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Outlaw IM distance race finisher(12:53) 3x London Marathon finisher(04:24), 2x 70.3 finisher(05:19). Next up IMUK 70.3 2013

Lee Kennedy rode: #pec 137 #edim #cycli...

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  • 110 miles
  • 07:19 time
  • 15.0 pace
  • 6085 calories
  • 0 ft climb
  • 0 max hr
  • 0 avg hr
    • Currently 3/5 Effort.
    effort 3/5
injured Ironman Lanzarote 109.76 mi 07:19 15.0mph pace

#pec 137 #edim #cycling Brace yourselves...
OK, so onto the bike; my seemingly strong point in Triathlon. Race plan by me was already set in my noggin to comfortably spin easy throughout this leg, enjoy it, drink plenty, munch as needed and get thru comfortably. So it began that way. Opened up nicely on the faster, flowing parts, passing plenty on the way, spun the legs as easy as poss into the gruesome wind(and it was gruesome). I clearly remember going thru this write-up en route right up to 50-odd miles, thinking how proud I was that I actually was sticking to my plan of riding at least 20% within myself most of the time.
Started to feel a li'l not quite right soon after, had a pee stop and a chat with another brit doing same, and tried to find my rhythm again. Something wasn't quite right, so I drank, ate a li'l, and tried to shift the events of 2011 outta my head(which had now infiltrated). The next 15 miles were a bit of a blur, and the final push up to and into the special feed station were really nauseous. I grabbed my bag, started to look thru it, and, OH NO.....the same feeling I had 3 yrs ago was on me again.
I remember feeling a sense of panic, of resentment, of...of...sit down, collect myself. Feel strange, lay down....hear voices close by asking me if I want something...feel my eyes close. A dozen thoughts all at once had me shaking them open again and sitting up, answering the concerned aid station guys with a 'I'm fine, fine' before taking some strangely shallow, wheezy breaths and standing up, thinking I need to get going before I get too cold in the stiff breeze, and then......I'm on the floor, on my back, bike on me, people grabbing me straight away and talking at me. Guy asks me if I'm ok, I can't really respond, but mumble about being cold..foil blankets arrive, and everyone struggles to wrap me in the wind, and I'm shivering uncontrollably. Asked if I want to get in the ambulance, and I agree...need to be helped to it as legs are like a baby giraffe on ice. Wrapped in blanket, my drink brought to me, blood sugar tested immediately. Told it's very very low, and given a few chewy sweets, a banana. Blood pressure OK. Asked if I want to quit, get some medication and head back. Refuse, explaining the events in 2011, and that I'm finishing. Referee turns up and tells red cross guy I'm DQ'd..instantly snap into defensive mode and grill him(thru red cross interpreter) as to why; eventually agree I've had no medication and given a form to sign and hand in. Am then told they need to whizz off as been given an emergency shout and I've declined the medication.
Out I get into the wind again, still wet with sweat, and still shivering. I grab a couple of discarded bags and stuff them down the front of my tri-suit(much to the bemusement of volunteers) and grab my bike. Still a li'l tingly thru my limbs, I head gingerly toward the super fast, super tricky descent into Haria, which I manage to wind down thru with aplomb, being waved thru a few times by more careful riders. Crack on up to Mirador del Rio, captivated again by the views, and then on down to Arrietta at a good, fast pace, using the road well, but aware to constantly self-mointor my status, as it's a dangerous place to be switching off. Pass lots of peeps, chat to some, crack on at a decent, but conservative pace, and eventually turn inland and onto the shallow climb to Nazaret, right into the howling gale. Follow a Spaniard who's struggling up, and decide to just sit back a bit from him to try and avoid a big hit from the wind. SHIT....I can feel myself shaking out of li'l micro's happening again. I know it. I get to the aid station and get off straight away, and sit down, against a wall...aware constantly of voices offering me 'agua, cola, redbull' of which I take some water, pop an electrolyte tab into it, and have a sip of cola. Then I hear voices again, offering eyes open...I've dropped off briefly, raise my glasses and look at a girl, and politely decline...this repeats 2/3 times, each time i put my glasses back over my eyes to knowingly prevent them seeing me nod off...I'm scared they'll call an ambulance and I'll be dragged off...I just need time, I tell myself...then the thoughts flash thru: telling Fletch I've got no new medal to show him, seeing the faces of my pals as I appear in transition with no medal and a bad look on my face, explaining to everyone why I've failed again. Fletch and medal, blog, friends' comforting words.......
"Lee, are you OK"? Michelle rides past and her words wake me up...I think I shook my head, tried to speak but I don't know for sure...Mind clears very quickly, and I start to process the situation. Drink...think, calm, think...I get on my bike and my head clears a li'l...I can feel my heart racing at the thought of failing, and start spinning off along the horrible surface at this point of the route. I pass people again, and start to feel heavy legged, but better in my head...I start to think about arriving at T2, this is good, I tell myself...and as the KMs tick by, I wander between arriving and moving on, and arriving and stopping...I'm just not thinking straight. I'm unsure if I can do the run...again the thoughts of the consequences race thru...and suddenly I'm at the final turn into town, having seemingly flashed down the fast, flowing long descent on auto pilot.
I'm convincing myself I can't do the run, I'm just not in any safe state to do another 5/6/7 hrs of work....I'm getting off at T2, and done. I'm deffo done.....Applause. Cheers. Smiling people direct me to a halt, and thru to more smiling people taking my bike...I ask where to go, not sure what's happening, and then I'm in the change tent via the toilet, talking to a nice lady about this ridiculous sport we do. We're both happy in our convo, and I explain all about 2011...and then I'm out the entrance...wobbling off in my running shoes. What the hell just happened??? More applause and cheers...I'm ON THE RUN. Holy shit...
(total of 1hr30mins off the bike, in la la land))

  • Lena C.
    Lena C.

    You are so brave and obviously stronger than you thought. You fought your demons and trod a very fine line to do so. I am so proud of you . But would have still been, if you had taken the safe route of DNF.

    about 4 years ago Like1 person

  • Ally S.

    crazy man.....

    about 4 years ago Like1 person

  • Michelle H.
    Michelle H.

    Wow. This is a real Rocky fight! How tenacious you are Lee. Really well done for hanging in there and continuing your ride. I've heard Lanzarote is a tough race and this shows it.

    about 4 years ago Like1 person

  • Rav D.
    Rav D.

    Wow great report there dude. You did well!

    about 4 years ago Like1 person