11890 total / 2487 in 2016

2015 was about speed, but 2016 is distance and fun: I'm running the Boston Marathon in April & my first ultra in June! Still hoping to do the splits again.

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  • 20 miles
  • 03:43 time
  • 2113 calories
  • 3 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    Mountain Bay Trail with Cooper 5.51 mi 01:09 12:26 pace

    #RWRunStreak Day 13/39:

    The snow was almost all gone, which didn't surprise me since it was above freezing (not tomorrow, though - high of 25 plus wind). I WAS surprised that it wasn't a... read more

    • Ian C.
      Ian C.

      Cooper deserves a cookie...

      about 12 hours ago Like1 person

    • Jillloveshills

      Wet cold is the worst. We get a lot of that here and you just can't get warm. Good job to Cooper on his long run today!

      about 11 hours ago Like1 person

    • Kim B.
      Kim B.

      Ian - he got a peanut butter pumpkin cookie! Jill - I think that might be the worst for me personally. I can take cold if it's dry and I love hot. Damp, not so much.

      about 8 hours ago Like

    • J J
      J J

      Hi Kim! Hope your ok from your slip.. Glad you didn't fall! Wow busy work week coming for you! Take care!! :)

      about 3 hours ago Like

  2. Shared Photo

    Nobody is ever truly alone

  3. Shared Photo

    I'm not a snowmobile.

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  5. walk
    Cooper walk 1.14 mi 00:20 17:31 pace

    I was a robot zombie after that run. I didn't want to go, but I love the little booger so I did. (I did NOT run, although I am pretty sure he wanted to. Tomorrow!!)

    Here's a video Matt... read more

  6. RUN
    Mountain Bay Trail 13.12 mi 02:14 10:13 pace

    #RWRunStreak Day 12/39:

    Snow: Nature's Speed bump!! :-D

    I got out to the trail this morning and quickly realized this run was going to be much harder than I expected. TWO miles in, I was ... read more

    • Diane V.
      Diane V.

      Way to push through 13 today. Glad you finally wore down the guy!

      1 day ago Like1 person

    • Glenn S.

      Way to do it Kim! Great way to keep pushing. Love the details. Rest well.

      1 day ago Like1 person

    • Janice H.
      Janice H.

      You impress me with your grit and perserverence! Great work! I am a little jealous that you have snow. ❄️❄️❄️

      about 20 hours ago Like1 person

    • Kim B.
      Kim B.

      The snow is mostly gone already, but more is on the way. I sound like such a scrooge but I really hate snow. It would be fine if I never left my house and could just look at it!

      about 15 hours ago Like

  7. FIT
    Anytime Fitness 00:20

    Shoulder press: 3x12 (30lbs)
    Abductor: 3x12 (60 lbs)
    Adductor: 3x12 (60 lbs)
    Assisted dips: 3x12 (70lbs)
    Assisted chin-ups: 3x12 (90 lbs)
    Glute isolator, each leg: 3x12 (30 lbs)

    No strength today... read more

  8. RUN
    Anytime Fitness - Treadmill 2.6 mi 00:25 09:36 pace

    #RWRunStreak Day 11/39: 2% incline, 1/2 mile warmup/cooldown, middle mile and a half+ alternating between 9:40 and 8:32 pace.

  9. FIT
    Anytime Fitness - Rower 3.03 mi 00:30 09:53 pace

    4879 meters, 10/10 resistance

  10. Shared Photo

    Modeling his Great Gobbler Throwdown Challenge prize from Sue! (He thinks he's one of the cool kids now)

  11. Shared Photo

    Bells for Grandma and Grandpa. (See my race post)

  12. Shared Photo

    Jingle Bell Run:-)

  13. RUN
    great Jingle Bell Run - Green Bay 3.1 mi 00:25 07:56 pace

    Weather-wise, this was one of the better days we've had for this event. A windchill temperature in the lower twenties, air temp at freezing. Some wind, but clear roads since the snow and ice... read more

  14. FIT
    Yoga 00:20

    Happy TGIF!

  15. walk
    Cooper walk 1.25 mi 00:21 16:29 pace

    Waaaaaay too preoccupied with all the poop he found on the side of the road. His, other dogs', horse....Yuck.

  16. RUN
    Road 2.39 mi 00:22 09:11 pace

    #RWRunStreak Day 9/39:

    Chilly but peaceful morning. My last couple of runs have been short because I have my last race of the year tomorrow. (That being said, I should still end up with 35 mil... read more

  17. Shared Photo

    Some birthdays are better than others!!! 😂

  18. RUN
    Cooper Run 2.05 mi 00:23 11:23 pace

    #RWRunStreak Day 8/39:

    Rainy run with the birthday boy! Not only did it rain (light rain - it wasn't bad at all) but it was also GARBAGE DAY! What a way to celebrate a fourth birthday. ;-... read more

  19. FIT
    good NTC 00:27

    I did two Nike Training Club workouts, one old and one new.

    Plank Splitter was new. Lots of core work, and as you can guess, lots of Plank variations. It felt like it got my arms, too. (Side plan... read more

  20. Shared Photo

    Happy 4th birthday little buddy, Cooper!