6028 total / 176 in 2017

Running my Twin Cities marathon in October 2014.

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  • 12 miles
  • 02:15 time
  • 1753 calories
  • 2 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    good Week 7, Run 2 7 mi 01:21 11:34 pace

    Felt steady throughout - and grateful for the weather: temps in the low 30s, no wind, clear skies. As I write this two hours later, the wind has picked up and it's snowing. Maine!

  2. RUN
    good Week 7, Run 1 4.5 mi 00:54 12:05 pace

    Taking it easy 'cause my knees are still tender, esp. on the downhills. Beautiful morning - just below freezing. Spring, you out there???

    • Alison T.
      Alison T.

      Oh my. But please keep it chilly in New England for 4 more weeks :) Wonder why your knees are sad?

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  3. RUN
    good Sunday Shortie 3.82 mi 00:43 11:14 pace

    This is a light week - and I'm glad, because of knee pain that's been plaguing me since wednesday's run. After a couple of days off from running, I had a 5K on the training plan. Mel... read more

  4. RUN
    blah Week 6, Run 2 6 mi 01:10 11:36 pace

    This was supposed to be 6 miles at race pace. I did AOK in the first 3 miles but I had a feeling I wasn't going to be able to hold onto pace - and I was right. A lot of ice and packed snow on ... read more

    • Alison T.
      Alison T.

      Whoa, 6 RP miles in yak trax?! That's gotta be good for 45 second per

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  5. RUN
    good Week 6, Run 1 4 mi 00:51 12:43 pace

    About the slowest I've gone in a long time and I don't give a hoot. It was 5:30 in the morning, dark, cold and I thoroughly enjoyed just being outside and moving.

  6. RUN
    good Week 5, Run 5 8 mi 01:37 12:03 pace

    Crossed paths with Chris, Cooper and Tricia early on this run so did the first and last miles on my own but the middle 6 with company. It went by much more quickly with them - glad to have the dist... read more

  7. RUN
    good Week 5, Run 4 3 mi 00:30 10:06 pace

    Boom! I was finally able to hold onto faster pace. I was actually at 9:59 for the first two miles but that last mile into a headwind in icy temps was brutal. I had something that had never happened... read more

    • Alison T.
      Alison T.

      Scary, that airway blocking kind of thing! That's some zippy shiz there.

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  8. RUN
    good Week 5, Run 3 4 mi 00:49 12:09 pace

    Yeah, I kind of phoned this one in. This 5 run/week plan can leave me feeling ground down, esp. when I'm doing 3 boot camp/tabata style classes/week as well. So today I ran three slow miles, d... read more

  9. RUN
    good Week 5, Run 2 6 mi 01:08 11:21 pace

    A rare afternoon run. Raining pretty hard all morning and I was working from home, so I worked through lunch and then took a break in the rain to fit in a run. In the mid 40s and not too windy, so ... read more

    • Alison T.
      Alison T.

      Ooooohhhh! Sounds like a most excellent run!'n glad all the pieces fell into place.

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  10. RUN
    good Week 5, Run 1 4 mi 00:48 12:05 pace

    I haven't done an early morning weekday run in a long time. Too cold, too dark. But spring is on the horizon, conditions are slowly improving and I had a busy day that didn't allow a TM r... read more

    • Alison T.
      Alison T.

      WAAAAAHHHH what a miss, indeed! You could have bailed, easily - but you didn't. go you!

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  11. RUN
    good Week 4, Run 5 7 mi 01:23 11:47 pace

    Brrr. Still very cold out - so cold that my phone died at the halfway point. So I'm giving myself bonus points for doing the final 3.5 miles with nothing to listen to by the wind making the tr... read more

    • Alison T.
      Alison T.

      Whoa!!! Very impressive. Cold, silence, and a looong one! Good on ya.

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  12. RUN
    good The Big Chill 3 mi 00:37 12:15 pace

    Close to 0 degrees and very windy. I started slow, sped up after mile 1 but as soon as I turned around at 1.5 miles I was battling a brutal headwind. I pushed and got it done, icy eyelashes and all!

    • Alison T.
      Alison T.

      Brrrr!!! That's pretty badass. I think 8-10 degrees is as low as I've gone, with no wind! Welll done my friend.

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  13. RUN
    good Week 4, Run 3 3.5 mi 00:43 12:13 pace

    Feeling wise. After yesterday's hard run and some post-run aches and pains, I opted to just dial into a 12 minute mile and jog through today's workout. HR training gave me good perspectiv... read more

  14. RUN
    great 5 mi 00:53 10:41 pace

    Best run in a looooong time! It was an "at pace" run. I'd tried for 10:45 as my pace the last time I did a pace run and I couldn't hold it. So I wasn't sure how I'd do... read more

    • Alison T.
      Alison T.

      Great "temperature taking" run, to assess a bunch of things. Happy to hear this!

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  15. RUN
    good Week 4, Run 1 3.5 mi 00:41 11:41 pace

    This one felt mellow but not like I was coasting. Trying to save some juice for tomorrow's "at pace" run.

  16. RUN
    alright Week 3, Run 4 6 mi 01:11 11:50 pace

    I thought this run would be a great one. Two DORs and a higher dose of carbs for the past couple of days - assumed it would be strong legs, lots of energy. Instead it was more of the same. Draggy a... read more

    • Alison T.
      Alison T.

      I hear you! I hope you can get your nutrition dialed in here right quick. And a hi howdy to Melissa!

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  17. RUN
    good Week 3, Run 3 3.5 mi 00:40 11:28 pace

    A shortie before getting in the car for two days of soccer tourneys. And now for TWO DOR's!! (every three weeks there are just 4 runs in the week, vs. 5 most weeks!)

  18. RUN
    good Get Out! 5 mi 00:59 11:48 pace

    Alleluia! A midday run OUTSIDE at work! First time I've done this since working at JAX. I had 5 miles on the books and I just couldn't bear to do it on a TM. I checked the weather last ni... read more

  19. RUN
    good Week 3, Run 1 3.5 mi 00:39 11:11 pace

    TM run in the middle of my work day. Did my usual slow start and then ramped it up to a 10 min/mile pace for the last 5 minutes.

  20. RUN
    good Spring-y 5 mi 00:59 11:53 pace

    Gorgeous morning - blue skies, bright sun and in the low 40s! I ate some quinoa with lunch yesterday and had part of a cupcake at dinner. Both did trigger flushes of heat within about 10 minutes of... read more

    • Alison T.
      Alison T.

      Such a tough balance with carbs and runs. I'm still figuring it out. I'm taking in way fewer carbs (esp the simple kind), and doing with less gu during workouts... but still seeking the magic balance. I DO think that Ellie's method (0-1 c carbs breakfast, 1-2 c lunch, 2-3 c dinner) has merit in terms of the whole cortisol thing, as well as giving you reserves for morning runs. Hmmm...

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