happy Hump Day, folks!

  15. RUN
    good 6 K Easy 6 km 00:41 11:06 pace

    Day 2 in Bangalore, again pretty warm as I started around 7:00 am. A km longer on this run, but mojo not there :(

    • Milton F.
      Milton F.

      the mojo will return. stay the course. and just to make you jealous, weather-wise... we had crazy rains and amazingly cool temps today. *grins like the cheshire cat* what you doin in b'lore?

      about 1 month ago Like

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    • Ram

      good run Manish

      about 1 month ago Like

    • Manish R.
      Manish R.

      Thanks Himadri and Ram :)

      about 1 month ago Like

  16. RUN
    good Easy 5 5 km 00:35 11:06 pace

    Really easy peasy 5 K.

  17. VELO
    good 20 K Ride 20 km 01:00 12.4mph pace

    Nice and easy ride at WSF, starting to get the rhythm again...Cheers all :)

  18. RUN
    good 8 K on WSF 8 km 00:54 10:47 pace

    Another steady 8 K on the sign of clouds, good day for Vit D lovers...slightly better than my Monday effort on the same route. Happy Hump Day, folks :)

  19. RUN
    good Monday Morning 8 8 km 00:54 10:52 pace

    Kick started the week with an 8 K Run on the Worli Seaface...nice day for a Vit D Dunking...Happy Week ahead, folks!

  20. RUN
    good Sultry Seven 7 km 00:51 11:45 pace

    Nice and easy 7 K on the Worli Seaface...tried some 6X400 m fast intervals with 400 m RI...didn't exactly burn the road, but started my interval training...Happy Weekend all :)