Friends (46)

  • Nikki M.

    Nikki M.

    Atlanta, GA, 2016 goals: 150 miles/month [DONE] 2015 goals: 2015 miles, 200 miles/month [DONE] 2014 goals: 1000 miles [DONE] 2013 goals: To be Goofy! [DONE]

  • Allison J.

    Allison J.

    Carbondale, IL, 5Ks, 10ks, and half-marathons. Log runs over 15 miles--get up to 50 miles a week running. First half done 2/12/11 in 2:09:58. To have fun trying new things.

  • The Nite Train

    The Nite Train

    Carrollton, TX, Stay injury free, run more miles, train smart, get faster!

  • John L.

    John L.

    Middletown, NJ, Complete 100 mile Ultra Complete an Iron Man Tri

  • Michael G.

    Michael G.

    North Plainfield, NJ, Continue to run for charity!

  • Jonathan S.

    Jonathan S.

    Charlotte, NC, Break 150 miles in 24 hours, be competitive in 100 mile races.

  • Fit Momma

    Fit Momma

    Owings Mills, MD, My goal is to finish my 2nd full marathon in March 2013 & my first triathlon in Septmeber 2013

  • Danielle N.

    Danielle N.

    Florence, IN,

  • Tami C.

    Tami C.

    Chesterton, IN, I'm BAAAAACK! Training for my 3rd Marathon on my Birthday January 17th!!

  • Vanessa H.

    Vanessa H.

    Bassett, VA, 2015... Lose another 100 pounds, Roanoke Color Run in April, Greensboro 1/2 Marathon in the Fall, and complete 1000 miles during the year.

  • Jean A.

    Jean A.

    Centerville, OH, Air Force Half Marathon, Sept. 21, 2013 Columbus Half Marathon October 20, 2013

  • Rosanna L.

    Rosanna L.

    Silverdale, WA, To keep CHALLENGING MYSELF physically; KICKING ASS on this Fitness Journey!!

  • Sarah W.

    Sarah W.

    Fort Worth, TX, To lose 80 more lbs and have fun running and lifting weights while trying to do it! :)

  • Lori C.
  • Run With Jess

    Run With Jess

    Peoria, IL, **2014** •Olympic Triathlon •Full Marathon under 4:10 •Stay healthy and happy!

  • Colleen


    US, Lost 120# and finished my first 100 miler. BQ 2x and now working on the bucket list of ultras. Crazy in love with ultra running and my life! Gluten free vegan!

  • Beth P.

    Beth P.

    Milwaukee, WI, Riverwest 24 solo (24 hour bike race) 7/25-7/26. Run once a week minimum. Bike tour to Madison and Minnesota or Michigan. A marathon remains on my bucket list.

  • Caroline T.

    Caroline T.

    Salisbury Maryland, 3:25 Marathon and Qualify For The Boston Marathon

  • Kelly H.

    Kelly H.

    Santa Barbara, CA, See the world in my running shoes

  • Louise H.

    Louise H.

    Swallowfield, GB, Neither a runner or walker but a run/walker as just starting out. Want to be able to run comfortably for at least 30mins

  • Swim Bike Mom

    Swim Bike Mom

    Atlanta, GA,

  • Lori J.

    Lori J.

    NE, To get 'fit' and feel SEXY. Down 45 pounds 2011. Looking to run my first half marathon in 2012!

  • Jessica W.

    Jessica W.

    , *complete 1st 5k run in June 2012 *lose a few lbs along the way

  • Lula C.

    Lula C.

    Gardena, CA, To lose 30 pounds

  • Daysi C.