Wall of Motivation (143)

  1. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    Very strong run, Ian. I could picture the quiet roads. on a workout

  2. Cyndi C.
      Great Performance

    Sounds like a good run, Ian. Very nice! on a workout

  3. Annabelle W.
      Nice Job

    Sounds lovely and a nice refreshing break from the Winter doldrums! on a workout

  4. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    Sounds like an great way to start the weekend, Ian. on a workout

  5.   Nice Job

    Great job Ian! You should come and run the https://www.securian.com/sites/Sec... read more

  6. Cyndi C.
      Feel Better

    Hope you are better soon! As for me, I would have felt better this morning w... read more

  7. Bob M.
      Feel Better

    Hope you are feeling better in short order! on a workout

  8. Dennis S.
      Nice Job

    Nice long run Ian!!! on a workout

  9. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    Yes indeed, running in headwinds and hills is a perfect running tool. on a workout

  10. Dennis S.
      Nice Job

    Great 16 Ian, Well done for getting it done! on a workout

  11. Dennis S.

    Nice 2 mate!, Happy Birthday for Thursday! :-) on a workout

  12. Helene W.
      Nice Job

    Welcome to the British / American English, Ian. The differences Re quite inte... read more

  13. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    Well done, Ian! Yes indeed, trails are run differently. Just wait when you ge... read more

  14. Dennis S.
      You're an Inspiration

    Wow, Well done mate! :-) on a workout

  15. Helene W.
      Nice Job

    Perfect finish to your marathon training, Ian! on a workout

  16. Derek C.
      Great Performance

    A huge congrats Ian . brilliant run . you done yourself and Gizmo proud . on a workout

  17. Helene W.

    Quite understandably, this is a bittersweet victory for you, Ian. And I am su... read more

  18. Jess
      Great Performance

    Amazing effort and a well deserved result! Well done! on a workout

  19. Angel M.
      Good Luck

    Terrific long run Ian! on a workout

  20. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    One great run at a great pace too, Ian. And I luv the pace pickup too! on a workout

  21. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    Very nice, Ian. Running in the (not so torrential) rain is wonderful. And bun... read more

  22.   Nice Job

    Great work Ian! You are right on on a workout

  23. Grellan M.
      Great Performance

    Great result Ian. Well done. on a workout

  24. Luna

    SUPER CONGRATS!!!a 5 min PR is huge, what a fantastic year for you. Well done... read more

  25. Luna

    What a year you're having, Ian. Huge congrats on yet another PB!!!! Awesome p... read more

  26. Helene W.

    What Steve and Laura said :-) Congrats on your PB, Ian! It feels good, doesn'... read more

  27. Grellan M.
      Great Performance

    Fantastic result Ian. You're motoring well at the moment. Well done. on a workout

  28. Helene W.

    Wow! 12 seconds per mile is a huge PR! Oops, I should say 5" per km is a huge... read more

  29. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    Wow! This is fast indeed! on a workout

  30. Helene W.
      Nice Job

    Hills are hills, no matter how many sessions a week. on a workout

  31. Dennis S.
      Nice Job

    Well done mate! :-) on a workout

  32. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    Heat + Recovering from injury = Bad combo for a race. But you managed just gr... read more

  33. Dennis S.
      Nice Job

    Well done mate, Great 8, Hope you enjoyed your coffee! :-) on a workout

  34.   Nice Job

    Speedy time trial, Ian! on a workout

  35. Nadine M.

    Congratulations on your new PB Ian! on a workout

  36. Deepblue

    Fantastic.. Congratulations Ian!! on a workout

  37. Jess

    Great report!! Massive congrats and hope you enjoyed the wine. Can't even ima... read more

  38. Helene W.

    Sounds like a wonderful race and a great marathon too, Ian. So glad the Runni... read more

  39.   Congrats

    Great race, Ian! Glad it went so well! Well earned wine and relaxation! on a workout

  40. Luna

    WOW this is so awesome, congrats Ian!! on a workout

  41. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    So very fast! on a workout

  42. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    And forgot the motivation! on a workout

  43. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    Very nice! Glad you had a young lady to help you achieve a better time :-) on a workout

  44. Derek C.
      Great Performance

    fantastic result Ian , delighted for you . always great to get a PB . You des... read more

  45. Saliha
      Great Performance

    Wow! Congratulations Ian :) on a workout

  46. Helene W.

    Fantastic, Ian! PB'ing in those conditions is so sweet too. on a workout

  47. Grellan M.

    Well done Ian. Great result and no doubt that a 1:40 half is just around the ... read more

  48. Deepblue
      Great Performance

    Excellent result Ian, congratulations! on a workout

  49. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    A master plan perfectly executed, Ian! on a workout

  50. Luna
      Nice Job

    Absolutely brilliant!!!!!! on a workout