6377 total / 1869 in 2014

1-2 runs/wk with at least 1 swim and 2 rides per week with 1 strength session/wk as well through delivery date: 2/22/15. - Stay as healthy and fit as possible!

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  • 5 miles
  • 01:40 time
  • 727 calories
  • 4 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. swim
    good Quick LT swim 1500 m 00:30 32:11 pace

    Did 12x100 as: swim, pull, swim with fins, kick, and then 4x50 as pull with paddles, swim, repeat, and then 100 kick.

  2. RUN
    good Hood run 3.2 mi 00:30 09:22 pace

    Feeling better on runs overall. Significantly less lower belly pain but adductors and sometimes quads and low back get a little sore.

  3. RUN
    alright CRT run 3.12 mi 00:30 09:36 pace

    Was still digesting lunch 5 hours later (#pregnancyprobs) so the first 10 mins felt awful. Right quad a little tight. Stuck with it and last 20 mins felt better. It feels like I am running with a w... read more

  4. VELO
    good Saturday morning spin 17.4 mi 00:56 18.6mph pace

    Felt good once I warmed up. Super loud.

  5. VELO
    alright Friday morning spin 12.75 mi 00:42 18.2mph pace

    Meh. Not feeling the motivation this morning and the speaker wasn't working so we were music-less for most of this.

  6. VELO
    good Trainer ride 13 mi 00:45 17.3mph pace

    Starting to get tough with the belly. May have to move the aerobars up.

  7. swim
    good LT outdoor swim 1500 m 00:35 37:33 pace

    Did a couple of sets of 75s and 150s with different goals. Trying to build back up with my paddles.

  8. VELO
    good Saturday spin 16 mi 00:52 18.5mph pace

    Felt ok. Bike computer was way off (on the low side).

  9. walk
    Mall walking 2 mi 00:40 20:00 pace

    I'm counting this because I was wiped after spin plus these errands.

  10. VELO
    alright Morning spin 12 mi 00:40 18.0mph pace

    Not much motivation this morning but definitely set a positive outlook for the day getting this done.

  11. walk
    alright Quick walk with the dogs 1.2 mi 00:20 16:40 pace

    Feeling crappy

  12. RUN
    alright Hood run 3.1 mi 00:30 09:40 pace

    Took it a bit slower today per PT's advice. Lower belly/hips felt good but digestion was off.

  13. FIT
    good LT workout 00:30

    Felt good.

  14. walk
    Apple picking walking 3 mi 01:00 20:00 pace

    Ankle ok. Beautiful day for this!

  15. VELO
    good EZ trainer ride 11.5 mi 00:40 17.2mph pace

    The belly is definitely getting bigger! Watched Spirit of the Marathon during. Ankle ok but didn't feel great getting out of the saddle.

  16. swim
    good LT swim 1500 m 00:35 37:33 pace

    Ankle quite sore today but not as bad as I thought it would be. Couldn't do much regular swimming or kicking but the pool did it good overall.