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  • 6 miles
  • 01:00 time
  • 842 calories
  • 2 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    great TM 2.75 mi 00:30 10:54 pace

    Afternoon easy run. RYBO 121/130

  2. RUN
    great TM 2.85 mi 00:30 10:31 pace

    Zapping early. RYBO 125/136

  3. RUN
    great TM 6 mi 01:06 10:54 pace

    Tooling along watching a western. RYBO

  4. RUN
    great TM Progressive 2 mi 00:21 10:23 pace

    Ran normal pace for warmup and then progressive for the second. Longer run in the morning so I didn't want to over due this afternoon. RYBO

  5. RUN
    great TM 4.58 mi 00:50 10:55 pace


  6. RUN
    great TM 4.13 mi 00:45 10:53 pace

    Just cruising along. RYBO

  7. RUN
    great TM 3.67 mi 00:40 10:53 pace

    Feeling pretty darn good right now. RYBO

  8. RUN
    great TM 2 mi 00:23 11:41 pace

    Nice deuce to zap my 0. RYBO

  9. RUN
    great TM 3 mi 00:33 10:52 pace

    Forgot to close the garage door after I unloaded the car after Church, so it was a nice balmy 90 in the garage for this run. It's usually 80 to 82 on real hot days with the door closed. ADHD s... read more

  10. RUN
    great TM 3 mi 00:33 10:51 pace

    Easy Sunday morning miles. Time for some Praise and Worship. RYBO

  11. RUN
    great TM 3 mi 00:37 12:18 pace

    It's even to warm in the garage to keep my HR down. RYBO

  12. RUN
    great TM 3 mi 00:34 11:23 pace

    Couldn't get HR under control this morning. Shot up quick and even though I kept slowing down it didn't want to come down. I think it's because my morning runs are on empty with no c... read more

  13. RUN
    great TM 2.1 mi 00:23 10:51 pace

    Real similar to yesterday afternoon. HR stayed about 110 to almost 10 minutes and then spiked, dropped back down and did a gradual climb. I was watching an action scene in a movie and lost track wi... read more

  14. RUN
    great TM 1.54 mi 00:17 10:52 pace

    Morning 2 is better. RYBO

  15. RUN
    great TM 1.81 mi 00:20 10:51 pace

    At .86 mile HR spiked real quick to 126. I was sure that was a fluke so I kept going. HR dropped back down pretty quick to 115 and then climbed gradual and I stopped when it hit 125. Much better th... read more

    • Petite

      My HR runs high Les. Bel it or not, 126 is low for me lol. Bet it has to be the heat/humid conditons.

      12 days ago Like

  16. RUN
    great TM 1.14 mi 00:12:23 10:51 pace

    HR just took off this morning. Didn't think I'd make a mile. 119/125 RYBO

  17. RUN
    great TM 1.28 mi 00:13:54 10:51 pace

    I have 4 weeks now until we go back to the farm, so I thought I'd try to get in some non rest day MAF training. Plus Greg S. Just started it and I thought I'd endure some painfully slow r... read more

  18. RUN
    great TM 2.2 mi 00:22 10:12 pace


    • Petite

      Good job Les. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

      16 days ago Like

  19. walk
    great Work 1 mi 00:17 16:30 pace

    Work walk. WYBO

  20. RUN
    great TM 2.1 mi 00:22 10:17 pace

    Man I'm putting up some big mileage right RYBO