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Linda Peanut logged 1097 miles.

Last workout about 6 years ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. Washing my windows made me think about my DM family who have had their lives changed by the hurricane and nor'easter. I was thinking how lucky I am to even have windows! I want you to know tha... read more

  2. VELO
    great Outdoors on my bike! 6.62 mi 00:30 13.2mph pace

    What a hoot, me on my old bike. I only have one gear but I still did the first half of the ride in intervals riding as hard and fast as I could for 30 to 60 seconds then easy riding for 60 to 90 se... read more

  3. walk
    good Treadmill intervals 00:10:00

    I did intervals of very fast to a little running today. 1 min very fast and hard and 2 minutes slower. As I mentioned about the bike intervals. This is really showing me how much I had lost not bei... read more

  4. FIT
    good 00:20

    The usual. Working to get the strength back.

  5. VELO
    good Intervals again on the bike 00:18

    Kicked my butt hard! I did 30 to 45 seconds as fast and hard as I could then rest for 1- 1 1/2. This is really showing me that not running for months has taken its toll on my aerobic. However, I ca... read more

  6. VELO
    great Intervals On the bike at the gym 00:17

    Doing more intervals on the bike at the gum. 1 min as fast as I can and 1 minute fairly slow.

  7. FIT
    great at the gym doing weights 00:20

    Adding a little more, yet!

  8. swim
    great 1.43 miles swim 2520 yd 01:14 51:40 pace

    Felt so good again. I did the last 40 yds in the butterfly stroke, too!!! Working to build up my strength.

  9. Tiny home made sauna! Picked up one of those little kids pop up play tents, a good extention cord, 250 watt red heat lamp and an aluminum brooder light reflector, folded yoga mat with towel on the ... read more

  10. VELO
    great Cycle at the gym intervals 00:10:00

    Been doing intervals on the bike at the gym. 45 seconds as hard and fast as I can then 1:45 easy then repeat. WOW does that ever kick butt! I seem to get a lot out of this.

  11. FIT
    great getting stronger and pushing ... 00:25

    Adding some weight and pushing myself harder.

  12. swim
    great 3000 yd swim! 1.75 mi 01:27 49:42 pace

    oGetting stronger each time! I do 10 tp 20 laps of various strokes using scissor, flutter, frog kicks etc. Using the different strokes and kicks is really giving me an all over work out. I am so ha... read more

  13. swim
    great Did 100 laps 2000 yd 01:05 57:11 pace

    Felt great. I am starting to feel stronger in my legs and arms so I added another 10 laps today!

  14. Research presented at the Integrative Biology of Exercise VI meeting2 in Colorado on October 10-13 this year, demonstrated that high-intensity interval training burns more calories in less time – a... read more

  15. VELO
    great Intervals - bike at gym 00:07:00

    I ride as fast as I can for 30 sec then regular pace for 30 to 45 then repeat. Wow does this ever feel good!

  16. walk
    great On the tm at the gym 00:10:00

    Did 4.5 for 10 minutes to get warmed up for weights.

  17. FIT
    great At the gym 00:30

    Added a little today!

  18. swim
    great 1800 yd 01:00 58:39 pace

    Did this twice this week and did a half mile last week! Doing great with this! So happy!

    • Island E.
      Island E.

      Thanks for adding me back Linda! Your profile pic is stunning!

      about 6 years ago Like

    • Linda  Peanut W.
      Linda Peanut W.

      When I first had the disk problem I was thinking I might not be able to do anything at all. I deleted a lot. I couldn't do much more than stand for a couple of minutes. I had to do some intense work to get back to where I am now and didn't want to bog it down with rehab stuff. At 63 I am very happy to do what I do for sure. BTW Thanks so much about the pic.Hubby is a photographer. The day he did this pic I had to stand and pose then had to sit right down because of the pain.

      about 6 years ago Like

    • Island E.
      Island E.

      I'm so glad you are on the happy road to recovery now. You always have such a positive spirit, and a young heart!! :)

      about 6 years ago Like1 person

    • Drago D.
      Drago D.

      You did some good swimming, Linda! Feel happy for you!

      about 6 years ago Like1 person

  19. VELO
    good Out on the road. 6 mi

    Cautious slow 6 miles but no repercussions!!!!
    Did that last week. And have been doing about 10 min on the bike at the gym with upper body workout a couple times a week.

    • Ape

      Most most excellent, Peanut! Looks like you're doing all the right things in the right way.

      about 6 years ago Like

    • Linda  Peanut W.
      Linda Peanut W.

      Thanks Ape. It's been quite the road for me. For a while just standing for a few minutes was extraordinarily painful. Now I am coming back. Pain really takes a toll and I am SO happy I don't have it every minute anymore.!!!

      about 6 years ago Like

  20. FIT
    good at the gym - upper body on ma... 00:30

    Been going about 2 or e times a week the past two weeks.