350 total / 0 in 2019

To overcome a strained tendon in my hip and run a 10K in 2012.

Wall of Motivation (10)

  1. Kelly N.
      You're an Inspiration

    Keep at it, you're a rock star!

  2. Alex B.
      Nice Job

    good job, you feeling any stronger? on a workout

  3. Alex B.
      Nice Job

    Good workout. Great strength training. on a workout

  4. Alex B.
      Nice Job

    Well hope you got to experience the outdoors a bit better without an iPod. on a workout

  5. Lily F.
      Nice Job

    i feel like I'm winding myself up like a clock on the elliptical, and pedalin... read more

  6. Caron
      Nice Job

    good grief girl you are working it! on a workout

  7. Misty J.
      Feel Better

    Take care of you! on a workout

  8. Misty J.
      Get Better

    :( Get better FAST! Thaks for our Hot date with Gym this am :) on a workout

  9. Kaulean
      Get Better

    Taking it slow will all be worth it in the end! on a workout

  10. Alicia
      Get Better

    it will get better!! keep at it! :) on a workout