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2013: Gazelle Girl Half, Park2Park Half, GR Half

Wall of Motivation (111)

  1. Scott S.
      Post a workout!

    Hi Liz, the Campus Classic will be here before you know it....Running it this... read more

  2. Simon G.

    I have been desperate for a run in the rain. It's been a long time and I love... read more

  3. Cammy H.
      Nice Job

    Good run Liz! I am glad you had good company. on a workout

  4. Michelle R.
      Nice Job

    Sounds like a fun visit with your mom! on a workout

  5. Brie
      Nice Job

    Gosh, you crazy people and your 5am runs. I don't understand it. Maybe there ... read more

  6. Marissa H.

    Great job Liz! Way to rock out the 1/2 in the wind, snow & sleet!! on a workout

  7. Rob L.
      Great Performance

    Great job Liz. It sounds like rough conditions and you still rocked it. on a workout

  8. Peter B.
      Great Performance

    Great job, Liz! on a workout

  9. Scott S.
      Great Performance

    SUPER job Liz! Glad to hear you made it through the challenges and didn't pu... read more

  10. Jake C.
      You Rock

    Wow! Sounds like an awesome one out there - wind, snow, sleet! :) on a workout

  11. Rob L.
      Good Luck

    Taper will do that to you. I hope the weather turns out to be ok for you. Can... read more

  12. Simon G.
      Feel Better

    I should be icing my leg. I'm too lazy. Nice run. Weather is warming up nicely! on a workout

  13. Christine C.
      Feel Better

    Take care of the ITB and hammy! on a workout

  14. Rob L.
      Great Performance

    Great tempo run. You flew on those tempo miles. The half will be a great chan... read more

  15. Gavin
      Nice Job

    speedy on those great legs on a workout

  16. Marissa H.
      Nice Job

    WOW! You are amazing!! Nice job on your 15 and a great pace! Way to kick o... read more

  17. Suzanne P.
      You're an Inspiration

    Nice 15, Liz! Good for you for pushing forward. I tried my long run earlier, ... read more

  18. Brie
      Great Performance

    Holy crap, that is a long run!! Especially for not marathon training...though... read more

  19. Jill W.
      Nice Job

    still getting out there ad doing some impressive runs.. that breathing thing ... read more

  20. Peter B.
      Great Performance

    Congrats!! on a workout

  21. Peter B.
      Nice Job

    sounds like a nice rainy run! great distance too! on a workout

  22. Scott S.
      Great Performance

    Liz! That is AWESOME! You rocked this one! Nice job!...especially with tra... read more

  23. Chuck J.
      Great Performance

    Congrats on a great 5k race, Liz! Way to hang on for that last mile! on a workout

  24. Gavin

    Looks progressive to me Liz on a workout

  25. Wael S.
      Feel Better

    That is a great 4 mi. !! It is awesome to push yourself to the maximum !! on a workout

  26. Jill W.
      You're an Inspiration

    great job pushing it! on a workout

  27. Peter B.
      Nice Job

    Nice long run, Liz! on a workout

  28. Jake C.
      Nice Job

    Wow! Impressive one! Sounds like a bit of everything.... on a workout

  29. Brie
      Nice Job

    After yesterday's tempo-ish run with the Yaktrax, I can imagine why you'd fee... read more

  30. Brie
      Nice Job

    Also.. heated sidewalks/streets?! Wow!! That's pretty handy :-) on a workout

  31. Scott S.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  32. Gavin
      Nice Job

    Nice one Liz on a workout

  33. Jill W.
      Great Performance

    sounds like brutal conditions, but you did great! on a workout

  34. Wael S.
      Nice Job

    Great Run, Liz !! on a workout

  35. Brie
      Great Performance

    Holy smokes, you are killing it!! Those snow miles really did you some good, ... read more

  36. Wael S.

    Great run, Liz !! on a workout

  37. Wael S.
      You're an Inspiration

    U are getting speedy , nice on a workout

  38.   Hi-five

    Nice tempo run! on a workout

  39. Rob L.
      Great Performance

    Those are some fast miles. Great run. on a workout

  40. Brenda S.
      Nice Job

    Way to go Liz!! that is awesome! I love Yaktrax! on a workout

  41. Brie
      Nice Job

    Very nice miles today, Liz!! I'm glad I don't need Yaktrax where I live, but ... read more

  42. Mary
      Great Performance

    19 must feel balmy compared to what you've been running in! Great consistency... read more

  43. Wael S.
      Feel Better

    Awesome Run, Liz and sorry for your kids and u , hope all of u recover soon !... read more

  44. Simon G.
      Great Performance

    Nice job. Great pace. Great consistency. on a workout

  45. Mary
      You're an Inspiration

    Great speedwork! You are so inspiring!! I used to do the same in my neighborh... read more

  46. Kim J.
      Nice Job

    Great run to start off the year Liz!! on a workout

  47. Jake C.

    Happy New Year! Nice way to start!! on a workout

  48. Simon G.
      You're an Inspiration

    Always impressed with your drive Liz on a workout

  49. Cammy H.

    Terrific 5k!! on a workout

  50. Cammy H.
      Nice Job

    Great run today Liz! What an enjoyable way to burn the calories in advance! on a workout