Friends (138)

  • Jamie M.

    Jamie M.

    Columbus, OH, Just keep running.... And for crying out loud, ditch the injuries.

  • Jill L.

    Jill L.

    Mt Pleasant, UT, Find my motivation. Get stronger, faster, smaller & have a blast doing it!

  • Gina M.

    Gina M.

    MS, Run a faster 5k. I ran my 6th half marathon in April 2013. I finished my first marathon on March 4,'12 , ran my 2nd on Feb. 24,'13. #3 - 2/2/14. #4 on 1/25/15!

  • Alison T.

    Alison T.

    Salt Lake City, UT, 2017: BOSTON MARATHON (fundraiser), 1,000 miles. Continue with heart rate training and find the balance between speed and injury.

  • Kristie C.

    Kristie C.

    Las Vegas, NV, I have goals, they are personal. I compete against myself.

  • Melanie A.

    Melanie A.

    Tampa, FL, Start running again. Keep running injury-free. Run regularly. Run a half marathon again. Do strength training. Loose weight.

  • Peter E.

    Peter E.

    Salt Lake City, UT, Working to find a bit of fitness again. No huge goals yet...but I would love to return to Boston again.

  • Theresa P.

    Theresa P.

    Tulsa, OK,

  • Scott S.

    Scott S.

    Orem, UT, Train and complete my first trail 50 miler.

  • Lori J.

    Lori J.

    , Need to decide on next full!

  • Peter H.

    Peter H.

    Spanish Fork, UT,

  • Donna R.

    Donna R.

    Morganville, NJ, Strengthen core. Build endurance. Gain speed. I want it all.

  • Greg S.

    Greg S.

    Orem, UT, break 27 for 5k, break 56 for 10k, break 4:40 for the marathon, get back on my bike

  • Ara


    Salt Lake City, UT, My ultimate goal is to become an Ironman.

  • Marilyn H.

    Marilyn H.

    Herriman, UT,

  • Kendall C.

    Kendall C.

    Pleasant Grove, UT, I don't have one now. I guess that means I need one.

  • Katja V.

    Katja V.

    Salt Lake City, UT, 2017 Goals: 10 races 2 marathons 1200 miles+

  • Jason M G.

    Jason M G.

    Lincolnton, NC, ~PARTY IN MOTION!!! ~Washington DC Ragnar in Sept, Trail Relay in TX this October, DC Marathon in November. Bike with Emily to the beach in there somewhere!

  • Stacey G.

    Stacey G.

    MI, to see how far i can take myself.

  • Mike P.

    Mike P.

    Oquirrh, UT, To build some running consistency.

  • Pete A.

    Pete A.

    Salt Lake City, UT, Marathon PR this Year!

  • Ron C.

    Ron C.

    Salt Lake City, UT, Keep Running!

  • Sheri S.

    Sheri S.

    West Jordan, UT, half marathon in under 2 hours, half iron man 2015

  • Mitchell W.

    Mitchell W.

    West Jordan, UT, top ten in state xc

  • Preston P.

    Preston P.

    Springville, UT, Lose 35 pounds!