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Makingalife1 logged 28 miles.

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  1. FIT
    good JM Ripped in 30 00:31

    Another too-late workout night, but had to get it in because I haven't lost any money to Kathy yet! Felt much better than yesterday. Some pain in the back of my leg just up from my knee on the... read more

  2. RUN
    alright Couch to 5k 2.7 mi 00:33 12:17 pace

    Onto week four... ROUGH! Big jump in the amount of running. Could not maintain the 5 minute intervals at 6.5. I'll get there!

  3. FIT
    alright JM Ripped in 30 00:31

    Knees were sore today. I wonder if it was from poor choices involving non-gluten free foods that I ate over the weekend. Almost didn't get this in, but I didn't want to owe Kathy any mon... read more

  4. FIT
    alright JM Ripped in 30 00:34

    Decided that, as I am ready to move on to week 3, I would try to do week 1 again and see if I felt any different. I have become so much stronger! So glad to have something to measure against. I wil... read more

  5. RUN
    good Couch to 5k 2.02 mi 00:25 12:22 pace

    Was able to complete all running intervals at 6.5 and do all walking intervals at 4.0. Getting easier, but I'm kind of scared of starting week 4!

  6. VELO
    good LTF-Savage Spin Class w/Marty 01:00

    Channeled my inner Mike and made it to class this morning before my C25k workout. It was a hill class. UGH! HRM is acting up again.

  7. FIT
    good JM Ripped in 30 00:35

    Up-and-at-em! I think that tomorrow morning I need my sleep. Muscle definition is starting to show up! Woo! I really don't know if my HRM counts are accurate for this... Weird.

  8. FIT
    good StairMill 1.5 mi 00:18 11:52 pace

    Chatty neighbors made this go by quickly, but I was soo sweaty after doing my run. Feels like it's making a difference.

  9. RUN
    good Couch to 5k 2.03 mi 00:25 12:18 pace

    Had a little more push tonight, but the evening workouts still challenge me. Wondering how it's going to work... Will I get to 3.1 mi < 30 min by March 10?

  10. FIT
    good JM Ripped in 30 00:35

    3 for 3 this week! Week 2 is getting easier.

  11. FIT
    good StairMill 1 mi 00:13:00 13:00 pace

    Had to stop into LTF on the way home from tutoring at 9:30 p.m. to get my 12th visit in for the month. Just a little StairMill workout to get some extra calories burned.

  12. FIT
    good JM Ripped in 30 00:35

    Out of bed early! Glad to be getting things taken care of. Changes are showing up, but not on the scale.

  13. FIT
    good Do-Anywhere Circuit 00:15:00

    Getting back into this routine before bed. Pushing back bedtime by 15 minutes can't be too detrimental!

  14. FIT
    good StairMill 1 mi 00:13:00 13:00 pace

    Just a little StairMill workout after my run tonight. This week is the week of getting the extra in!

  15. RUN
    good Couch to 5k 2 mi 00:26 13:00 pace

    Run one of Week Three. The 3-minute runs were okay, but the second one I totally backed off on when I should have pushed it for the last 30 seconds. Runs were: 1:30 at 6.5, 3:00 at 6.3, 1:30 at 6.6... read more

  16. FIT
    alright JM Ripped in 30 00:35

    Talked myself out of bed this morning after turning off my Jillian Alarm. Said, "Self, why did that alarm go off?" Self replied, "Because you want to get the weight off and be happie... read more

  17. FIT
    good Quick Octane 3.2 km 00:20 10:03 pace

    Just a quick leg shakeout to get me ready for the week ahead. Looking forward to waking up to Jillian in the morning! HRM is giving me lots of troubles, which is a pain. I think I need to upgrade o... read more

  18. RUN
    good Couch to 5k 2.2 mi 00:29 13:10 pace

    Workout with Andrea at LTF... Will I have a new vacuum when I get home?

  19. FIT
    good JM Ripped in 30 00:35

    ACK! Jillian gets even harder once you can actually do all of the moves for the whole time! I'm almost to that point and I was sweating buckets tonight! Oh well... Glad those calories are gone!

  20. RUN
    good Couch to 5k 2.4 mi 00:30 12:30 pace

    Started out tough, but fell into stride. Need to work out soo much earlier. These late nights after long days are tough!