Lydia Hintze ran: The tempo run today w...

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  • 8 miles
  • 01:10 time
  • 09:02 pace
  • 909 calories
  • 0 ft climb
  • 0 max hr
  • 0 avg hr
    • Currently /5 Effort.
    effort /5
alright 7.77 mi 01:10 09:02 pace

The tempo run today was kind of a debacle. It seems like the first week at a higher mileage is always a bit of a flop. Today we moved from a 2 mile tempo to a 3 miler. It messed with my brain a little and I was overwhelmed. I woke up stiff and a little sore. I'm guessing it is from karate Monday night because I can't think of anything else. We ran 2.5 miles to warm up then started the "comfortably hard" portion. I'm not sure I ever got comfortable. There were a number of cars and it kept throwing me off. I had a hard time focusing and things fell apart when we crossed the rail road track. Stephen pulled ahead of me and stayed that way for the rest of the tempo. I walked a couple of times the last mile. Stephen kept the timer rolling and said I ran the three miles in 22:23. After that, we ran home. I was hoping for 2.5 miles to warm down, but we had kids calling and didn't go around the block to finish out 8 miles. That anal retentive side of me is trying to let that last little bit go! I'm following up with ITB Rehab Routine and the standard core routine, twice.

  • Jamie B.
    Jamie B.

    You still rocked it chic! Don't beat yourself up!!!

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • Brian P.
    Brian P.

    Heh...with my broken Garmin, I don't have to worry about rounding it out to the nearest mile or half mile. :)

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • Tim O.
    Tim O.

    Dailymile rounds up to 8 anyway, so you're good. Nice pace in the middle there.

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • Steve Shep
    Steve Shep

    You got in some good work Lydia. 3 tempo miles in under 7:30avg is nothing to sneeze at! Good overall miles too :) I'd call that 8.

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • Jeremy H.
    Jeremy H.

    3 tempo miles in 22:23 sounds pretty solid to me.Great run. Let the .23 go. I have the same problem but we don't always have to run pretty numbers. Besides, 7.77 is better than 6.66.

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • Stephen

    You did great baby. You failed to mention in your post that that time is your fastest ever over that distance. Be proud woman!

    almost 6 years ago Like2 people

  • Lauren H.
    Lauren H.

    Karate always worked me out good and made me sore. Still a great tempo run!

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • Steve P.
    Steve P.

    nice 7.77 miler Lydia!!

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • Lydia H.
    Lydia H.

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate the kind words!!

    almost 6 years ago Like1 person

  • Heather R.
    Heather R.

    Great work on the tempo! And I like the all 7's. It looks neat :)

    almost 6 years ago Like

  • Drago D.
    Drago D.

    You couple are amazing with what an ease you're doing your runs!

    almost 6 years ago Like

  • Pam W.
    Pam W.

    Awesome run this morning!

    almost 6 years ago Like

  • Stacy S.
    Stacy S.

    Let it go, you did amazing!

    almost 6 years ago Like

  • Jill L.
    Jill L.

    Wow Woman! Stephen is right. Be Proud. You probably didn't feel good because you were.................. HAULIN ASS! You are on speedy duo. ;)

    almost 6 years ago Like