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  • 48 miles
  • 09:29 time
  • 4447 calories
  • 15 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. walk
    Cooper walk 1.3 mi 00:23 17:29 pace

    He did not blow away.

  2. RUN
    Road 4.01 mi 00:43 10:43 pace

    Run with Matt this morning, basically the same as last week (I ran a little extra to hit 4). It is really windy again, but nice and sunny and warm. It was 63f for this, 73 now! Normal high here ... read more

  3. FIT
    good Yoga 00:10:00

    I almost didn't do this since I only had 10 minutes, but even that helped. My calves are tight, and are pulling on my left shin and both knees. I'll try stretching them out throughout t... read more

  4. walk
    good Cooper walk 1.14 mi 00:20 17:21 pace

    Have a happy Friday!

  5. RUN
    good Road 5.1 mi 00:49 09:32 pace

    The wind is gone! It was in the 40s for this, but it will get up to 75 today. I am loving this extra long summer.

  6. RUN
    good Cooper run-walk 1.41 mi 00:20 14:11 pace

    He didn't have lift-off today, but he did feel like running after the turnaround. He actually ran FAST for part of it. (8:49 best pace) He started sprinting, with a big smile on his face. A... read more

  7. RUN
    good Road 5.52 mi 00:52 09:20 pace

    Still some wind out there, but not as much as yesterday! The sun and warmer than average temperature is making me happy. 75 tomorrow!

  8. FIT
    good Yoga + core 00:35

    Yoga with a bit of core work. The retreat is in one week, and as I was trying to reach my toes - TRYING TO - I am thinking "I am going to die at yoga class next week..." Maybe I won... read more

  9. walk
    good Cooper walk 1.6 mi 00:28 17:19 pace

    OK, so it is so windy that at one point, a truck drove by (making it even windier) and I saw Cooper actually get picked up maybe an inch off the ground! He gave me this "What was that?" ... read more

  10. RUN
    good Road 6.21 mi 00:57 09:14 pace

    Woo! Is it ever windy today! The sun felt great, though, especially since we really haven't had much of it lately. A friend recently asked me how on earth my legs are still so tan in mid-Oc... read more

  11. RUN
    Road 3.65 mi 00:45 12:24 pace

    Run #2 - I did this one when Matt got home from work. He's up at 4:30 to go to the gym 6x a week, with two of those days spent on the treadmill (and Saturdays he often runs with me), but he ... read more

  12. walk
    Cooper walk 2.06 mi 00:38 18:22 pace

    It was pretty nice out so I am glad we got out. He's feeling a lot better today. Yesterday he was pretty pukey from vaccinations and sleepy from the antihistamine, but if he didn't have... read more

  13. RUN
    Treadmill 4.37 mi 00:40 09:09 pace

    Some brief intervals as I increased pace.

    Planned on another longerish run but wasn't up for it, so I went shorter and a bit faster.

  14. walk
    Cool down walk 1.04 mi 00:15:00 14:25 pace

    Have a good week!

  15. RUN
    great Treadmill 10.12 mi 01:35 09:23 pace

    I stayed inside since Cooper had an early appointment, and I would've been in the dark for all but about 15 minutes of this. I know some of you do that, but I don't feel comfortable bein... read more

    • Karyn

      I don't like to run in the dark anymore by myself either. Too many crazies out there nowadays! I'm glad Cooper has a good bill of health. Hope all is well with yours as well!

      6 days ago Like1 person

    • Darrell G.
      Darrell G.

      Smart woman!!!!

      6 days ago Like1 person

    • Cari H.
      Cari H.

      i'm right there with you on that! nice to have the TM as a safe alternative

      6 days ago Like1 person

  16. FIT
    Anytime Fitness 00:25

    Leg sled, single leg: 3x12 (100 lbs)
    Leg sled, both legs: 5x12 (140 lbs)
    Camber curl: (15, 20,15 lbs) x 12
    Glute isolator, each: 3x12 (25 lbs)
    Tricep extension: (25, 30, 35, 30, 25 lbs) x12
    Vertica... read more

  17. RUN
    Anytime Fitness - Treadmill 1.06 mi 00:10:00 09:26 pace

    No reason to run today other than I wanted to!

  18. FIT
    Anytime Fitness - Rower 2.42 mi 00:25 10:19 pace

    3895 meters, 10/10 resistance.

    Between weekends out of town, races, and other obligations, it has been too long since I've been to the gym. I'll be able to go again next Sunday before h... read more

  19. Shared Photo

    Maybe the nastiest penny I've ever found, but I always pick them up!

  20. RUN
    good Road 4.02 mi 00:45 11:07 pace

    I ran this this morning with Matt. The wind took me by surprise. It was 50 degrees which is good running weather, but I should've worn long sleeves because of the wind! I ran most of this w... read more