Friends (91)

  • Danielle F.

    Danielle F.

    Portland, OR, Sub 3:30 Vernonia Marathon in April, improve my Olympic Tri time to under 2:45 and run Shamrock 15k in less than 70 minutes. Sub 1:35 half would be cool, too.

  • Kinaya U.

    Kinaya U.

    Austin, TX, To race in Kona!

  • Janet M.

    Janet M.

    , Keep up the workouts and running..slowly building endurance and speed. Work on an all-around health and fitness lifestyle every day.

  • Masayo


    Winston Salem, NC,

  • Nora V.

    Nora V.

    MN, Fast or slow, I just want to stay healthy and keep loving the journey!

  • Angela C.

    Angela C.

    MN, Time to get the newlywed weight off for tour and for life.

  • Chris R.

    Chris R.

    Palmer, AK, Personal Renovation Project

  • Gael O.

    Gael O.

    Rochester, NY, Run a sub 30, 5K in a race. Lose 16 pounds.

  • Ronalee


    Fort Walton Beach, FL, Continue on my walking journey. Can't wait to see where I end up.

  • Kandappa A C

    Kandappa A C

    Chennai, IN, Fitness and Endurance thru' cycling. Bonus-make a few good friends who share passion for cycling. 1000km brevet compl 74 hours(2014).1200 km brevet pending.

  • Nicole M.

    Nicole M.

    US, To run as far as I can. To cycle as far as I can. To show that passion CAN trump logic. BE A BEAST!

  • Alex K.

    Alex K.

    Tolland, CT, 2014 Goals Sub 30 min 5k. Sub 2:30 Half

  • Ken


    New Britain, CT, ride.

  • Jenae F.

    Jenae F.

    Visalia, CA, Birth a healthy baby and spend 1 year getting my body back... before I have another one!!

  • Jesse K.

    Jesse K.

    Winston Salem, NC, Run 365 miles in 2011.

  • Gina B.

    Gina B.

    Merced, CA, run as many 5k, 10k, & minis as i can. run a full marathon this year. ride a century. stay physically fit. avoid injury :) **meet more of YOU guys @ the races**

  • Hil


    Tucson, AZ, Run a marathon!

  • Denki L.

    Denki L.

    Montreal, QC, Retrouver la forme! :) “When you run on the earth and run with the earth, you can run for ever.”

  • Style Jewelry

    Style Jewelry

    Chillicothe, OH, To make friends, share my fitness achievements & promote

  • Fitamazon


    Martinsville, VA, Live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Wilfredo
  • Temisha


    Greensboro, NC, Get back to running consistently.

  • Sara M.

    Sara M.

    Wausau, WI, 40-ish pounds left (always 40 to go) / Long rides / Hot buns ;) / Run or bike in every state.

  • Anne


    London, GB, Get back into fitness. London 2 Brighton Walk (May), Triathlon (Jul), and who knows what else...

  • Patrick A.

    Patrick A.

    Edwardsville, IL, To run, swim, cycle, paddle more and have fun doing it.