Friends (29)

  • Tim C.

    Tim C.

    Milwaukee, WI, Run, drink beer:

  • Alex M.

    Alex M.

    San Clemente, CA, Be thankful everyday, be a positive influence on others and get back to giving back

  • Eddie M.

    Eddie M.

    Birmingham, MI, Getting fit and enjoying a year of renewal

  • Carol H.

    Carol H.

    Toronto, ON, 2016 ???

  • Meg K.

    Meg K.

    Loganville, GA, Ragnar. Triathlon. Just have fun!

  • Zen R.

    Zen R.

    Ramona, CA, Running places, not races.

  • Coachprs


    Fort Collins, CO, I coach runners and triathletes. This year I will be doing a full IM

  • Summer


    GA, Ironman 140.6 miles of fun or my feat of insanity!

  • Kyle D.

    Kyle D.

    Vernon Rockville, CT, 2013: Run the Hartford Marathon. Run a sub-25 5K.

  • Running L.

    Running L.

    New York, NY, 1) Be a healthy and happy runner. 2) Run longer (thinking 60K) 3) Time goals (sub-5 mile, sub-18 5K, sub-38 10K, sub-1:23 half, sub-2:55 full)

  • Jacqueline


    Chicago, IL, Enjoyed my year off but excited to ramp up and train again! Bayshore Half, Charlevoix, MI Mary for practice, BQ Mary TBD Early Sept STAY HEALTHY, HAVE FUN

  • Brandon W.

    Brandon W.

    Boulder, CO,

  • Zachary Michael C.
  • Gordon H.

    Gordon H.

    Jacksonville, AL, Run Strong, Run Happy, Run With Purpose, BQ Ⓥ

  • Diane D.

    Diane D.

    Highlands Ranch, CO, Be Healthy, Train Smart, Have Fun

  • David P.

    David P.

    Carmel, IN,

  • Renee S.

    Renee S.

    Indianapolis, IN,

  • Michelle F.

    Michelle F.

    Coventry, RI, I want to get healthier, eat cleaner, and be an inspiration others as a Sweat Pink Ambassador .

  • Adam H.

    Adam H.

    Forsyth, GA, Enjoy running while loosing weight.

  • Jason K.

    Jason K.

    Belleville, IL, Upper Cumberland Haunted Half 10/20/12

  • Thomas K.

    Thomas K.

    Flower Mound, TX, I used to be overweight and out of shape but I decided to do something about it! I've transformed from fat to fit; now I am training for my first ultramarathon!

  • Ari G.

    Ari G.

    Teaneck, NJ, Marine Corps Marathon - October 28, 2012

  • Michael G.

    Michael G.

    Vietnam, Continue working on running form, improving swimming, and working the cycling hard. All in an effort to improve my overall fitness and endurance.

  • Jon J.

    Jon J.

    Carmel, IN, Developing and utilizing this gift of life by going faster, longer, stronger. 13.1 (<1:39), 26.2 (<3:57) and 70.3 (<5:53).

  • Ray K.

    Ray K.

    Chicago, IL, ODC'12 (Operation Dominate Chicago 2012)