Wall of Motivation (12)

  1. Heidi K.
      Nice Job

    Good job!!! on a workout

  2. Heidi K.
      Nice Job

    good job! on a workout

  3. Heidi K.
      Nice Job

    Wooooo great run! on a workout

  4. Heidi K.
      Nice Job

    LOOOOOOOVE YOU!!!!! Only bad a** runners keep going in down pours! on a workout

  5. Heidi K.
      You're Funny

    You are crazy!!! Good job getting the miles in! on a workout

  6. Heidi K.
      Great Performance

    Nice!!!! on a workout

  7. Heidi K.
      Nice Job

    Waaahooooo on a workout

  8. Heidi K.
      Nice Job

    Nice time! on a workout

  9. Cindy L.
      Great Performance

    Nicely done today! on a workout

  10. Cindy L.
      Great Performance

    WOW! Great job Laura!!! on a workout

  11. Cindy L.
      You're an Inspiration

    So nice of you to mentor your neighbor! on a workout

  12. Cindy L.
      Nice Job

    Nicely done Laura! Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet. I agree that despi... read more