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  • Allison J.

    Allison J.

    Carbondale, IL, 5Ks, 10ks, and half-marathons. Log runs over 15 miles--get up to 50 miles a week running. First half done 2/12/11 in 2:09:58. To have fun trying new things.

  • Blanca G.

    Blanca G.

    Arlington, TX, Run injury FREE!

  • The Nite Train

    The Nite Train

    Carrollton, TX, "GO LONG in 2014"

  • Cheryll P.

    Cheryll P.

    Highlands Ranch, CO, Slowing working my way back to my former endurance level and getting over an injury. Wear the right shoes! lol Enjoying the journey along the way. :)

  • Lou R.

    Lou R.

    Peterborough, ON, To build up my barefoot running mileage to ultra marathon level and to constantly improve my running form.

  • Style Jewelry

    Style Jewelry

    Chillicothe, OH, To make friends, share my fitness achievements & promote

  • Tim


    Dallas, TX,

  • Isabella


    , Get & stay in a great shape! Challenge myself regularly with new types of workouts, build more strenght and endurance.

  • Ganesh N.

    Ganesh N.

    Colorado Springs, CO,

  • Cyn


    Jacksonville, FL, Improve fitness/health while having FUN living life fully.

  • Sarah K.

    Sarah K.

    New York, NY, To run as much as possible in 2013.

  • Anne P.

    Anne P.

    Brockport, NY, Run 10 miles a week no matter what. I have slacked off on running since doing a half-marathon last year and I want to get it back!

  • Tracy D.

    Tracy D.

    Brighton, MI, For 2011: Grow a healthy human, arriving in October.

  • Angela


    Cambridge, MA, Need to trim the winter weight, a good 20 pounds. Okay, maybe the weight of a few winters past. :)

  • Eric V.
  • J Glenn

    J Glenn

    Pasadena, CA, Fitness | Joy | Balance