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  • 11 miles
  • 01:53 time
  • 950 calories
  • 3 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. walk
    Cooper walk 0.67 mi 00:10:16 15:19 pace

    Super-short since it is still way too warm for him. He really wanted to go, though, and just this little shortie made him happy.

    I got a new laptop for my birthday last week (mine has been 95% ... read more

    • Diane V.
      Diane V.

      Woohoo! I had to do that recently, too. As soon as I unplugged my computer, it died. Switching was no fun, bu love my new computer :). Nice walk with Cooper!

      about 12 hours ago Like

  2. walk
    Walk to the car 0.63 mi 00:10:41 16:57 pace

    After this, I drove out to the strawberry farm and picked 12 pounds. I swear, all that squatting was worse than the run!

  3. RUN
    Mountain Bay Trail 10.02 mi 01:32 09:13 pace

    #RWRunStreak 36/41:

    Another warm and sticky run, but it felt good. I got out around 7:00, and it was in the high 60's with almost 90% humidity. It was 75 when I was done. Lots of sun, to... read more

    • Ric M.
      Ric M.

      good training run! Hows your do-splits-again goal coming along?

      about 12 hours ago Like

  4. RUN
    Road 2.36 mi 00:22 09:06 pace

    #RWRunStreak 35/41:

    Cooper REALLY wanted to go, but at 83 degrees? Nope. 9:37 / 8:49 /8:43

    Got to get ready for my cousin's wedding! A very beautiful day, although probably hot for the we... read more

    • Ben K.

      Good for you Kim. And good job keeping cooper at home. I'm sure he didn't appreciate being left behind. But it was for his own good.

      1 day ago Like

  5. FIT
  6. FIT
    Anytime Fitness 00:25

    Kept the weights for my legs on the lower end, after last week's issues.

    Glute isolator: 2x12 (15 lbs)
    Leg sled: 40,60,80,60,40 lbs x12
    Adductor: 30,35,30 lbs x 12
    Abductor: 30, 35, 30 lbs x... read more

  7. FIT
    Anytime Fitness - Rower 4.34 mi 00:45 10:22 pace

    Not that fast, but I had the resistance back up at 8/10, and I also reversed my grip for one out of every 5 minutes. This made it more interesting. And more challenging!

  8. RUN
    Road 6.62 mi 01:05 09:53 pace

    #RWRunStreak 34/41:

    The first four miles were with the birthday boy, the rest by myself. 64 degrees, sunny, humid, but a breeze at times.

    Splits and a couple pictures... Cranes this time. ht... read more

  9. FIT
    Yoga 00:25

    Mostly yoga, but also some squats, lunges, step-ups, and foam rolling.

  10. FIT
    Abs 00:20

    Core work with a 15 pound kettlebell. Wheee! :-D

    • J J
      J J

      Whee! :)) Nice core and KB work, Kim!

      4 days ago Like

  11. RUN
    Cooper Run 2.52 mi 00:31 12:11 pace

    Faster than normal first mile, slower for the rest! Actually, a more consistent and steady pace for him. Have a great TGIF!!

  12. Shared Photo

    So many deer this year! (I love it)

    • J J
      J J

      Awesome shot! Loveee Ittt! :)

      4 days ago Like

  13. FIT
    Yoga 00:15:00

    I needed more, but this is what I had time for. I'll try to squeeze some stretching in at work today.

  14. walk
    Cooper Walk 1.12 mi 00:18 16:28 pace

    I think he wanted to run home. :-)

  15. RUN
    Road 8.12 mi 01:12 08:48 pace

    #RWRunStreak 32/41:

    60 degrees, 91% humidity, sun, light wind. This felt good... I started at a 9:24 pace, ended at a 7:34.

    Running late here....I ho... read more

  16. FIT
    Yoga 00:30

    More of the same. Hips are feeling better than yesterday, but still pretty tight and a little sore yet. I didn't really feel it while running (at the slow pace we ran - faster might be a dif... read more

    • Kurt K.
      Kurt K.

      You are really dialed into what you need and when! I agree the weight work & all that cross training has you much stronger!

      6 days ago Like1 person

  17. RUN
    Cooper Run 2.51 mi 00:31 12:22 pace

    #RWRunStreak 31/40:

    Today totally proves my theory that this dog has very little sense of smell: he actually STEPPED ON a dead bird while running. It totally didn't phase him either. It ... read more

  18. walk
    Cooper Walk - MBT 3.64 mi 01:13 20:06 pace

    I really just wanted a nice walk today instead of the gym, so that's what I did. Cooper LOVES the Mountain Bay Trail, but I just don't get him out there enough. It was warm. Felt great... read more

    • Ben K.

      Way to get outside today! Cooper has done a great job getting his mileage up. I hope you enjoy the rest of the day. Stay cool.

      7 days ago Like1 person

    • Wanda

      Nice Birthday/Cooper walk! You've done a great job with upping his miles, but keeping him cool and comfortable. Hope you enjoy the rest of your Birthday! :)

      7 days ago Like1 person

  19. FIT
    Yoga and foam rolling 00:30

    I realllly dug into my butt and hip, and right now it feels a lot better. I also targeted my lower back, which has also been bothering me (probably related). Everything's still a bit tight, ... read more

    • Wanda

      Have a great dinner! Glad you are feeling better, foam rolling isn't my favorite thing, but it does work. :D

      6 days ago Like1 person

  20. RUN
    Road 3.71 mi 00:40 10:45 pace

    #RWRunStreak 30/41:

    Another warm and humid one (we got a LOT of rain yesterday). Sunny and kind of windy, both felt good. I ran with Matt. He is sore from deadlifts and my hip's a bit so... read more