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1. To run a half marathon in 2 hours. 2. To run a full marathon in less than 5 1/2 hours.

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  • Jessica S.

    Jessica S.

    Martinsville, IN, To be a STRONG, HEALTHY, ACTIVE wife, mom and woman!

  • Runfasterdaddy


    MA, Training for my next marathon, ultra, triathlon and beyond. UTMB someday!!!

  • Rachel M.

    Rachel M.

    Fort Wayne, IN, Get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Lose baby weight too!

  • Justin F.

    Justin F.

    St Louis, MO, To run a marathon before I am 31. COMPLETED! New Goal: Complete a 2nd Marathon, and in a new state! COMPLETED, Columbus Marathon! 3:24:31

  • Tim M.

    Tim M.

    Arlington Heights, IL, Train and run the Chicago Marathon 2011. MOST OF ALL to have FUN!! (Started new pai of Asics on 7/5/11)

  • Jason D.

    Jason D.

    Chicago, IL, To sign up for Ironman Wisconsin 2014 and do a spring 70.3 under 4:30.

  • Maria S.

    Maria S.

    St Louis, MO, Keep running. Get faster. Keeping it simple.

  • Christina S.

    Christina S.

    Seattle, WA, Full Marathon Jan 2013 - THE DAY BEFORE MY 30th BIRTHDAY!! ack.

  • John S.

    John S.

    Tampa, FL, I created a running app for Android and iPhone called PaceMaker! It can post runs to Dailymile automatically.

  • Karla R.

    Karla R.

    Madison, WI, Break 2 hours in a half this May? (doubtful) Learn to love running again.

  • Kelly


    US, To SPARKLE as I Run, Bike & if I have to... occasionally swim.

  • Brooke


    Lake St Louis, MO, Running towards sanity!

  • Billy J.

    Billy J.

    Augusta, GA, First to run a mile without stopping...(9-13-11) My first 5k...(02-11-12) 37:02 My first 10k..... My first Half.... (3-17-12) 3:43:55

  • Holly H.

    Holly H.

    Ofallon, MO, Keep fit and healthy. Train and complete a mini-triathlon in 2012.

  • Jeff B.

    Jeff B.

    St Louis, MO, Ironman Arizona Finisher

  • Angela H.

    Angela H.

    Atlanta, GA, Fletcher Flyer 100mile bike ride June 3rd 2012 Savannah RnR Half Marathon Nov. 3rd 2012 Napa Valley Marathon March 4th 2013

  • Ildefonso A.

    Ildefonso A.

    Durango, MX,

  • Eileen S.

    Eileen S.

    Clifton Park, NY, Finish 1/2 marathon in Aug., train for a Triathlon (I just need to learn how to swim 1st).....& be a a healthy life-long, injury-free, runner :-)

  • John M.

    John M.

    St Louis, MO, To run a 5K on April 9, 2011 and participate in a Duathlon on May 1, 2011.

  • Brian H.
  • Nathan G.

    Nathan G.

    Daytona Beach, FL, I want toned visible upper body muscles. I want to run a 50min 10k. and I want to run a half-marathon.

  • Viju V.

    Viju V.

    Gurgaon, IN,

  • Ganesh R.

    Ganesh R.

    Malaysia, MY, Standard Chart SG & Penang International Half Marathon

  • Tracy D.

    Tracy D.

    Kansas City, MO, is to run 5K and maybe half marathon in fall. Plus lose weight and be healthier.

  • Anthony E.

    Anthony E.

    Atlanta, GA, Push the boundaries of what the body is perceived to do and use this passion to increase happiness in others.