13879 total / 599 in 2015

2015: 1000+ run miles this year. PR some shorter triathlons. Sub 6:15 Kerville 70.3. Sub-5 Spacecoast marathon and run the whole way.

Friends (74)

  • Anne


    Bowling Green, OH, To build endurance and rack up some miles. Run some 5ks and build up to the 10k.

  • Gene G.

    Gene G.

    North Plainfield, NJ, 2015: Podium USATF-NJ Grand Prix. 3:14 Boston, 3:08 Philly. VT 100K unsupported.

  • J J

    J J

    Planet Claire, I hope to PR in my next marathon and continue to Beast Up!

  • Kelly C.

    Kelly C.

    TX, tone up

  • Ann H.

    Ann H.

    Boston, MA, Three pull-ups on April 22 for tacos. Heal this broken ankle. Come back smart. (Please let me do an ironman this year). Always love.

  • Kim G.

    Kim G.

    Madison, WI, ⁂ Staying with it daily ⁂ Complete a 1/2 in remaining states during 2015: AK CT DE HI MA MD ME NH NJ OR RI UT

  • Anne C.

    Anne C.

    Lincoln, NE, weights and run twice a week be it treadmill or outside.

  • Libby J.

    Libby J.

    Allen, TX, More ultramarathons and more trails.

  • Zalary


    Austin, TX, maintaining my sanity

  • Cary R.

    Cary R.

    Beaumont, TX, Houston 1/2 Jan. 19 Gusher 1/2 March 8 Bicycle Tour Of Co. June 22-29

  • Adam R.

    Adam R.

    , Races

  • Keiva R.

    Keiva R.

    , Stay healthy and have fun.

  • Kimra M.

    Kimra M.

    San Francisco, CA, Vineman 70.3

  • David S.

    David S.

    Colleyville, TX, NEW GOAL: Stay healthy, be consistent with my runs, dont make DM my diary of a wimp

  • Ty G.

    Ty G.

    Denver, CO, Run Boston in April. Break 20 min 5K, 1:29 half, and 3:20 marathon. Continue to try and improve my triathlon game...oh...and eternal happiness.

  • Leslie K.

    Leslie K.

    Chicago, IL, Keeping milage manageable through pregnancy #2 :) Goal is to maintain 25+ miles a week, if possible.

  • Staci M.

    Staci M.

    TX, Manage RA! Racing in Rock 'n' Roll Marathon San Antonio, 3:05-3:10 goal & Top 5 Females

  • Allison E.

    Allison E.

    San Marcos, TX, Have fun and Stay injury free! Run 700 miles in 2014.

  • Philip G.

    Philip G.

    Sparks, NV, Visible six-pack before the next cruise (Date TBD; Panama Canal)

  • Laura Strate M.

    Laura Strate M.

    Park City, UT, In 2015 I'm aiming for a 1:30 half marathon, and qualifying time for Boston.

  • Joel W.

    Joel W.

    Austin, TX, This years goals: Sprint Tri(Check!), more fun runs ( warrior dash(destroyed!), hell run, ect.)at least 2 real 5k races, and Maybe 1 10k.

  • Shane A.

    Shane A.

    Colorado Springs, CO, Run a Full Marathon while maintaining a respectable CrossFit Total

  • Caitlin K.

    Caitlin K.

    Toronto, ON, I wanna stay strong and keep fit while I grow a parasite. Oops! I mean precious baby human.

  • Brittany


    Granada, ES, Finish a triathlon (sprint or olympic), less than 5min/km pace on 5k

  • Dianne B.

    Dianne B.

    Louisville, KY, My goal for the reminder of 2014 is to run at least 3x/wk, strength train 2x/wk and to lose at least 4 lbs. a month.