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To run the 2012 NYC Marathon and to keep running regularly for the rest of my life.

Wall of Motivation (6)

  1. Majo T.
      You're an Inspiration

    Great pace! This is very inspiring. I'm going to go out right now (well, in a... read more

  2. Majo T.
      Great Performance

    I'm so proud of you, Ms. Speedy! What a fantastic job! on a workout

  3. Majo T.
      Nice Job

    Awesome workout! And such a perfect shape on the map. I'm glad you liked the ... read more

  4. Lynn W.
      Nice Job

    I love those kind of runs! Wish I had someone to run with. Awesome job! on a workout

  5. Lynn W.
      Great Performance

    nice way to pull through. great run even though you were dreading! on a workout

  6. Majo T.
      Nice Job

    Nice job getting out there in the rain. You're so good so for my running! on a workout