2649 total / 0 in 2019

My goals: make it to the NYCM starting line uninjured.

Wall of Motivation (24)

  1. Ernesto B.
      Nice Job

    Nice one, Dave! Did I see you out there on the Goffstown Rail Trail this morn... read more

  2. Ernesto B.
      Nice Job

    There is no in shape or out of shape. Just relentless forward progress, Dave,... read more

  3. Wesley
      Nice Job

    Great work getting in all those miles at such a nice pace too! on a workout

  4. Ernesto B.
      Nice Job

    Fight on! on a workout

  5. Erik G.
      You're an Inspiration

    Just keep it slow Dave and you will get it back. on a workout

  6. Felix M.
      You Rock

    Great to see you back on track, Dave! on a workout

  7. Erik G.
      Great Performance

    Great run Dave!!! I feel its better not to skip the LSD before a race, you ha... read more

  8. Erik G.
      Great Performance

    very good pace for 18 miles!! on a workout

  9. Felix M.
      Get Better

    I'm sorry that you're having a bit of rough time regarding running. I hope it... read more

  10. Erik G.
      Nice Job

    I bet its the heat. Its getting to all of us. I hope cooler days is ahead. on a workout

  11. Kenny B.
      Nice Job

    That was a very good run all considering. Step in the right direction! on a workout

  12. Erik G.
      Nice Job

    Nice run Dave! on a workout

  13. Erik G.
      Nice Job

    nice run Dave on a workout

  14. Erik G.
      Nice Job

    Nice run Dave! on a workout

  15. Erik G.
      Nice Job

    Nice run Dave, I hate doing the slow runs. But they say its necessary to buil... read more

  16. Erik G.
      Nice Job

    Nice run at least you got some running in today! on a workout

  17. Erik G.
      Nice Job

    Nice long run Dave! on a workout

  18. Erik G.
      Nice Job

    Nice run I hope your shin is ok. on a workout

  19. Erik G.
      Nice Job

    Good run Dave!!!! Getting in shape is easy just gotta keep working at it!! U ... read more

  20. Felix M.
      Nice Job

    Nice run! on a workout

  21. Erik G.
      Nice Job

    Nice to see you got a routine going now. on a workout

  22. Larry L.
      Nice Job

    yes you will!! on a workout

  23. Ben W.
      Nice Job

    Way to just be out there! It's BRUTAL! on a workout

  24. Ben W.
      Nice Job

    Glad you are up and runing... what was the initial injury??? I had shin injur... read more